The Deliverer

Xena and Gabrielle sail off to Britannia to confront Caesar and aid an old not-so-friendly acquaintance of the ever-popular Warrior Princess. Enter a not-so-handsome young man spouting theology. Gabrielle becomes just a bit too curious for her own good and nearly gets flambe'ed.

Discord: "Ares, we have to talk about the Cult."
Ares: "Don't worry about it, Discord, things are well in hand ... ah, the impatience of youth, I admire it, I really ... really do ... and I will excuse it for only so long. The Cult is being taken care of. I put one of my best men on it. He controls their temple, and with that, they're hardly a threat."
Discord: "Best ‘man'? You have a mortal handling this?"
Ares: "Not just any mortal, this one is exceptional."

What do you suppose she's the goddess of?
Discord: "Why don't you just destroy the temple yourself and get it over with?"
Ares: "Why don't you?"

Ares: "Are you willing to go up against this god? He's not even on Olympus. You are just lucky that I have the resources and the people to do something about it. No, it has to be a mortal."

Ares' love child?
Discord: "Do you handle everything so casually?"
Ares: "If I didn't know better, I would think you were talking about us. Don't mistake confident for casual. I know full well what could happen. Everything we know, everything we've done to make this would our home, could come to an end."

Gabrielle: "But what is a mountain, but just a bunch of boulders, right? And what is a rock, but a large grain of sand? And what is a large grain of sand ... I mean, do you see my theory here?"
Xena: "No."
Gabrielle: "And that doesn't bother you at all, does it?"
Xena: "What possible use is this information to us?"
Gabrielle: "Well, I haven't the slightest idea, but, well, hey, it gave us something to talk about since the last town, right?"
Xena: "A town ... towns which are made up of houses, which after all are just large huts, which are made out of wood, which are made out of trees and ... hang on, trees are bigger than huts ... there goes that theory."
Gabrielle: "You can be so frustrating sometimes."

Xena: "You're a long way from Britannica."
Soldier: "We travel only as far as criminals run. We're taking these men back for trial."

Khrafstar: "Kill us here if you want. My people will never give in to Caesar."

Because I said so.
Xena: "Let these men go."
Soldier: "Any particular reason why we should?"
Xena: "Yeah, a whole list of them ... Reason 1 ... HYAH! ... Reason 2 ... HYAH! ... Reason 3 ... HYAH! ... I don't often get to reason 4, but when I do it gets real ugly."

Xena: "What does Caesar want with you?"
Khrafstar: "He knows I'm recruiting mercenaries to join Boadicea in Britannia."
Xena: "Boadicea is fighting Caesar?"
Gabrielle: "You know her? Of course you know her, you're the ‘who's who' of warriors."

Gabrielle: "What's your name?"
Khrafstar: "Khrafstar, First Priest of the Temple of the One God."

Xena: "I'm going with you to help Boadicea ... and to destroy Caesar."

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