Between the Lines

While still in India, Xena and Gabrielle are sent into the future to defend their souls and destroy an Evil Force. She's Ba-ack. Alti and Xena duke it out. Gabrielle learns the ancient Indian art of Mendi. And, Xena (with some help from her trusty chakram) gives Gabrielle a new look.

"What we sow in this life, we reap in our future lives. This is our karma." --
From the Xena "Blue" Scroll. Author unknown.

Gabrielle: "Xena, it's not as if people will stare at you."
Xena: "I'm not worried about that."
Gabrielle: "It's the latest rage in India. You know what they say, ‘when in Rome ...'"
Xena: "Oh, puh-lease."
Gabrielle: "Okay, different analogy ... um ... when you want to fly with eagles ..."
Xena: "... don't dress like a turkey."

Do you think the bronze breast plate would clash?
Xena: "I don't know, Gabrielle. Look, this is just not me."
Gabrielle: "No no, it is you ... the color ... the jewelry ... it's ... um ... it says ... um ... ‘casual' ... it says ‘sexy' ... it says ..."
Xena: "Hyah!!! (does flying back kick)"
Gabrielle: "It says a lot."

Gabrielle: "I'm glad to see you're getting into the swing of things, Xena. There's a lot to be said for emersing yourself into the culture of a new land."

Xena: "What has this woman done?"
Magistrate: "Naiema's husband is dead. She must join him."
Gabrielle: "Has she been found guilty of murder?"
Magistrate: "Her? Our custom has been passed down and can only be changed by a darsham, an Enlightened One. Her husband died. She must join him. That is the law."
Xena: "Well, the law is about to be broken."

Mesmerized by the young, nubile ... er ... I mean ... lights
Xena: "Naima, I don't know what you think you're doing ..."
Naima: "Have courage, Xena. I'm sending you on a journey into your future. A journey to save your karmic soul."

A Future Life ...

Xena, Mother of Peace?
Kindin: "All this talk is tiring, Arminestra. You wanted to negotiate, but I've heard nothing that appeals to me."
Xena: "What?"
Kindin: "Is the great Peace Maker deaf as well?"
Xena: "Arminestra? ... What is your business with these people?
Kindin: "My business? My business is to own them ... life and soul."

Xena: "Alti?"
Kindin: (who is now Alti) "Xena ... I knew I'd find you soul eventually."

Alti: "Xena, the great warrior, in the body of Arminestra, the Peace Maker ... she's mine."

Soldier: "Who is this Xena? I thought you wanted Arminestra."
Alti: "Xena is Arminestra. She's an old, old friend of mine. Once I capture her and make her Power mine, I have everything that made her who she is ... Timeless ... and I will be the Destroyer of Nations."

Meanwhile ...

Naima: "There is a great Evil in the future that is hunting Xena's soul. It has found her. If it succeeds, Xena's karmic cycle will end, along with all the Good of her future lives."
Gabrielle: "Who is her enemy?"
Naima: "I don't know. I had to send her there quickly to defend herself. I was not able to tell her much before she left."
Gabrielle: "Send me there."
Naima: "I'm not sure that's wise."

Gabrielle: "This ‘karma' that you're talking about, can you see mine? Can you see how much Xena is a part of that?"
Naima: "Yes, in many lives ... past and future."

Naima: "If you are to go, I must give you the weapon I could not giver her. You must learn the Mendi."
Gabrielle: "Teach me."

Back to the Future ...

Xena: "I'm not much one for waiting around."

Xena: (to Shakti) "I've been checking out your army ... low numbers and even lower morale. I've seen much of armies, one does when one is a messenger of Peace."

Xena: "There's not many people who can take a crossbow bolt through the shoulder and still keep their arm."
Shakti: "Your abilities are surprising, Arminestra."
Xena: "Just take it as a ‘thank you' for saving my life."
Shakti: "What man of Peace wouldn't? You have entered wars throughout the sub-continent, but I'm afraid Kindin has no soul and she's already won. I will fight as long as I'm able, but I have to think about my people."
Xena: "If you surrender, you're people will be enslaved and you ..."
Shakti: "Oh, I'll be executed, that's a given. But, enslaved or not, at least my people will be alive, and as long as they are, there must be Hope."
Xena: "No, not with this one. Trust me, Shakti. I've known her a very long time."

Meanwhile ...

Naima: "Just remember, the key is the Mendi. Together, you and Xena must use it to trap the Evil to bring it back to be destroyed."

I don't know about Gabrielle, but I'm beginning to feel a little 'enlightened'
Naima: "Mendi is the path of Enlightenment. Feel it, don't try to understand it ... accept it. This is to create the Mendi. It will be waiting for you in the future ... there, hidden in the wall."

Naima: "Tell Xena the Evil can only be destroyed here, where she is still powerful."

Back to the Future ...

Xena: "Something wrong?"
Shakti: "No. No, I'm fine. I was just thinking about someone I need to find. What were we talking about?"
Xena: "I was saying that Kindin's not afraid of your army. She lives off the Fear of others. She's more than just a warrior."
Shakti: "A warrior? Kindin?"
Xena: "I know this doesn't make sense to you, but she's trying to recreate powers she lost long ago."
Shakti: "Is she tall? Black hair? A particular war cry when she attacks?"
Xena: "(to guard) Leave us ... Gabrielle?"
Gabrielle: "Xena? Is that really you? Naiema didn't tell me you'd ... you'd look so different."
Xena: "So do you."

