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Season 1 ...

Sins of the Past:
Xena gives up her warrior ways for all of five seconds until she meets a band of thugs and some helpless villagers (and one not so helpless young Gabrielle). Xena goes home to Amphipolis only to be shunned and nearly stoned if not for the help of Gabrielle who has been stalking the Warrior Princess. Together they thwart Draco's plans. The town rejoices. Mother forgives daughter. And, Xena makes a new friend.

Chariots of War:
Xena tries to stop a warlord from destroying a peaceful village, but gets in the way of a few too many arrows. Gabrielle develops a liking for the "wrong kind of guy" (who actually becomes the "right kind of guy" in the end). Xena battles a dozen thugs in a dress (which is very...um...inspirational). And, our two heroines walk off into the sunset.

Gabrielle is kidnaped to become the bride of Morpheus (he likes them young and innocent). Her objective, should she chose to accept it, is to draw blood in anger, defiling her blood innocence. Meanwhile, Xena, forced to travel through her own dreamscape, comes face to face with her dark past and must confront her once evil self. Unfortunately, we never really get to see just how dangerous Xena's breasts really are (although a few Red Wing fans have submitted written statements to the local mammary authorities).

Cradle of Hope:
Xena and Gabrielle, with the help of Pandora (no, not the Pandora, her descendant) must save a baby (who is destined to take the throne) from King Gregor's evil minions. Xena dances away the night and invents bungee jumping. Pandora and the baby find a home with the gentle (and, now understanding) King Gregor. And, Hope lives on.

The Path Not Taken:
Xena visits some old...um...acquaintances from her warlord days to secretly rescue a young girl and stop war. Although her past lover Marcus dies trying to save the girl, chances are pretty good viewers will see his handsome self again (after all, no one ever stays dead in the Xenaverse).

The Reckoning:
Ares makes his big debut (thank you, thank you, thank you) and frames Xena for the death of a few poor, uncultured villagers. Gabrielle pleads for Xena's life and gets a taste of mob justice, the pettiness of the gods, and Xena's blind fury. In the end, Xena tricks Ares into bringing the dead villagers back from the underworld (which ironically is a small hut actually located right in the middle of the town) and all is well that ends well.

The Titans:
Gabrielle inadvertantly frees a few Titans, gets just a little too power hungry, and loses a little more of that naive innocence (hooray!). Xena does what she does best -- kick butt and look good in leather.

Xena & Gabrielle and Hercules & Iolas team up to free Prometheus from Hera's chains. Gabrielle's horrible luck with men is thwarted when Iolas miraculously heals after Prometheus is freed. Xena practices her new free fall technique. And, Hercules makes a great catch.

Death in Chains:
King Sisyphus captures Celesta in an attempt to defy death. That Talus, what a nice young man. Wait, Talus watch out! Don't charm Gabrielle, it could prove to be hazardous to your ... oh well, too late now.

Hooves & Harlots:
Xena races to stop a war between the Centaur and Amazon nations. Gabrielle becomes an Amazon princess and finally learns some self-defense (thanks to Eponin, ah, Eponin).

The Black Wolf:
Xena convinces the warlord, Xerxes, to throw her in his dungeon to rat out the Black Wolf, the leader of a group of rebels, in an effort to rescue an old friend. Salmoneus can't keep his hands off Gabrielle's tomatoes. And, after much effort, Gabrielle finally gets thrown in the dungeon to be re-united with Xena (as per her charmingly spastic nature). The pack is freed and all is well with the world (for now).

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts:
Xena and Gabrielle travel to Troy (yes, that Troy) to help Helen (yes, that Helen). Gabrielle stumbles across her once betrothed (who, amazingly enough, is not red-shirted, yet). Not even Xena can change the course of history and Troy falls. But, Helen is saved and our heroes go on their merry way.

A Fistful of Dinars:
Xena and Gabrielle go a'treasure huntin' with Xena's former betrothed, Petracles, and the assassin, Thersites. Xena must prevent Ambrosia from falling into the wrong hands (mainly, a certain assassin psychopath). Gabrielle practices the proper etiquette for being held at knife-point, again. Poor Petracles, had he not received the kiss of death from Gabrielle, he might have made it to another episode.

Warrior ... Princess:
Xena masquerades as a princess (who coincidentally is virtually identical to our dark hero) to foil an assassination plot. Gabrielle beats up a thug on her very own. Xena discovers a new use for string instruments. And, Argo's tail never looked better.

Mortal Beloved:
The Underworld gets turned up side down when Hades' helmet of invisibility is stolen. Xena and Marcus (a deceased Marcus) must reunite Hades with his helmet within 48 hours (upon which Marcus must return to Tartarus). Sigh, where have all the handsome, sensitive men gone? The Underworld (it would figure).

The Royal Couple of Thieves:
The King of Thieves and The Warrior Princess combine forces to steal back the ultimate weapon (which just so happens to be the fabled Ark of the Covenant). If Xena ever has to give up being a warrior, she can always become an exotic dancer. And, Gabrielle is held at finger-point (I guess the writers felt that she deserved a brief break from sharp, pointy objects).

The Prodigal:
Xena develops an appreciation for silence. Gabrielle gets caught between a rock and a hard place when she loses her nerve. She heads home only to find trouble brewing there. But, with the help of a newly reformed Meleager the Mighty, Potidaea is saved from the clutches of an evil warlord. And, Gabrielle and her nerve are reunited.

Altared States:
In which the producers begin the ever reoccurring "nude heroines in water" and "fish" themes (sub-text chip may be required). Xena and Gabrielle try to stop the sacrifice of a young boy while being introduced to a new religious concept, monotheism. The girls go ... um ... fishing. Gabrielle gets high. And, all is made right with the world (well, until next week).

Ties That Bind:
Xena is reunited with her long lost father while performing yet another heroic deed. But, where there is Ares there is manipulation and mischief afoot. Gabrielle bravely confronts a battle enraged Xena. And, our heroes emerge victorious.

The Greater Good:
After Xena is struck by a mysterious poisoned dart, Gabrielle masquerades as the Warrior Princess in an effort to save Salmoneus' greedy posterior. Gabrielle is forced to reconcile her differences with Argo and finally gets to kick some serious bad guy butt!

After the death of her family at the hands of Xena's army, Callisto has relentlessly obsessed over finding and destroying everything Xena holds dear, her reputation, her family, her friends, and even her horse. Xena must battle her own past demons. Gabrielle and Xena share an intimate moment. Joxer emerges from under his rock. Callisto is eventually captured and brought to justice. But, the fat lady aint sing'n yet.

Death Mask:
Xena and her older brother, Toris, try to stop the warlord who destroyed their village years ago. Gabrielle beats up another thug all on her very own and is not held at knife point once (hooray)! Xena launches her first breast dagger via breast propulsion proving just how dangerous her breasts really are (see ‘Dreamworker'). And, Xena wins first place in the wet-towel-whip competition.

Is There a Doctor in the House?:
Xena, Gabrielle and a very pregnant Ephiny get stuck in the middle of the Thessalian/Mitoan war. It's ER meets Classical Greece. Xena performs a tracheotomy, amputates a leg, delivers a Cesarian born Centaur, invents CPR while experiencing a complete emotional breakdown, inspires the Hippocratic Oath, and stops a war. Can we say "overachiever"?

Hercules Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6