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Season 4 ...

Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part I:
Xena's search for Gabrielle leads her to the Amazon land of the dead where she is forced to face her past demons. She is confronted with old enemies and new allies. Determined to do what is right, she postpones her union with Gabrielle to free a wayward tribe of Amazons trapped in this cold, desolate place. Will Xena be able to withstand the force of her own past? What of the Amazons she once sought to destroy? Will the witching woman Alti be foiled? And, what of Gabrielle? To be continued ... (damn!).

Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part II:
Xena and a wayward band of Amazons seek to stop the evil darkness of Alti. Xena comes to terms with part of her past (which, as always, has turned around and bit her in her lovely posterior). Speaking of posteriors, Cyane and her Amazons are finally allowed to cross into Eternity. The writers give audiences a excrutiatingly tantalizing look into the future. And, Xena continues her search for Gabrielle with renewed hope.

A Family Affair:
Can you say, "the family reunion from Hell," and I thought mine were bad. Xena, having seen Gabrielle in a vision of the future, travels to Poteidaia in search of her lost companion. Would the real Gabrielle please stand. Xena almost gets skewered. Joxer counts sheep. And, our heroes are finally reunited.

In Sickness & In Hell:
Xena and Gabrielle battle their toughest opponents yet: lice, foot rot, a stomach virus, a rabid bunny, a stubborn horse and a couple of ugly dudes. It's the ancient world meets Monty Python. Remarkably, Joxer saves the day. A town rejoices. And, Xena gets her pony back.

A Good Day:
Xena plots to rid Greece of Caesar and Pompey. Through careful planning and manipulation, she is able start an all out war between the two Romans armies. Gabrielle gets some practice commanding her own army (if somewhat reluctantly). Many people lose their lives (seeing as how war is Hell), but the Greater Good prevails.

A Tale of Two Muses:
Xena & Gabrielle stumble upon a village in which dancing is outlawed. Yes, folks, it's the ancient world meets Footloose. With the help of the King of Thieves and Tara (who is only slightly less annoying than she was in Forgiven) our girls "liberate" the town. Gabrielle gets a terrible case of "dance" fever. It is rumored, that Autolycus' performance as Philipon the Reformer has inspired the likes of Pat Robertson and Billy Graham. And, yes it is true that Xena does have many skills, but, sadly, dancing aint one of them.

Locked Up & Tied Down:
Well, I guess it was only a matter of time ... yes, folks, it's women in prison ancient Mediterranean style. Xena, having been accused of murdering a young, innocent girl (and accepting her guilt) gets hauled off to Alcatraz ... I mean, Shark Island Prison. Coincidences being what they are in the Xenaverse, the warden turns out to be none other than the woman Xena is accused of murdering. Gabrielle saves a soul and almost rescues Xena. And, Xena develops a new taste for raw rat meat.

Xena and Gabrielle meet up with a young woman who hears voices in her head and has several imaginary friends. In the ancient world, it's known as being blessed by the Light. Today, we call it schizophrenia. Xena leaves Gabrielle. Gabrielle turns to the Light. Xena gets her arse whooped. Gabrielle leaves Xena. And, everyone is left confused and irritated (especially the viewers).

Past Imperfect:
Alas, yet another embittered woman from Xena's past comes back to haunt her. Xena must confront a copy-cat warlord when she is forced to fight her own past tactics. Xena becomes extremely paranoid as Gabrielle must deal with Xena's ‘vision' of the future. Xena foils a new nemesis and teaches us all a very important lesson, always eat your collard greens.

The Key to the Kingdom:
Meg, Joxer & Autolycus team up to steal the legendary Crown of Athena. There's just one slight problem, Meg has her own agenda. The King of Thieves gets duped. Joxer ... well ... is Joxer. And, Xena proves once again that she has impeccable timing.

Daughter of Pomira:
Xena gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘extended family' when she and Gabrielle steal a young Horde-girl from her ‘adopted' family. The little Hun proves to be the missing link between the Horde and the rest of us. Gabrielle proves that she still needs work on her night time tracking skills. Xena plays with her new toy. And, War is thwarted.

