Daughter of Pomira

Xena gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘extended family' when she and Gabrielle steal a young Horde-girl from her ‘adopted' family. The little Hun proves to be the missing link between the Horde and the rest of us. Gabrielle proves that she still needs work on her night time tracking skills. Xena plays with her new toy. And, War is thwarted.

XENA, Sometime B.G. (Before Gabrielle):
Soldier: "Retreat !!"
Xena: "Hold your ground. We've never retreated."
Soldier: "We've never fought the Horde before. They'll kill us all."
Xena: "Not you they won't."

Gabrielle: "That was a lifetime ago."
Xena: "Feels like just yesterday. I lost over half my men to those ... There's a northern route, it will take us around all of this."
Gabrielle: "Xena, you're not the same person you were back them. You know more about yourself now. You know more about the Horde."
Xena: "I know they have a code of combat and I know one word, ‘kaltaka.' But, do I understand them."

Did anyone consider that it could just be recessive genes ?
Gabrielle: "Xena, look. Have you ever seen a blond Horde-girl?"
Xena: "She looks familiar ..."

Xena: "It's a lovely day for a scalping."

Milo: "Xena? THE Xena? Destroyer of Nations?"
Xena: "Ancient history, pal."
Milo: "The name's Milo, and I'm a history buff too, enough to know that it tends to repeat itself."

Gabrielle: "Look at this (sling shot), it's a Roman design. They must have picked it up in battle."
Xena: "They never got this in battle. They got it from me."

Xena: "I don't hold out much hope that they are alive. The Horde don't leave survivors, but Rahl was one of my best men and his wife, Adiah, was a gifted healer. I feel I owe it to them to check this out."
Gabrielle: "Imagine if it's true, that poor girl being taken from her family."

Milo: "Told you we should of killed them. They creamed you last time. But, you and me working together, we could really put a hurt on those Horde ... not to mention putting some coin in our pockets."
Xena: "You're a mercenary little bastard, Milo."
Milo: "You said it yourself years ago, ‘the only good Horde is a dead Horde.' Words to live by."
Xena: "Words to die by. Just ask my men, the few that survived."

Xena: "We ran into some of the Horde down by the river today. We found this."
Adiah: "It was Vanesa's. The one you gave her before you left."
Rahl: "The Horde took her six years ago. One moment she was outside playing, and the next ... I searched ‘til I found her tattered clothes torn and burned. That's when I knew. They killed her, murdered my little girl in cold blood."
Gabrielle: "She's alive."

Xena: "Rhal, you said yourself that you'd given up fighting. You go out there now and they will cut you into little pieces."
Rahl: "She's my daughter. You expect me to just leave her with them?"
Gabrielle: "No. No, of course not. We can bring her home."
Adiah: "Will you? Please, she's all we ever had. Will you bring her back to us? Please."
Gabrielle: "Yes, of course. Look, don't worry. I know that a child needs her mother and her father. Right, Xena?"
Xena: "... right."

Milo: "Word has it you're hunting Horde."
Xena: "Word has it wrong."

Xena: "Get lost, Milo."
Milo: "Your loss, but when you're tracking them and they suddenly vanish, don't come begging me to find them for ya."
Xena: "Deal. Now beat it."

Gabrielle: "Can you believe him?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, I was him. If it wasn't for you and one word, I'd be there now."

Well, now that you voluntered me for this ...
Xena: "You trust you heart and I respect that. Taking Vanesa could stir up a lot of trouble."
Gabrielle: "They took her first. We're just bringing her home, Xena. Doesn't she deserve to be with the people she loves, the people that love her?"
Xena: "I guess every child deserves that."
Gabrielle: "Well, then the sooner we bring her back, the better."

Gabrielle: "So that's how they disappear."
Xena: "Underground ... terrific."
Gabrielle: "Problem?"
Xena: "No, piece of cake."

Vanesa: "My name Pilee."
Gabrielle: "You can talk? You can speak our language. Wait ‘til your mother and father hear this."
Vanesa: "My father Cirvik. My talk Pomira."
Gabrielle: "No, we're going to take you home. The Horde will never hurt you again."
Vanesa: "Not Horde. Pomira. We Pomira. The sky, the earth, kaltaka all know Pomiras. Serve Pomira. And Pomira give honor."
Gabrielle: "You're honoring the river, kaltaka."
Vanesa: "Honor life."
Xena: "Well, you have a funny way of showing it. They killed hundreds of us."
Vanesa: "You killers. You kill trees, earth, all. And when we say ‘no, go from here,' you kill Pomira."

Gabrielle: "Look, Cirvik is the name of her ..."
Xena: "... the Horde master. Vanesa wasn't a slave, or even a servant. She's the adopted daughter of their leader."
Gabrielle: "That doesn't mean it was right to for him to kidnap her from her mother."
Xena: "All I'm saying is they won't give her up without a fight. And, if Vanesa doesn't want to come, than maybe we made a completely ..."
Gabrielle: "Xena, she doesn't want to come because she doesn't remember. When she's in her mother's arms she'll know that she belongs there. How can that be wrong?"

Gabrielle: "What is it? Horde?"
Xena: "No, much worse."
Milo: "Aaaaaaahhhhhh ... OOF!"
Xena: "Get up."
Milo: "I thought I could escort you into town."
Xena: "No, what you thought was how easy it would be to pick off Horde on our trail."
Milo: "I love this woman."

Milo: "Stupid savage. You shoulda left her where you found here. More Horde than human."

Adiah: "Rahl, remember she's been gone a long time."
Rahl: "Maybe too long."
Gabrielle: "She's still your daughter."

Vanesa: "I am Pilee. Daughter of Cirvik, and he come here and take me ... and kill you all."

