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Season 3 ...

The Furies:
Xena is driven mad by the Furies. To regain her sanity, she must avenge the death of her father. Geez, talk about your family skeletons. Ares manipulates and cajoles. Xena gives her mother, Cyrene, a few more grey hairs. Gabrielle plays sleuth. And the Furies gyrate the night away.

Been There, Done That:
It's "Romeo & Juliet" meets "Ground Hog Day." Xena & the gang meander into a town where the day keeps repeating itself. One small problem, only Xena experiences the day over and over and over again. Alas, all's well that end's well (wait, that's a different Shakespeare play) and our hero finally sets the time-space continuum back into place.

The Dirty Half Dozen:
Ares, in keeping with his divinely devilish nature, steals the metal of the Hephaestus. His objective? General mayhem and destruction. Who could Xena possibly find to help her with this one? Hercules? No. Sinbad? Nope. Ulysses? Definitely not. How about a band of cut-throats, thieves & murderers from her deep, dark past? Sure, why not?

The Deliverer:
Xena and Gabrielle sail off to Britannia to confront Caesar and aid an old not-so-friendly acquaintance of the ever-popular Warrior Princess. Enter a not-so-handsome young man spouting theology. Gabrielle becomes just a bit too curious for her own good and nearly gets flambe'ed.

Gabrielle's Hope:
While trying to hitch a ride out of Britannia, Gabrielle gives birth to the demon spawn of Dahak. Xena inadvertantly becomes the Queen of Brittania. And, Hope floats.

The Debt, Part I:
Xena receives a cryptic message from a dying soldier to return to the Land of Chin. Her mission, assassination. Along the journey, Xena enlightens Gabrielle about her dark past and the woman who tried to change her life. Despite Gabrielle's attempt to sway Xena from murder, Xena goes to Chin to destroy the Green Dragon. Unfortunately for Xena, Gabrielle has made other arrangements (just how did Gabrielle beat Xena to Chin?).

The Debt, Part II:
Gabrielle must come to terms with her betrayal of Xena. Meanwhile, Xena awaits execution for her attempted murder of Ming T'ien. Xena and Gabrielle make amends as more events of Xena's past are revealed. Able to summon the power of the Way, Xena is able to escape execution and make the Green Dragon small again (but, at what price).

King of Assassins:
Gabrielle, Joxer and Autolycus must stop Jett (Joxer's coincidentally identical twin) from assassinating Cleopatra. Autolycus discovers the ins and outs of Egyptian negotiating. Gabrielle's plan almost works and Xena gets to bash some skulls in the end.

Warrior ... Priestess ... Tramp:
Xena, Gabrielle and Meg must protect Leah, the Hestian Priestess (yet another Xena lookalike), and her fellow virgins from Bailius, a demented priest bent on destroying the Hestians. Xena ... um ... Meg ... no, Leah ... well, some long legged, blue-eyed brunette saves the day.

The Quill is Mightier ...:
Aphrodite, due to Ares ever-manipulating self, enchants Gabrielle's scroll. Anything written on the parchment becomes reality. Ares and Aphrodite get a taste of mortality. Xena goes fishing. Aphrodite creates a stink. And, the world is blessed with three naked Gabrielles.

Maternal Instincts:
A very dark episode bringing the rift season to its peak which threatens to not only destroy Gabrielle and Xena's friendship, but also each other. Hope, Gabrielle's daughter by Dahak, returns to free Callisto (now a god) from her volcanic prison. Bent on destroying the world and initiating a wave of darkness and evil, Dahak chooses to kill all the children of the world, beginning with Solan, Xena's son. Solan dies at the hands of Hope. Callisto is temporarily entombed under a mountain. Gabrielle, suffocated by the weight of her deception from Xena, poisons Hope. And, our two heroes, having both lost the lives of their children, go there separate ways.

The Bitter Suite:
Consumed by anger and hate, Xena and Gabrielle are determined to destroy one another. Plunged into a world of song and dance, known only as Illusia, they are forced to confront their inner demons and each other.

One Against an Army:
Xena and Gabrielle must single-handedly stall the Persian army from reaching Athens. Along the way, Gabrielle is hit with a poisoned arrow. Xena must internally battle with her desire to save Gabrielle and her obligation to stop the Persians. Gabrielle, not fearing death, convinces Xena to stay and fight. But, not to fear, during the big battle, Xena has a few spare moments to find the antidote for the poison coursing through Gabrielle's veins. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Introducing the most annoying, obnoxious, aggravating, irritating character to ever grace the set of Xena, Warrior Princess. Xena and Gabrielle try to find the sacred Urn of Apollo while turning around a local hoodlum. Gabrielle gets whipped (calm down, not that kind of whipped). Note: This is the pivotal episode from which Mike Tyson gained his inspiration. And, Gabrielle invents a new game.

King Con:
Xena & Gabrielle team up with a couple of con men to bring down the owner of a local casino after he sics his goons on Joxer. What are the odds of Xena bringing down the local crime boss? I'd say about 10,000 to one.

When In Rome:
Xena and Gabrielle travel to Rome to free the leader of the Gauls. Gabrielle faces some more harsh realities about the world. And, Caesar gets frustrated (wait ‘til the Ides of March).

Forget Me Not:
Gabrielle battles her inner demons which threaten to destroy her. Joxer is ... well ... Joxer. And, audiences finally get see a vindictive, jealous, bitchy Gabrielle (Hooray!).

Fins, Femmes & Gems:
Aphrodite, in an attempt to sway our heroes from their mission, places an obsession spell on Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer. Xena becomes obsessed with fishing. Gabrielle becomes way too preoccupied with herself. And, Joxer immerses himself in the legend of Attis the Ape Man. But, not to fear, the North Star finds it's rightful place in the heavens and our girls go back to normal.

It's the ancient world meets the Poseidon Adventure. Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus get trapped in a capsized boat. Alas, no one wears wet leather quite like Lucy. Oh yeah, conflict, moral issues, Xena save the day, yada yada yada.

Vanishing Act:
Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus team up to steal back the statue of Pax (peace). But, the thief is none other than the man who killed Autolycus' brother (such is the world of coincidences and irony in the Xenaverse). The statue is restored to its rightful owners, and the crown of the King of Thieves is restored to its rightful, handsome head. As a side note, Xena's mole was put on display at the Cosmopolitopolis Beauty Institute.

The Sacrifice, Part 1:
Xena and Gabrielle must come to terms with a newly released Callisto and soon to be revived Hope while trying to save a disillusioned teenager from herself. Meanwhile, Ares, of course, has his own agenda.

The Sacrifice, Part 2:
Xena and Gabrielle must battle it out with a now hatched Hope. Together with the help of Callisto (yes, I said Callisto) they chase after Hope and Ares. Along the way, Joxer gets a serious blow to his ego; Callisto sautés some priests and a few villagers; and our heroes make amends for the Rift.

Hercules Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6