Cradle of Hope

Xena and Gabrielle, with the help of Pandora (no, not the Pandora, her descendant) must save a baby (who is destined to take the throne) from King Gregor's evil minions. Xena dances away the night and invents bungee jumping. Pandora and the baby find a home with the gentle (and, now understanding) King Gregor. And, Hope lives on.

Xena: "Hey, sleepy-head, wake up."
Gabrielle: "Good morning. Did you sleep okay?"
Xena: "Like a rock. You?"
Gabrielle: "On a rock."

Gabrielle: "What should we call him? I mean, until we find his mother. You know, Gabriel is a nice name ... then, of course, Xena's good too."

Nemos: "Fate is just an excuse for men with no destiny."

Xena being persuasive
Xena: "In my experience, cowardly mobs are always led by weasels."

Xena: "Didn't your mother tell you never to turn your back on a lady?!"

Nemos: "Surrender now and I'll spare your life."
Xena: "I was about to say the same to you."

Xena: "That weak feeling is the blood to your brain being cut off. You'll be dead in less than a minute ... or, we can talk."

Gabrielle: "Do you know there's a reward out for us? The word is out that it's over 1,000 dinars. I'm tempted to turn myself in."

King Gregor: "What would a flag of truce mean to a cold blooded killer? I know who you are and it disgusts me. You swept across countless nations and saw the world tremble at your feet. But, my people are not going to be your next victims."

Gee, she looks familiar ...

... tall, dark hair, blue eyes ...
Nemos: "Don't be afraid my child. My desire is pleasure...not pain."
Incognito Xena: "My pleasure is yours, my lord. I merely want to take your responsibilities from least for one evening. I'm surprised you have time to take from your work, or the King. Is he working tomight?"
Nemos: "He's in his smell so good."
Incognito Xena: "You mean, I'm actually near the Royal Chamber?"
Nemos: "Just down the hallway. But, enough about spoke of pleasure."
Incognito Xena: (Whack!) "And, you spoke of pain."
... I'm sure we've met ...

... oh well ... (whack)

Pandora: "Xena, isn't there anything you want?"
Xena: "Name him Gabriel."

Gabrielle: "Does it all happen because of Fate, or is it just chance?"
Xena: "I think it all happened because you slept on a rock."

Gabrielle, watch out for that ... nevermind
Xena: "Hope has been and always will be safe. It's inside every one of us."

DISCLAIMER: No babies were harmed during the production of this motion picture.