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Herculean Episodes ...

Warrior Princess:
Iolas finally meets the perfect woman. Xena's smart, sexy, great with a sword, and homicidal. Xena pits Iolas against Hercules using one of the oldest tricks in the book, lust. Her goal, besides world domination, kill the son of Zeus. Fortunately for our heroic duo, good prevails. Extra fortunate for audiences, Xena promises to return.

The Gauntlet:
Xena, although still bent on hatred and lust, saves the life of an infant from her barbaric second in command, Darphus. Forced to walk the gauntlet by her disloyal troops, she seeks to regain her position among her army by killing Hercules. Rather than destroying the son of Zeus, she eventually joins him in his quest to stop Darphus.

Unchained Heart:
Darphus, given immortality by Ares, wreaks havoc on the country-side once again. Together, Hercules, a now reformed Xena, a sulking Iolas and Salmoneus strive to end Darphus' reign of terror and, with much thanks, rid television viewers of Gragus, Ares' pitbull on steroids.

Judgement Day:
In yet another attempt to win back Xena, Ares & Strife team up to cause some more general mayhem. Hercules gives up his god-like powers to marry Serena, the Golden Hind. He awakens one morning to find her dead beside him with a bloody knife in his hand. Could this be the end of the mighty Hercules? Not if Xena has anything to say about it.

Stranger in a Strange World:
A portal to a parallel universe opens up and swallows Iolas. He is transported to a world where everyone possesses the opposite characteristics of his world. Hercules is the ferocious Sovereign. His double (who is now stuck in Iolas' world with the good and kind Hercules) is a cowardly jester. Xena is ... well ... I'm not quite sure what she is. Aphrodite is the Queen of the Gods. Ares is the God of Love. And, Joxer is a great warrior (this must be an alternate universe). Iolas must find out who's poisoning Zeus, usurp the Sovereign and find way back into his own world. No problem for an overachieving side kick.

Hercules Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6