If the Shoe Fits:
Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Aphrodite team up to help a runaway princess. Gabrielle gets a new look. Xena gets on Gabrielle's last nerve. Joxer invents Disco. Aphrodite gets a lesson on love. And, everyone lives Happily Ever After.

Paradise Found:
Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in a strange land of perfect beauty and harmony. Gabrielle becomes entranced with the peaceful teachings of Khrafstar ... no, I mean, Najara ... wait ... Aiden. When will Gabrielle learn to trust Xena's cooty-meter? Xena completely snaps. Gabrielle loses her shirt ... again. And imperfection reins once more.

Xena & Gabrielle tour India. Along the way, Gabrielle acquires the Power to heal. Gabrielle blindly accepts her newfound gift while Xena's cooty-meter does a few Hail Mary's (hm, sounds familiar). Xena befriends a street magician to push around (at least he's not a mime). Gabrielle slips Xena the tongue. Xena gets whipped by Gabrielle (calm down, not that kind of whipped). And, the demon is exorcized.

Between the Lines:
While still in India, Xena and Gabrielle are sent into the future to defend their souls and destroy an Evil Force. She's Ba-ack. Alti and Xena duke it out. Gabrielle learns the ancient Indian art of Mendi. And, Xena (with some help from her trusty chakram) gives Gabrielle a new look.

The Way:
Hmm, I think it's about time for our gals to head back home to Greece. While still in India, Gabrielle and Xena meet up with Eli (who is now the revered avatar). Indrajit, the daddy of all demons, is a'hunting avatars. Gabrielle has a total blond moment (instead of running back into the temple where she would be safe, she flees down the street -- much like to doomed bimbo who runs up the stairs in every horror flick). Xena allies herself with an escaped convict from the Planet of the Apes and Krishna, the Supreme Blue One. Xena sprouts a few new limbs and finally defeats the Evil One. Gabrielle chucks her trusty staff for the Way of Love. I'm guessing the writers have decided to re-use some old being-held-at-knife-point footage from the first season. I imagine we'll be seeing a lot of them in the future.

The Play's the Thing:
Gabrielle falls prey to her ego again when she gets conned into producing one of her scrolls into a play. Minya makes an interesting discovery about herself. Joxer gets hung out to dry. And, after all that talk of Love and Peace, Xena finally gets to bash in some skulls.

Could somebody please fish Gab's ceremonial Amazon staff out of that river in India and beat her over the head with it a few times. Xena and the gang meet up with an escaped Najara. Gabrielle falls for Najara's line of bull ... AGAIN. Joxer must deal with the guilt of his first kill. And Xena, once again, is left to clean up the mess.

Takes One to Know One:
It was a dark and stormy night ... the gang (Cyrene, Lila, Joxer, Minya, and Autolycus) throw Gabrielle a surprise birthday party. Enter one corpse and it's "Murder She Wrote" Ancient Mediterranean Style. Xena must find the killer by sunrise or Discord (the Goddess of Bad Hair and Over-Acting) will seek out retribution against them all. See what happens when a corpse crashes a party.

Gabrielle must put away her holier-than-thou peaceful ways to become the Queen of the Amazons after Ephiny's death. Our gals pick up another stray. Pompey loses his head. And, Xena has a few words with Brutus about friendship and loyalty as March swiftly approaches.

Ides of March:
Callisto returns (no surprise there) from Hell to tempt Xena to give up her Way and see to it that Caesar becomes all that he can be. Gabrielle gives up her Way of Love for a more ... um ... aggressive Way. Brutus finally becomes his own man. And, Xena's 'vision' becomes reality. Can this be the end of the dynamic duo? Only time will tell (about four months, to be exact).

Deja Vu All Over Again:
In Los Angeles, California, circa 1999, a young woman seeks out a past lives couselor in the hopes of discovering that she was once Xena the Warrior Princess -- Special Note: This episode was directed by the lovely and talented Renee O'Connor.

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