Gabrielle must put away her holier-than-thou peaceful ways to become the Queen of the Amazons after Ephiny's death. Our gals pick up another stray. Pompey loses his head. And, Xena has a few words with Brutus about friendship and loyalty as March swiftly approaches.

Long live the ... nevermind
Ephiny: "We look first and then we attack."
Amarice: "In my tribe looking first is like giving a warning."
Ephiny: "What does your tribe think about following orders?"

Xena: "You've gotten really good at that (casting a small net)"
Gabrielle: "Well, I've been practicing on rocks long enough. You see, it won't hurt the fish. They're not going to suffer at all."
Xena: "Oh, they told you that?"
Gabrielle: "Yeah. Yeah, they did. You wanna see? (catches herself one Warrior Princess)"

If only it was that easy to catch one of those
Xena: "You know, Gabrielle, there's only one way you can know have the fish really feel, and that's to become one with them."
Gabrielle: "Don't do it ... Xena, this outfit takes forever to dry."
Xena: "Oh, well, I've got time."

Amarice: "What are you waiting for?! Run! I'll hold her off."
Xena: "Oh no, I surrender before Gabrielle."
Amarice: "Is this a trick, my Queen?"
Gabrielle: "No, this is Xena. She's my friend."
Amarice: "Xena? Wow. I thought you'd be taller."

Amarice: "My name is Amarice. I come from the village of your tribe, my Queen. You must come with me quickly."
Gabrielle: "What happened? Why do you keep calling me Queen? I'm not Queen unless ... unless Ephiny were ..."
Amarice: "... Ephiny is dead, and we need our Queen to lead us."

Xena: "When you saw the Romans, was Caesar leading them?"
Shilopa: "No. But, I did see the other one, the one that killed Ephiny in the highlands."
Gabrielle: "What did he look like?"
Shilopa: "Young. Black hair. Wore silver armor."
Xena: "That's Brutus, Caesar's right hand."

Amarice: "In my tribe we never needed to defend, we always attacked."
Xena: "Well, we do things differently here."

This doesn't make any sense
Gabrielle: "This doesn't make any sense ... this fighting ... war."
Xena: "Over the last ten years, I've watched the Amazons go from Mighty Nation to scattered tribes, and I wondered if what I was seeing was their greatness coming to an end. But, Ephiny showed me there was Hope."

Gabrielle: "Why would Caesar attack the Amazons? Why would he take prisoners?"
Xena: "It wasn't Caesar, it was his enemy, Pompey."

Xena: "Pompey's trying to rebuild his army so he can go after Caesar again. For that he needs money, so he's selling our friends as slaves."

Promises promises
Xena: "Ephiny, this will not go unpunished. I will not let the Amazons just die away. That, I promise you."

Xena: (Brutus goes for a little ride behind Argo) "This one's for you, Ephiny."

Gabrielle: "Where's Amarice?"
Xena: "She took off before we got here. I think she's upset I didn't let her kill him."

Gabrielle: "Hello, Brutus."
Brutus: "Gabrielle, they told me you were the new leader of this tribe."
Gabrielle: "Thanks to you. You killed Ephiny, our Queen ... my friend."
Brutus: "Ephiny, that was her name. One of the best fighters I've met. She died as a warrior and for that I have no guilt in my actions."

Xena: "Where's Pompey?"
Brutus: "You're after the slaves, that's why I'm important."
Xena: "No, that's why you're alive."

Gabrielle: "What were you thinking?!"
Amarice: (after trying to kill Brutus with an arrow) "Amazon Justice for a killer. In my tribe ..."
Gabrielle: "... ‘in your tribe' doesn't matter here. This is my tribe. I think you need a few days to think about that. Take her away."

Xena: "Don't get too comfortable. I don't think anyone would have been too upset if she had killed you."
Brutus: "Except that I have the knowledge that you need ... the location of Pompey's army."
Xena: "Oh yeah, about that ..."

Xena: "Alright, you know the drill. Thirty seconds, you die, no blood to the brain. Where is Pompey?"
Brutus: (gasp)
Xena: "C'mon, Brutus, Pompey's no friend of yours and anything I do to him can only make Caesar happy."
Brutus: "Follow the river north ..."

Shilopa: "No, we have the information, now let Amazon Justice be done. Let him die, Xena."
Xena: "Get out of my way, Shilopa."
Shilopa: "He killed the Queen. Amazon law says ..."
Gabrielle: "... Amazon law says that Brutus' punishment is my decision."

Taunting the Roman
Amarice: "Hey, Roman, have you ever witnessed an Amazon execution before? I don't know how they do it here, but in my tribe it took a long, long time. And as the life oozed out of you, we talk to you and ask you how it felt."
Brutus: "You're such a child. I've seen death that you could never dream of. And the fact that you told me that story means that you never saw it, or you're a fool."

Xena: "You're coming with me."
Amarice: "I betrayed the Queen. I know the price of that."
Xena: "Yeah, I'm sure they covered that in your tribe. Gabrielle has pardoned you. Let's go."
Brutus: "Xena doesn't give many second chances, little girl."

Amarice: "I don't get it."
Xena: "What?"
Amarice: "You and Gabrielle. Are you really going to just let her pardon Brutus?"
Xena: "Well, what do you suggest? That we take over the village, chain up Gabrielle and kill him?"
Amarice: "Pick one, I'll go with it."

Xena: "You know, Gabrielle is not the weakling that you think she is. She has seen more of life and death than you will ever know. This is just one more battle, and she's got her own way of fighting it."
Amarice: "By letting him go, are you crazy?"
Xena: "Her battle isn't with Brutus, it's with this (sword) and this (dagger) and with war and with hatred. And, you know what? Sometimes I don't like the way she goes about it, but I've come to understand her."

Making a point
Xena: "Amarice, you are so young. And, when you're young you think that answers are simplified. You think you can find them at the point of a sword. Well, you're wrong. I just pray that you live long enough to put down your sword and look for those answers inside yourself."

Amarice: "Well, I still think she's wrong, but if you trust her ... nah ... sorry, I can't go there. You'll just have to trust her on your own."

Xena: "If it wasn't for women like Ephiny, the Amazon Nation would have died out long ago. But you and I and Gabrielle aren't going to let that happen."

Pompey: Excellent, there's not one (captured Amazon) in the lot that will go for less than 500 dinars."

Pompey: "Amazons, they'll fetch a big price on the desert states."
Karmenus: "If they can be broken."
Pompey: "They can be killed for all I care, as long as I get my money. With that, I'll buy weapons for my army and the mercenaries I need to take Caesar ... and Rome."

Karmenus: "Xena, I didn't know you were in the area."
Xena: "Just passing through. Where's Pompey?"
Karmenus: "Not here, but don't worry, Pompey the Magnus is just passing through as well ... just long enough to make some money."
Xena: "Well, you're going to have to tell him to take up a new hobby, because he's not making money out of my friends."

One seriously miffed Warrior Princess
Amarice: "I'm sorry, Xena. They were trying to get around you. I had to do something."
Xena: "You could have stayed put like I told you."
Karmenus: "Any more out there? Tell me or she dies."
Xena: "... Meslina ... Shilopa ..."
Karmenus: "So much for your ambush."

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