The Sacrifice, Part 1

Xena and Gabrielle must come to terms with a newly released Callisto and soon to be revived Hope while trying to save a disillusioned teenager from herself. Meanwhile, Ares, of course, has his own agenda.

'Just weren't built for a real god, were you?'
Callisto: [having emerged from the Nth Dimension] "Just weren't built for a real god, were you?"

'Can you see your friend?'
Xena: [viewing a strange religious ritual] "Can you see your friend?"
Gabrielle: "No, but she's got to be here. These are the people that her parents told me about, I'm sure of it."

'That's my friend Seraphin ... what is she doing?'
Gabrielle: "I wish I could just make out what he's saying."
Xena: "I can't make it all out, but it's something about the return of a goddess. They need to build temples to her, prepare the way."
Gabrielle: "Xena, there she is. That's my friend Seraphin what is she doing?"

[Seraphin climbs up a ritualistic ladder/altar to be sacrificed. Xena, of course, quickly puts a stop to the ritual with a well-placed chakram.]

Xena: "I'm gonna get Seraphin!"
Gabrielle: "Right!"

Hello again, Callisto
[Xena rounds the bend to see Callisto with a freshly skewered priest.]

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