The Path Not Taken

Xena visits some old ... um ... acquaintances from her warlord days to secretly rescue a young girl and stop war. Although her past lover Marcus dies trying to save the girl, chances are pretty good viewers will see his handsome self again (after all, no one ever stays dead in the Xenaverse).

Gabrielle: "You see Xena, the way I look at it, life is an adventure to be explored. And, without adventure what's the point? Granted, with you sometimes it gets a little too adventurous, but that's what makes it interesting. Who was it that said "curiosity is the food of life and adventure is a meal?"
Xena: "Sounds like something you might say."

Want a kiss ...
Gabrielle: "Did you ever notice that we never have a problem getting a table?"
Xena: (innocently) "It's a mystery to me."
... come get it

Gabrielle: "Why don't I like this? You're going to a place known the world over as the den for cut-throats, theives and mercenaries and you're not wearing a disguise."
Xena: "Don't need a disguise, they'll remember me. I'll be able to use it to my advantage. Besides, in a strange way, it will be nice to see some of them again."
Gabrielle: "You're terrible at reassurances, did anyone ever tell you that? I don't want you to go in there and then decide you like it again."
Xena: "It won't happen."

I got something to say about your mother
Xena: "You got something to say to me?"
Marcus: "I got something to say about your mother."

Xena: "I don't care much for popularity."

Mezentius: (to mercenary) "You're scared, you're afraid of me ... that's good. And, you turned two of my men ... that's smart. Stop by my office tomorrow and you've got a job."

Marcus: (to Xena) "You are so good."

Mezentius: "Xena, the Warrior Princess ... I'm honored."

Marcus seals his fate as being red-shirted
Marcus: "You look just as beautiful as I remember."
Xena: "What do you remember?"
Marcus: "Everything ... every sound ... every touch ... every smell."

Xena: (to Mezentius) "I want to make an offer, and I want to give you some advice. Both are worth a fortune, neither comes free."

Mezentius: "This Xena is a strange woman. I like her energy ... I really hope I don't have to kill her."

Marcus: "I found it best to listen to Xena when she speaks."
Mezentius: "Oh, you found that, did you?"
Marcus: "Well, there's a reason for her success. She knows what she's doing."

Mezentius: "Marcus, don't let your passions overcome your senses ... or your loyalties."

Looking like she knows it all ... granted, she does
Marcus: "You know, there is somethng different about you now. I mean, before, you were so determined like you had something to prove. But ..."
Xena: "But now?"
Marcus: "It's hard to say. It's like now you have the answer ... but, I've never even found the question."

Xena: "I care for you. You're still a part of me."
Marcus: "Then why the deception? Couldn't you just tell me the truth and asked for my help?"
Xena: "I didn't know how much you cared. Now, I know. I see it in your eyes. Come with me now. How many of us are left from the old days? Most of them are dead. Marcus, I don't want to stand at your grave."
Marcus: "You're not better than me, Xena."
Xena: "You're right."
Marcus: "What makes you think I want to?"
Xena: "What made you think you wanted to? Marcus, it is so simple. You do one thing, one good thing for no othe reason than you know it's right. That's the first step."
Marcus: "I'm not that strong ... No, it's too late Xena."

Xena: "Marcus, I could have saved her."
Marcus: "I know. Was that it? Was that the one step you meant?"
Xena: "Yeah. Marcus, don't make me stand by your grave."

Gabrielle: "I wish I could have met him. I'm sorry."
Xena: "He was my friend."
Gabrielle: "To be remembered like that is a good thing."