The Debt,
Part II
Xena, Destroyer of Nations and All-Around Bad Girl

Gabrielle must come to terms with her betrayal of Xena. Meanwhile, Xena awaits execution for her attempted murder of Ming T'ien. Xena and Gabrielle make amends as more events of Xena's past are revealed. Able to summon the power of the Way, Xena is able to escape execution and make the Green Dragon small again (but, at what price).

Gabrielle: "I want to see Xena."
Ming T'ien: "That would be impossible."
Gabrielle: "Why?"
Ming T'ien: "Our laws say that a prisoner charged with a capital offense cannot receive visitors ... and I am a man of the law."

The Green Dragon
Gabrielle: "Your Highness, you said you would let Xena go."
Ming T'ien: "Gabrielle, I owe you my life. Anything in this kingdom is yours. But, if you think banishing Xena will keep her from returning to kill me, you don't know her as well as you think."

Gabrielle: "If you had her promise, then you would let her go, right?"
Ming T'ien: "It would take more than that."
Gabrielle: "Xena would never go back on a promise."
Ming T'ien: "Of course she would."

Gabrielle: "I want to see her."
Ming T'ien: "Out of the question."
Gabrielle: "You said that I could have anything in your kingdom."
Ming T'ien: "Except that."

This might be a tad difficult to get out of
Soldier: "Hey Xena, I heard you were betrayed by a friend."
Xena: "No, not by a friend."

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