Xena & Gabrielle and Hercules & Iolas team up to free Prometheus from Hera's chains. Gabrielle's horrible luck with men is thwarted when Iolas miraculously heals after Prometheus is freed. Xena practices her new free fall technique. And, Hercules makes a great catch.

I missed something
Xena: "Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "Alright ..."
Xena: "Gabrielle!"
Gabrielle: "I was in the middle of the best ... I missed something."

Gabrielle: "Do you realize that you just saved the life of a man who tried to kill you? See, you are a good person, Xena."

Xena: "Prometheus has been captured by the gods."
Gabrielle: "The bards say that if Prometheus is ever bound then mankind starts to lose the gifts he gave us."
Inn Keeper: "Like fire?"
Xena: "And the ability to heal ourselves."

Gabrielle: (to Xena) "Hey, you're plenty mysterious enough without having to work at it."

Io (the dancing priestess): "What will you give?"
Xena: "What?"
Io: "A lock of hair ... a finger nail ... a finger?"
Xena: "I don't understand."
Io: "You want to free Prometheus, don't you?"
Xena: "Yes"
Io: "Then what will you give?"
Xena: "My life if I have to."
Io: "We'll see."
What would I give? ... anything she wanted

Gabrielle: "You made it."
Xena: "You had faith, didn't you?"
Gabrielle: "Well, of course. You always come through."
Xena: "Gabrielle, what if one day I don't come through?"
Gabrielle: "That's not going to happen."
Xena: "But if it does, what would you do?"
Gabrielle: "I'd become a traveling bard."
Xena: "You'd be good at that. Shouldn't you have some schooling first?"
Gabrielle: "That'd be great."
Xena: "Where's the best place to study that kind of thing?"
Gabrielle: "Athens, at the Academy. Why are we talking about this? It's depressing. Nothing's going to happen to you."

Gabrielle: "What's it like being friends with someone like Hercules? Do you find it to be a little intimidating? Do you know what I mean?"
Iolas: "Well, I'm not sure."
Gabrielle: "Isn't it hard to just stand around while he's doing all these heroic labors?"
Iolas: "I don't just stand around. I'm right there with him, fighting by his side."
Gabrielle: "Maybe I'll try that. You see, I have a friend who's a little on the intimidating side."
Iolas: "Who might that be?"
Gabrielle: "Her. Xena, guess who he knows?"
Xena: "Hercules."
Gabrielle: "You're so good."
Iolas: "Hello, Xena."
Xena: "Iolas."
Gabrielle: "You know him?"
Xena: "We have a history."

Merchant: (regarding Xena) "I have a Dionysian love potion that could really mellow a pretty lady like that."

Iolas: "You know, I don't understand. Why would Xena want that sword?"
Hercules: "She plans to free Prometheus with it."
Iolas: "So why don't you two work together?"
Hercules: "Because she knows I won't let her strike the blow that breaks the chain."
Iolas: "People are dying of scratches and you two are concerned about who gets the credit?"
Hercules: "That's not what this is about."
Iolas: "Well, it sure sounds like it. Hercules, I thought you cared about her?"
Hercules: "I do care about her."
Iolas: "Then let her strike the blow."
Hercules: "Iolas, I can't ... just trust me."

Gabrielle: "You're not much for girl talk, are you? Of course, you're not like most girls."

Gabrielle: "So if Prometheus' chains are struck by that sword ..."
Iolas: "The sword handler turns to ashes."
Gabrielle: "So it's a suicide mission."

Hercules: "You've been helping people."
Xena: "Someone taught me it's the only reason to be on this earth."
Hercules: "Now, who would that be?"
Xena: "Some legendary hero, I forgot his name."

Xena: "It should be me."
Hercules: "Why?"
Xena: "Because the world needs Hercules."
Hercules: "It needs Xena, too."
Xena: "C'mon, the people would hardly miss me. But you ... you give hope to so many."
Hercules: "You underestimate yourself."
Xena: "You're not using your head."
Hercules: "Sometimes in life you have to go with your heart, not your head."

A warm farewell ... will it be their last?
Gabrielle: "Xena ... be careful. Don't strike the blow."
Xena: "Be brave."

Xena: "Hercules."
Hercules: "Yeah?"
Xena: "There's something I've been wanting to say to you for a long time. You changed my life. You taught me how to live. I'll never forget you for that. Thanks."

Xena: (to Hercules) "Gabrielle wants to go to an academy in Athens. Make sure she gets there ...(wham!)"

Funny, I never thought of Xena as the waving type
Xena: (to Hercules) "You've taught me what to look for in life, Hercules. Thank you...until we meet again."

DISCLAIMER: Iolas was harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, the Green Egg Men went on to live prosperous lives.

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