When In Rome...

Xena and Gabrielle travel to Rome to free the leader of the Gauls. Gabrielle faces some more harsh realities about the world and herself. And, Caesar gets a little frustrated (wait ‘til March).

Crassus: "You're going up against Caesar. I have to admit, I wouldn't want to miss this."
Xena: "Oh, I guarantee you'll have a front row seat."

Crassus: "You hate me too, why?"
Gabrielle: "Because you're a friend of Caesar's."
Crassus: "I'm not his friend, I'm a convenience."

Gabrielle: "What's triumvirate?"
Xena: "Three warlord rulers instead of one."

Crassus: "Yes, Xena, it is about power. The appearance of it ... the possession of it ... the wielding of it. You're quite familiar with that, aren't you?"

Her judgement gets a little imparied.
Crassus: "This isn't about Vircinix, is it?"
Xena: "Go on, tell us."
Crassus: "Assassination ... Caesar's blood on your blade ... this is you way of getting to him."
Gabrielle: "You're wrong."
Crassus: "Am I? Have you ever seen Xena around him? Her judgement gets a little impaired."

We were playing tag in the forum.
Caesar: "Xena? This is impossible ... how can you just ... this is Rome, you can't...you..."
Xena: "There's a sentence in there just dying to get out. Sorry about your soldiers, we were playing tag in the forum, and I gotta tell ya, they don't lose well."

Pompey: "This is Xena?"
Caesar: "Yes, an old friend ... enemy ... friend ... I forgot where we left off."

Xena: "I'll send over the finger that this (Crassus' Imperial ring) belongs to, and after that I'll be more creative."

Caesar: "Divide and conquer, Crassus. The friend is the key."

Xena: "Gabrielle, this is no time to have a crisis of faith. You have got to trust me."

Gabrielle: "If Caesar kills Crassus and I put him there ... Xena, I can not send a man to his death."

Pompey: "Brutus, you were with Caesar when he met Xena, is she to be trusted?"
Brutus: "No, except for in her hatred for Caesar."

Because 'Caesar' was taken.
Pompey: "So why do they call you the ‘Warrior Princess?'"
Xena: "Because ‘Caesar' was taken."

Pompey: "Don't assume all of Rome loves Caesar."

Crassus: "When did she say she'd be back?"
Gabrielle: "When she's ready to come back."
Crassus: "Does she often leave you in the dark with a plan?"
Gabrielle: "No."
Crassus: "But, she has done it, hasn't she?"

It's never just busuness between us.
Caesar: "Prison hardly seems the place to tell you this, but you look incredible. Roman finery becomes you."
Xena: "We're not going down that road. This is business."
Caesar: "It's never just business between us, Xena. It's hatred, war, conflict ... and it's love."
Xena: "I gotta go to the bathroom, are we done yet?"

Gabrielle: "You're making me be a part of murder and you're being so casual about it."
Xena: "It's not about being casual ... it's about focus."
Gabrielle: "Focus on Caesar."
Xena: "Drop it, Gabrielle. This is about saving a good man."

Crassus: (to Gabrielle) "I thought you were different than her. I thought you had a regard for life no matter whose."

Pompey: (to Xena) "If you're anything like me, you feel naked without a weapon. Whether you use it or not, there's something reassuring about the weight, the feel of a solid blade."

Pompey: (to Xena) "It's your friend he wants. He seems to think she has some sort of power over you. He wants that power."

Caesar: "You have one obsession, Xena, that's me. And, because of it I have you and I have Vircinix. And, somewhere out there is an irritating blond about ready to follow a plan that no longer exists."

Gabrielle: "I don't know what's happening to me, Xena. I did something that I never thought I would do. I played judge, jury and executioner."
Xena: "You did what I told you to do."
Gabrielle: "You said that Crassus living or dying wasn't the point. I had a choice, I made it."
Xena: "Gabrielle, I put you in a situation I had no right to. I expected you to understand my logic and ignore your heart."
Gabrielle: "But, I know you were right."
Xena: "But, it wasn't right for you. That's not who you are. If I had to do this all over again..."
Gabrielle: "I'd still do it."
Xena: "If I couldn't find another way, I would, but I wouldn't include you."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, but I'd be hurt if you didn't."

You are the dearest thing to me in all the world.
Xena: "How many more times are you going to follow me into battle? How many more times am I going to hurt you? You are the most dear thing to me in all the world. Yet, instead of protecting you ..."
Gabrielle: "I'm here because I want to be. I love you, Xena."
Xena: "I love you too, Gabrielle."

DISCLAIMER: Caesar's Palace was not harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, Crassus and the gladiators went down for the count."

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