The Debt,
Part I
Xena, Destroyer of Nations and All-Around Bad Girl

Xena receives a cryptic message from a dying soldier to return to the Land of Chin. Her mission, assassination. Along the journey, Xena enlightens Gabrielle about her dark past and the woman who tried to change her life. Despite Gabrielle's attempt to sway Xena from murder, Xena goes to Chin to destroy the Green Dragon. Unfortunately for Xena, Gabrielle has made other arrangements.

Gabrielle and Xena engaged ...

 ... in some major fore-shadowing
Xena: "Everything alright?"
Gabrielle: "Yeah ... fine ... just thinking. Thank you."
Xena: "For what?"
Gabrielle: "You stuck by me through everything."
Xena: "Likewise, I'm sure."
Gabrielle: "I hope I never disappoint you, Xena."
Xena: "Impossible."
Gabrielle: "I've learned that anything is possible."

Dying Soldier: "Xena?"
Xena: "I am Xena."
Dying Soldier: "I was sent by the weak one, who is soft as water ..."
Xena: "... hard as the raging flood."

Xena: (to unlucky thug) "Eat dirt."

Xena: "I'm afraid I can't help you, friend. You're wound is too severe."
Dying Soldier: "I bring a message to you."
Xena: "I'm listening."
Dying Soldier: "The Green Dragon has become too large and must be made small."

Gabrielle: "The Green Dragon?"
Xena: "I'm going on a long journey."
Gabrielle: "You're going on a long journey? What happened to we?"
Xena: "This time is different."
Gabrielle: "What's so different about it?"
Xena: "I have to travel towards the rising sun for many, many days."
Gabrielle: "Xena, that's not a problem for me."
Xena: "The land I'm traveling to is as different to ours as night is to day, the Kingdom of Chin."
Gabrielle: "You think that's an argument against my coming? It sounds fascinating."
Xena: "If you came, you couldn't get in my way."
Gabrielle: "Are you saying I'm a nuisance?"
Xena: "No. You just wouldn't like what I'm going there to do."
Gabrielle: "Okay, let's forget the cryptic part. Are you going up against a dragon?"
Xena: "No."
Gabrielle: "Is the Green Dragon a person?"
Xena: "Yes."
Gabrielle: "Which person?"
Xena: "The one I'm going to kill."

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