The Titans

Gabrielle inadvertantly frees a few Titans, gets just a little too power hungry, and loses a little more of that naive innocence (hooray!). Xena does what she does best -- kick butt and look good in leather.

Xena: "What have you been doing with my horse"
Gabrielle: "You told me to take care of her."
Xena: "Well, you gave Hesiod a fine start."
Gabrielle: "Sorry."
Xena: "Don't be sorry, Gabrielle, just improve."

Crius: "Which one of you is the liberator of the Titans?"
Gabrielle: "I ... I ... I ..."
Phyleus: "This virgin."
Crius: "We honor you, Oh Sacred Goddess. Tell us your name so we may honor it as a holy word."
Gabrielle: "Gabrielle."
Crius: "We are your servants. Whatever you desire, we will fulfill. Give us your commands."
Gabrielle: "Alright."
So, how's the weather up there?

Calchas: "What's the matter, they after you?"
Hesiod: "Yeah."
Calchas: "How many?"
Hesiod: "One"
Calchas: "One? What's the problem, there's two of us."
Hesiod: (enter one raging warrior princess) "Because, that's the one."

Crius: "We honor all friends of the Virgin Goddess."
Gabrielle: "You know, I'd rather you not tell everyone I'm a virgin. It's kind of personal, you know what I mean?"

Gabrielle: "I trust them, Xena. You're just being too cynical."
Xena: "Do you realize the power you hold?"
Gabrielle: "Hm ... yes."
Xena: "It's a big responsibility ... how long do you think you can go on convincing them you're a goddess?"

Gabby being just a tad too pushy
Xena: "She's not going anywhere."
Hyperion: "Who are you?"
Xena: "Let's just say, I'm the Sacred One's protector."

Hesiod: "You're both a couple of idiots, if you ask me."
Gabrielle: "If you want to rough him up a bit, Xena, I won't be judgmental."

Hesiod: "If you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em."

Xena: (to Hesiod) "You cause any trouble while I'm gone, and you'll see more of the old Xena than you ever wanted."

Gabrielle: (regarding Xena) "She has no respect for me."

Gabrielle: "What's the matter?"
Xena: "Nothing. I just ..."
Gabrielle: "Thought I did something without thinking?"
Xena: "Well, if you did, it's none of my business."
Gabrielle: "That's right, it isn't."

Doing what she does best
Gabrielle: "You think I'm just a kid."
Xena: "No, I don't. I just don't have the time to convince you right now."

Xena: "If anyone can stall, it's Gabrielle."

Xena: "Why did you risk your life going into that cave alone?"
Gabrielle: "I wanted to make up for what I did so you wouldn't hate me."
Xena: "For your information, I could never hate you. Your heart's always in the right place."
Gabrielle: "Even when I try to rule the world with the Titans?"
Xena: "Everybody makes mistakes."
Gabrielle: "What about when I got myself kidnaped so I could stop a war?"
Xena: "Hey, that took a lot of guts on your part."
Gabrielle: "What about when I got your horses reins tangled?"
Xena: "Look, the point is, we're friends and we shouldn't let things like that come between us."

Xena: "Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "Yeah?"
Xena: "Don't you ever touch my horse again."
Gabrielle: "Right."

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