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Season 2 ...

Orphan of War:
Xena must stop a warlord from finding the Ixion stone and destroying the Centaurs while also coming to terms with confronting her son. Gabrielle gets little snippish. Xena gives a whole new meaning to the term "woodwind instrument."

Remember Nothing:
Xena learns that it aint always greener on the other side when the Fates grant her wish to return to a life without violence. Think of all the people who would never have been murdered at the hands of her army. Think of all the people who would never have been saved. Think of all the ugly warlords who would never have been brought to justice. Can Xena resist the urge to draw blood? Will Lyceus perish at the hands of Krycus and Myzentius? And, what of Gabrielle? Find out next week, same xenite-station, same xenite-time.

Giant Killer:
Xena allies herself with David (yes, that David) and the Israelites against the Philistines and her good friend, Goliath. Gabrielle almost loses her head.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun:
In which scholars discover the first known seduction rave complete with strobe-like candles and ancient Mediterranean Rap music. Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Orpheus (or, rather, what's left of him) must battle the evil forces of Bacchus. Gabrielle gets taken in by an all night ancient Mediterranean seduction rave. Gabrielle becomes a Bacchae. Xena becomes a Bacchae. Whereupon, both take flying lessons. Wrongs are righted. And, just what would Gabrielle do to thank Xena?

Return of Callisto:
Callisto escapes from prison and immediately wreaks havoc. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Perdicus wed. Callisto hunts down the happy couple and slays Perdicus, proving, once again, that Gabrielle has the worst luck with men. Feeling true hatred and anger for the first time, Gabrielle vows to avenge Perdicus' death. She finally comes to her senses only to be captured and used as bait (again). Good prevails, but at what cost?

Warrior ... Princess ... Tramp:
Plot ... plot ... um ... yeah ... two Xena-look-alikes ... lots of confusion ... more flying babies ... Joxer finally gets the girl (well, one of them).

Intimate Stranger:
Using Xena's guilt over the death of Callisto, Ares is able to free Callisto from Tartarus. The ladies switch bodies. Callisto wreaks havoc in the guise of Xena, while Xena, trapped in the body of her worst enemy, must convince Gabrielle and Joxer she's not really Callisto and send the real Callisto back to Tartarus within one day or spend the rest of eternity there herself. Phew! No sweat for the Warrior Princess (no matter whose lovely body she may be stuck in).

Ten Little Warlords:
Still trapped in Callisto's body, Xena and a now mortal Ares team up to win back his godhood. Gabrielle and Joxer totally snap. Ares becomes human, if for only a little while. Xena beats the bad guys and Ares returns to his normal manipulative, deviant, handsome self.

A Solstice Carol:
And here I thought Charles Dickens was a literary genius. Yes, folks, it's the ancient world meets "A Christmas Carol" meats "Great Expectations." Our gals team up with Senticles (more Xenite irony) to stop the eviction of an orphanage on Solstice Eve. Finally, one of Gabrielle's plans works beautifully, but not to fear, Xena still gets to bash some heads in the end (which is certain to become one of the most classic fight scenes in Xenite history).

The Xena Scrolls:
The time is 1942. The setting is in Macedonia. Two archeologists (who bear amazing resemblances to two adventurers from ancient Greece) search for the lost Xena Scrolls. Enter one bumbling Frenchman, and you have Indiana Jones and the Lost Scrolls.

Here She Comes ... Miss Amphipolis:
Xena masquerades as a beauty contestant to prevent an all out war during the first ever Miss Known World Beauty Pageant. Xena discovers that you can't judge a scroll by it's paper. Salmoneus sings. Gabrielle remarkably invents the French accent. And, the writers pay homage to Baywatch.

While saving a young girl, Xena is mortally wounded. She relives several key events in her life -- the origin of the "pinch," her fateful meeting with the enigmatic Julius Caesar, and her descent into Darkness. Although Gabrielle travels long and hard to save the life of her friend, it is to no avail.

The Quest:
While taking Xena's body back to Amphipolis, Gabrielle takes a few moments to become the Amazon Queen. Meanwhile, Xena enlists a somewhat reluctant Autolycus to steal her shapely carcass from the Amazons. 1 Shapely body + 1 ounce of Ambrosia + some wishful thinking = 1 very alive Warrior Princess.

A Day in the Life:
A very insightful look into the average day of our two heroes. Xena must stop a warlord from attacking one village while trying to stop a giant from squashing another. Our girls share a hot bath (thank you, thank you, thank you). Xena finds a new use for cookery, discovers an alternative (and more handy) use for Gabrielle's scrolls, gives Minya some advice on men and saves both villages. And, Gabrielle finally gets in the last word (and whack).

For Him the Bell Tolls:
Aphrodite creates a little mayhem when a few of her temples are threatened. Joxer becomes enchanted, gets the girl, loses the girl, gets the girl again, and then loses her again. Gabrielle plays referee and gets to the bottom of things all on her very own.

The Execution:
Meleager the Mighty enlists Gabrielle & Xena's help to clear him of the charge of murder. Gabrielle gets a little deluded, but eventually snaps back into reality. Meleager acknowledges what we have know all along, Xena is very good. And, the writers pay homage to A Tale of Two Cities.

Blind Faith:
After Gabrielle is kidnaped (again) Xena becomes blinded during a fight. She and a young buck (bent on being the man who kills the Warrior Princess) team up to rescue Gabrielle from marrying a corpse. Time is running out ... will Gabrielle be toasted ... will Xena ever regain her sight back ... will Palaemon get an earful of Warrior Princess wisdom ... most likely.

Xena and Gabrielle help Ulysses return to his homeland and regain his throne. Sparks fly between he and Xena, but, alas, it is not to be. Penelope and Ulysses reunite and all is well that ends well (with a little help from the Warrior Princess). Gabrielle develops a true appreciation for solid, dry ground.

The Price:
In which Gabrielle finally meets Xena's ruthless alter-ego. Trapped in the wrong place at the wrong time, Xena and Gabrielle must help an Athenian army battle against the elusive, barbaric Horde. Enter Xena, the ruthless Warlord. Refusing to give in to hate and fear, Gabrielle risks her own life to care for the injured, both Athenian and Horde. Xena and the head Hordes-man duke it out. Need I say who won?

Lost Mariner:
Xena and Gabrielle find themselves trapped aboard Cecrops' cursed ship. Gabrielle develops a taste for raw squid. With the help of our dynamic duo, Cecrops finally discovers the key to ending his curse and becomes a world renowned long-distance walker.

A Comedy of Eros:
While defending the local Hestian chapter, Xena falls madly in love with Draco who falls for Gabrielle who falls for Joxer. Mass confusion reins and passions flare. And, another verse to the top 40 hit Joxer the Mighty is born.

Hercules Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6