Maternal Instincts

A very dark episode bringing the rift season to its peak which threatens to not only destroy Gabrielle and Xena's friendship, but also each other. Hope, Gabrielle's daughter by Dahak, returns to free Callisto (now a god) from her volcanic prison. Bent on destroying the world and initiating a wave of darkness and evil, Dahak chooses to kill all the children of the world, beginning with Solan, Xena's son. Solan dies at the hands of Hope. Callisto is temporarily entombed under a mountain. Gabrielle, suffocated by the weight of her deception from Xena, poisons Hope. And, our two heroes, having both lost the lives of their children, go there separate ways.

Gabrielle: "Remember how it looked the last time we were here? What a difference a year makes, huh?"
Xena: "One year, two months and twelve days. But who's counting?"
Gabrielle: "It'll be fine. You'll see."
Xena: "After all the Kaleipus has done to make this happen, I certainly hope so."
Gabrielle: "I'm not talking about the treaty, Xena."

Mother and son reunion
Xena: "Solan! Solan, you dirty rat!"
Solan: "I almost had you. I've been practicing."
Xena: "Very impressive. Don't you do it again ... What do you think, Gabrielle, some tracker, huh?"
Gabrielle: "He's a natural."

Gabrielle: "Hi, Solan."
Solan: "Hi, Gabrielle. Wail till you see, I got a staff just like yours."
Gabrielle: "Really? That's great."
Xena: "Sounds like you've been pretty busy since the last time we were here."
Kaleipus: "He's learned a lot."
Xena: "He's clearly had a good teacher."

Xena: "Hello, Kaleipus."
Kaleipus: "Xena, it's been a long time."
Xena: "Forever."

Kaleipus: "Thank you both for coming."
Gabrielle: "We should be thanking you. This treaty -- it could be the start to reuniting the Centaur nation."
Kaleipus: "That's why the delegates brought their children -- so they can appreciate the legacy we're leaving them ... a legacy of peace and hope."

Xena: "Kaleipus, you should know that nothing's changed. I didn't come back here to claim Solan. And besides, you're more of a father to him than if he was really yours. I just came back here to give him a chance at a safer future. Thanks to you, the future's never looked better for anyone."

She's Ba-ack
Callisto: (having been freed from her molten lava prison) "A child. I always wanted a child."

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