The Reckoning

Ares makes his big debut (thank you, thank you, thank you) and frames Xena for the death of a few poor, uncultured villagers. Gabrielle pleads for Xena's life and gets a taste of mob justice, the pettiness of the gods, and Xena's blind fury. In the end, Xena tricks Ares into bringing the dead villagers back from the underworld (which ironically is a small hut actually located right in the middle of the town) and all is well that ends well.

Who was that masked man?
Xena: (to hooded swordsman) "How are you against someone who can fight?"

Xena: "I've seen what can happen to people whose loved one's have been butchered. Their vision gets bent and twisted. Then, there's no telling what they'll do."

Gabrielle: "Appearances aren't everything."

Xena: "Gabrielle, if anything happens to us and we get separated I want you to get as far away from here as possible."

Gabrielle: "Are you alright? That was quite a blow you took."
Xena: "I do have a throbbing headache. That's not my biggest worry right now."
Gabrielle: "Why did you just give up? Why didn't you fight them?"
Xena: "They're not warriors. It would have been a slaughter. Gabrielle, I told you to get away from here if any thing happened. I meant it. Save yourself. We're up against more than you know."
Gabrielle: "I understand you may be feeling a liitle negative at the moment. You can't give in to that. Justice prevails."
Xena: "Well, that would be nice."
Gabrielle: "I'll get us out of this."
Xena: "No, Gabrielle leave. Get away from here."
I understand you may be feeling a liitle negative at the moment

Ares: "Look at you, hardly a suitable situation for a warrior princess."

Enter the Lord of Leather ... I mean, the God of War
Ares: "Behold your former mentor and still greatest your service."
Xena: "I used to wonder what you looked like."
Ares: "Ah, now that's the problem ... you used to wonder. I can't tell you how disappointing that is."

Ares: "By the gods, you are a beauty. You must know I have missed you."
Xena: "What do you want?"
Ares: "I want you back, of course, my Warrior Princess as my Warrior Queen. We were once a great match."
Xena: "I didn't know any better. I thought your ways were all there were for me."

Ares being persuasive
Ares: "Now tell me, are you really having more fun these days."
Xena: "I'm fighting for a better world."
Ares: "My dear Xena, you were always fighting for a better world. You were going to conquer it and then you were going to rule it. The perfect way to bring order out of chaos and you were doing very, very well."

Gabrielle: "If you're going to murder one, why not murder two. What's the difference?"
Peranis: "She's the only murderer here."
Gabrielle: "Not for long ... and she's no murderer!"
Gabrielle showing some serious spunk (Hooray!)

Xena: "That was a pretty dumb thing that you did back there."
Gabrielle: "Well, you would have done the some."
Xena: "That's different."
Gabrielle: "Why? Becuase I'm not a warrior? Yeah, well, normal people like me take chances to save their best friends too, ya know."

You're Xena ... unstoppable ... unbeatable ...

Summon forth that super-mortal strength of yours
Ares: "You want more than just living. Danger excites you. And, as you know, I am somewhat dangerous. Action and power draw you like a moth to a flame. It burns inside you. I burn inside you ... like a fever. Xena, you will never be answerable to these pathetic creatures. Not the Xena whose army scortched the earth at will. Remember it now, the unfettered freedom of it. You're Xena ... unstoppable ... unbeatable. Summon forth that super-mortal strength of yours."

Xena: "How could you come back after what I did to you?"
Gabrielle: "What you did wasn't you. I know that. I also know now what justice is and what the law is. I don't think we better wait around for justice."
Xena: "No. If I run now, I'll be running forever."

Teracles: "Everybody, hear me my friends. This brave and noble woman, she was the last thing I saw, battling a cowardly hooded man who attacked us. She fought him for our lives though we were strangers. Truly, I say, she is the very soul of goodness and we thank her with all our hearts."

Well played, my dear
Ares: "Well played, my dear. Your choice was wrong, of course. Even as an adversary you are one of a kind."
Xena: "I know my choice was the right one for me."
Ares: "In that case ... until next time."

Xena: "You coming back to me really meant a lot to me after what I did to you."
Gabrielle: "I trust you. I never thought for a moment that you meant to hurt me."
Xena: "Well, I owe you one. Thanks."
Gabrielle: "Well, I owe you one, too ...Ow!"
Xena: "What was that?"
Gabrielle: "Paybacks for hitting me."
Xena: "Feel better?"
Gabrielle: "I think I broke my hand. But, I do feel better."
Xena: "Good. So do I."
I owe you one, too...Ow!

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