Xena, Warrior Princess and Gabrielle, Amazon Queen meet ...
Xena: "Your name is Shakti. You're the leader in this land."
Gabrielle: "This is my karma, this is my re-incarnated soul?"
Arminestra, Mother of Peace and Shakti, Leader among people

Gabrielle: "Naima sent you here. You have to defend your soul against a great Evil. I don't know what that is."
Xena: "Alti, the great Evil is Alti."
Gabrielle: "I thought you killed Alti."
Xena: "Her Evil just moved on to its next life, and this time it not only has her spirit, but the strength of a warrior. That's why the Mother of Peace had no success over Kindin."
Gabrielle: "Mother of Peace?"
Xena: "Me."

Gabrielle: "Xena, the Mendi's the key. It's the only way we can bring Alti back to our world. We have to use it so you can defeat her there."

Gabrielle: "I'm sure your mind is as sharp as ever, but how?"
Xena: "That's a good question."

Alti: "I'm so close to my goal. I knew one day that I would find the body to Xena's karma. I've been searching for it, hoping beyond Hope that I could take her Power, and now I've found it. She couldn't have done it alone. I have an enemy in the past and I don't know who it is."

Gabrielle: "You know, if this doesn't work, it all ends here ... everything ... us ... our souls."

Love ... Adoration ... Pride
Xena: "It's funny, here you're the warrior, the hero."
Gabrielle: "Xena, in this lifetime the Mother of peace would be a goddess to me. That's a hero."

Xena: "The blood of an innocent gives Power to no one. I should know."
Alti: "No one touch her! She's here to plead for life ... this one and those, right Xena?"
Xena: "Let the girl go and I'll give you the answer to your question."
Alti: "Question?"
Xena: "You know why I'm here, but you don't know how or who sent me."
Alti: "Take the girl away ... Fine, let's talk."

Alti: "We have so much to catch up on. Lest time I saw you, you were killing me. You know what I'm after."
Xena: "I can guess. Your soul has moved on along with your Evil. You're looking for the spiritual Power you once had. You found it in the karmic circle."
Alti: "Very good, but I was short-sided. The spiritual Power I was feeding on was nothing compared to this. Every person here has generations of Power just waiting for me to take, and do you know the key?"
Xena: "Fear."
Alti: "Fear!"
Xena: "I know. It's like a heat radiating from you victim. But, Fear is a flaw, Alti, a subtle human flaw given to us by the gods so that they can exploit us. You think it's wonderful to have that Power, but it's not."
Alti: "It's not? With the Power that Fear gives me I can look into your mind for the truth. Who sent you, Xena? Who is it? Who's my enemy from the past? Is it an Enlightened One? A darsham?"

Althan: "NO!!! Good Mother, you cant kill! ... (get's in the way of a crossbow bolt) ... I've never known such pain. I'm sorry, Sweet Mother, I couldn't let you kill."
Xena: "I know, you were protecting my soul. Otherwise, Arminestra's ... my soul would have been destroyed."
Althan: "I've done what you asked (hands over the Mendi box)"
Xena: "Thank you, friend."

Alti: "Well, how pathetic. The great warrior can't kill."

Alti: "I'm in awe, Xena, I truly am. I see you found your friend, Gabrielle was it? Yes, she has a lot of Power. Her past lives have filled her. Soon that Power, your Power, will be mine."

Alti: "The people need to witness the death of their heroes, Shalti and Arminestra, on the stakes. But, don't worry, you'll die slow. I want to feel every delicious moment of your pain."

Yup, skin sells ... and the producers have made a fortune this season
Xena: "Alti just left. If we're going to bring her back to the past and beat her, you'd better start painting."
Gabrielle: "What if I don't remember everything Naiema taught me?"
Xena: "Don't try to think, Gabrielle. She said Mendi was the path home, trust that, just let it happen."

Ah, in the Ancient World again ...

Alti: "Ah, another chance. You brought my soul back to try to defeat me, Xena ... the problem is you also brought back my powers."

Alti: "What's the matter, Xena? Having a problem fighting me in my spiritual state? Don't worry. I'm real, formed from the Evil of the earth ... and I'm a much better fighter than you ever dreamed."

Alti: "What's she told you about me, little girl? Has she told you about my powers? Has she told you about this? ...
Ooh, this could be bad ... that she's seen the Vision ... ...will she continue to fight it's power over Xena ... ... or give in to Destiny
"...That's my gift to you. That's your future. She's responsible for your death."
Xena: "You bitch!"

Alti: (to Naima) "You must be the Darsha, the one that sent them. I can feel it. I will have Xena's Power, but your's, nothing can compare to that ... and I will have it."

Xena: "Gabrielle, Naima's not Alti's enemy, it's the Mendi."

Naima: "Thank you, Xena. You destroyed Alti at the one time in her karma when she was the most powerful."
Xena: "The one time?"
Naima: "Oh yes, her soul is not destroyed. It will return many times filled with Evil. But, you will always be there to meet it, and you, Gabrielle. You both walk a path together. Think of yourselves as lines in the Mendi, separate but forever connected. Mendi contains truth."

Changes? ... You could say that
Gabrielle: "I guess it's a day for changes."
Xena: "Oh yeah. How does this feel?"
Gabrielle: "Feels pretty good. I wish I had some more of it though. You know, it was like this in that Vision."

Gabrielle: "Xena, Alti was Evil. Why should we believe anything she showed us? The Mendi contains the truth. I wish there was some way we could do that again just so we can really know."
Xena: "Naima could have told us."
Gabrielle: "Yeah, there are so many questions I wish I'd have asked her ... about what all this really means."

ID to span the ages
Gabrielle: "You know what she said? She said that your karma and mine are intertwined."
Xena: "Well, maybe it's not the first time we've walked down this road, huh?"
Gabrielle: "Maybe it won't be the last. How would I recognize you?"
Xena: "We need a sign ... this way, no matter how we look, we'll always remember the women we were. Like it?"
Gabrielle: "I love it."

DISCLAIMER: Xena's Chakram got Gabrielle by the short hairs during the production of this motion picture.

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