The Sacrifice, Part 2

Xena and Gabrielle must battle it out with a now hatched Hope. Together with the help of Callisto (yes, I said Callisto) they chase after Hope and Ares. Along the way, Joxer gets a serious blow to his ego; Callisto sautés some priests and a few villagers; and our heroes make amends for the Rift.

'Ah, the mother and child reunion'
Hope: "Hello, Mother."
Gabrielle: "Hope."
Callisto: "Ah, the mother and child reunion. I'm all misty-eyed."

Callisto: "Ooh, now she's scary. And you just missed your one chance before she hatched, Xena."
Xena: "It ain't over yet."
Gabrielle: "Xena, if you kill her--"
Xena: "Get back, Gabrielle!"

'Hope is just using you'
Xena: "Hope is just using you, Callisto. I wouldn't turn my back on her."
Callisto: "Like you turned your back on precious, little Gabrielle? Yeah, guess you speak from experience, huh?" … [Xena tosses her handy-dandy chakram towards the ceiling of the temple and dislodges a few boulders which just so happen to fall on poor Callisto … again]
Xena: "Experience that."

[Hope uses her powers to project all the swords and knives adorning to wall of the temple at Xena, who is able to deflect them with aforementioned chakram. Xena chucks her chakram at Hope. As it flies past her, it takes a bite out her arm.]

Seraphin: [suddenly even more dazed and confused] … "Gabrielle, what's happening to me. Help me, please."

Getting a taste of her own chakram
[Xena's chakram, which is embedded into the wall behind Hope, suddenly flies right back towards Xena (with the aid of some evil powers), who gets a taste of her own medicine … er … chakram.]

Gabrielle: "Hope!"
Seraphin: "No!"
Gabrielle: "Hope, stop this!"
Seraphin: "Gabrielle, no! Come on. You're her mother. The two of you should be together."
Gabrielle: "Get out of my way! Hope … AAUUGHH!" ... [gets thrown next to a staggering Xena]

[Hope chucks a few more weapons at the duo, but Xena and Gabrielle escape using the ancient technique of Indianas Jonesius.]

Hope: "Callisto! Dahak has more important things in mind. Take me out of here."

'No, that I do not understand'
Gabrielle: "Look, Xena! You can't … Xena--"
Xena: "Well, you protected your daughter well, didn't you?"
Gabrielle: "You don't understand--"
Xena: "Why you released that monster that killed my son on all the children of the world? No, that I do not understand."

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