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Tour the Xenaverse Screen Saver, Version2

*** I will be adding more images periodically ***

Here's what to do ...
1. Left click on each thumbnail below (all images are 640x480).
2. Right click to save each picture to your hardrive. Each full-size image is between 100 to 150 KB.
3. Download The Free Webshots Desktop software.
4. After saving each image, you will be able to upload them into your Webshots Desktop Software program. It is a fairly easy and very safe program to use. I have been running it on my computer for a year without incident.
Season 6 Season 5

*** Season 6 ***

Friend in Need Friend in Need Soul Possession When Fates Collide When Fates Collide Last of the Centaurs Send in the Clones To Helicon and Back To Helicon and Back Path of Vengeance Path of Vengeance Path of Vengeance You Are There You Are There God You Know Dangerous Prey Old Ares Had A Farm Old Ares Had A Farm Old Ares Had A Farm Last of the Valkyrie Last of the Valkyrie The Ring The Ring The Rheingold The Abyss The Abyss Legacy Legacy Legacy Who's Gurkhan Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness Haunting of Amphipolis

Season 6 Season 5

NOTE: For those of your wondering why I have changed the format on the new screensaver ... this will allow me to update it on a more regular basis rather than waiting until I have completed it. Also, it allows folks the chance to chose their favorite images and leave the not so favorite ones. I do hope to resume working on the screensaver again, so email me if you would like to be notified of changes, or check back for updates.

Still available online
Tour the Xenaverse Screen Saver, Version 1
5.72 MB