Adiah: "The Horde is coming?"
Gabrielle: "No, that's not what she meant."
Xena: "Yes, it was. Cirvik and his men are sure to come after her."
Milo: "Just like you planned. We don't fight on their turf, we bring them to ours. Brilliant strategy. What'd I tell you? A gryphon would shed its wings sooner than Xena would lose her taste for Horde blood."

Rahl: "She doesn't know us or want us, not anymore."

Xena: "Killing Vanesa won't stop the Horde."
Garth: "Nothing stops the Horde."

Xena: "Alright, settle down! Garth and Milo are right, nothing stops those animals but a sword."
Milo: "You're saying all-out-war?"
Xena: "I'm saying total wipe out. No prisoners. No terms. Complete annihilation."
Milo: "Marry me."
Xena: "I want complete command. Then, let's get started, and if this works, you'll never have to fear the Horde again."

Gabrielle: "Rahl, look, I know that this didn't turn out the way you thought, but you have to deal with Vanesa somehow."
Rahl: "How? Lock her up? Cage her? No. No, that animal, she's not Vanesa."
Gabrielle: "Of course she is, under all that paint. She still needs her father's love. She needs it now more than ever."
Rahl: "You heard her, I'm not her father. She's daughter to the Horde. The little girl I loved is gone."
Gabrielle: "The little girl may be gone, every child grows up. Look, I'm sure she's changed a lot, but you have to give her a chance."
Rahl: "To do what? No, Gabrielle, we lost our daughter six years ago. This girl, she's a stranger, a savage named Pilee. My Vanesa's gone!"

Rahl: "Forgive me. I should have kept searching. I love you, Vanesa. By the Gods, I'll never let those Horde savages near you again, I swear."
Adiah: "They're not savages to her, Rahl. Remember, they fed and clothed her for six years."
Rahl: "Those years belong to us. They stole her childhood from us and I'll never forgive him for it. Never!"

She's Baaaack ... or is she?
Gabrielle: "What's happening?"
Milo: "History in the making ... or should I say, repeating itself. Only this time it will be the Horde who call a retreat. Right, Xena?"
Xena: "That's right. Now take some men over to the south gate before we boil up the oil."
Milo: "She's back."
Xena: "I'm back."

Gabrielle: "This is my fault. If I hadn't been so blind about my feelings toward Vanesa, none of this would have happened."
Xena: "It's because of you that we had this chance."
Gabrielle: "To wage a war."
Xena: "To forge a peace."
Gabrielle: "By fighting?"
Xena: "No, by using the only tool that we have to reach them, Vanesa."
Gabrielle: "What?"
Xena: "All of this, Gabrielle, is just so I can gain the trust of the soldiers. Vanesa is the only one who can communicate with both sides."
Gabrielle: "Yes, she can, but what if she won't?"
Xena: "Do you honestly think she's going to stand by and watch her family slaughtered?"

Gabrielle: "I thought that she deserved to know her family, to be able to make a choice. I thought that she would be happier with them than the Horde, but now I don't know."

Gabrielle finally coming to terms with something we already knew
Xena: "Cirvik loves her. I saw it in his eyes and I heard it in his voice."
Gabrielle: "You know, you'd think I'd learn not to meddle with families."
Xena: "You were right to want to giver her a choice, Gabrielle. But, now we have to stand by the one she makes, whatever it is."

Milo: (to Vanesa) "If you savages have any gods, you better pray to them now."

Xena: "You know, this thing (her handy-dandy whip) has really come in handy lately."

Xena: "You still murdering children, Milo?"
Milo: "A Horde is a Horde, whatever the age."
Xena: "Look at her. Does she seem like Horde to you?"
Milo: "Not to look at, but she's Horde, alright, on the inside. Aint that right, Pilee"
Xena: "Get back to your post. And, if you ever desert again I will hand you over to the Horde myself."

Vanesa: "He hate Pomira.
Xena: "Pomira hate him and the rest of us. It's a bad situation all around."
Vanesa: "Many will die."
Xena: "On both sides, but you can stop that, Pilee. You understand both sides, both languages. You can act as a bridge between us, a way of communicating without killing each other."
Vanesa: "Why I care?"
Xena: "Because if you don't care, both your families get hurt."
Vanesa: "My family Pomira. Cirvik, his daughter die and he chose me for his daughter. He love me."
Xena: "I understand that, but you can make him understand that you have family here too, parents who love you, and who would die for you."

Vanesa: "Both, both my father."
Rahl: "Vanesa, your mother and I want you to come home."
Adiah: "Please, Vanesa ..."
Vanesa: "Pilee."

Vanesa: "Cirvik say, ‘no fight, no war.' Say, ‘family.'"

Xena: "You still thinking about Rahl?"
Gabrielle: "I wonder if he'll ever get past his hatred?"
Xena: "Maybe, I did. And now, thanks to you, he'll have Vanesa to help him."
Gabrielle: "Thanks to me?"
Xena: "Sure. If you hadn't insisted that we go after Vanesa then I would have never crossed that river. It was your faith in love and family that convinced me it was right."
Gabrielle: "It was wrong."

All because of you ...
Xena: "Gabrielle, because of you, Rahl and Adiah now know that their daughter is alive and happy, and not dead like they thought. And because of you, Vanessa has two loving homes. And because of you, for the first time ever, there is peace between us and the Hor ... the Pomira."
Gabrielle: "I did all that? And they call you the hero?"
Xena: "You wanna switch? Fine. You kick butt and I'll take notes."

DISCLAIMER: No Blonde-Hair, Blue-Eyed Horde girls or their extended families were harmed during the production of this motion picture. Lakota toti. Bonai. Soli bonai (People all. Good. Only good).

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