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Season 6 ...

Coming Home:
Xena, Gabrielle and Eve travel to yet another land of the Amazons (geez, just how many tribes are there?) where Ares has gone on the warpath. Like mother, like daughter -- more gruesome details of Eve's past are uncovered. Ares completely loses his marbles. Gabriele actually intimidates someone. And, Xena goes swimming with the fishes.

Haunting of Amphipolis:
Sigh, it's just like a god to make a mortal do all their dirty work for them. The gang head home to Amphipolis to find demons and ghouls and spirits, oh my.

Heart of Darkness:
Xena must find some poor schmuck to commit a few sins (seven, to be exact) and take her place as the ruler of Hell. Hmm, I'm sure if she waits just long enough, someone will pop up. Meanwhile, the Dark Side intoxicates, Eve becomes a bit too sanctimonious, and Gabrielle finally loses those two goody shoes.

Who's Gurkhan?:
Gabrielle and the gang travel home to Poteidaia and discover the tragic fate of her family. Gabrielle loses the last remnants of what little is left of her peaceful ways and vows vengeance, Virgil gets an eyeful, and Xena proves once again what it is to be a true friend.

Xena and Gabrielle meet up with a few rival nomadic tribes and a bunch 'o Romans. Gabrielle tries her hand at martyrdom. And, for once, the Greater Good doesn't prevail.

The Abyss:
Clearly, no one ever told these boys that it's rude to bite. Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil come across a horde of cannibals. Gabrielle continues to obsess over the death of Korah (as per her charmingly spastic nature) and nearly gets herself killed. Why is it that there's never a cave around when I need one?

The Rheingold:
Sigh, how many deep, dark secrets can one Warrior Princess have? Yet another evil deed from Xena's past comes back to haunt her. Xena sneaks off in the middle of the night to team up with the legendary Beowulf to track down a monster. Meanwhile, Gabrielle teams up with a nubile young blond (who, if you ask me, has some hidden agenda) to find a missing Xena.

The Ring:
Gabrielle wins the Norse Popularity Contest by unanimous vote. She, her fan club, and Xena race to destroy Grindl and return the Rheingold to the Rhine Maidens. Of course, people are never who they seem to be, a fact which has been proven time and time again in the Xenaverse (sigh, you'd think Gabrielle would catch on eventually). Xena loses something. And, Gabrielle lies down for a bit.

Return of the Valkyrie:
To free Gabrielle from Brunnhilda's flame, Beowulf seeks out an old Viking friend and stumbles across a certain amnesic warrior princess. Despite being engulfed in flames, Gabrielle's fan club continues to grow. Xena proves she really is the best (even if she doesn't know it). And, sub-text becomes main-text.

Old Ares Had a Farm:
Xena & Gabrielle enact the first ever Witness Protection Plan. Ares discovers that being a farmer sucks almost as much as being mortal. The girls have a lover's spat. And, Ares makes a new friend.

Dangerous Prey:
Someone's hunting Amazons out of season. Xena must find the culprit while teaching a young hotheaded Amazon how to keep herself from getting killed. The writers pay homage to everyone's favorite coffee table game, Jenga. Note: this episode was directed by Renee.

God You Know:
Since when did Archangels become vindictive and manipulative? The gals travel to Rome to save the world from tyranny yet again (don't they ever get a vacation). Aphrodite goes a bit loopy and proves she has terrible taste in men. Poor Ares, he almost gets to live out one of his fantasies.

You Are There:
Xena and Gabrielle set off for the frozen tundra of the Norse lands again … with the Paparazzi hot on their trail. Join us tonight as award winning, investigative journalist Nigel Inyourface examines and dissects the life of Xena, Warrior Princess, with the help of those who know her best. No one is safe from his probing cameras and misguided questions.

Path of Vengeance:
Eve gets herself in trouble again when she heads back to Amazon territory. Varia suffers from an extremely dangerous inferiority complex. Gabrielle gets her arse whooped instead of Xena for a change. Ares returns to the malevolent genius that he is. And, Xena's left to pick up all the pieces.

To Helicon & Back:
Xena, Gabrielle and the mighty Amazon Nation go to war to rescue their Queen and another cute villain bites the dust.

Send in the Clones:
With the help of a beautiful scientist, three socially defunct Xenites with a bit too much time on their hands decide to clone their two favorite Mycenaean heroes, Xena & Gabrielle.

Last of the Centaurs:
Ephiny's spirit enlists the help of Xena and Gabrielle when her son Xenon becomes hunted. Xena faces a few more skeletons in her closet. Xena develops a new skill with her chakram. And a new life is brought into the world.

When Fates Collide:
Having broken free from Tartarus, Julius Caesar attempts to change both his and Xena's fate. Clearly, good judgment is still eluding the poor boy.

Many Happy Returns:
Xena & Gabrielle and Aphrodite team to save a young virgin sacrifice, while thwarting a local warlord and his horde. Gabrielle gets one up on Xena, much to her own dismay. Aphrodite almost gets it right. And Xena shows her softer side.

Soul Possession:
Xena gives a new meaning to the term "message in a bottle." An ancient scroll revealing new insight into the third season is discovered. Harry, Mattie and Annie are reunited for another adventure (see 'Déjà vu All Over Again').

Friend in Need, 1:
Yet another deed from Xena's past comes back to haunt her. Xena & Gabrielle sail to the island of Japan to right wrongs, perform a new acrobatic routine and save 40,000 souls.

Friend in Need, 2:
Xena and Gabrielle continue their quest to save the city of Higuchi and the 40,000 souls that were lost there years before. Gabrielle develops a few new skills. And the Warrior Princess finally finds the peace she has been searching for.

Hercules Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6