Deja Vu All Over Again

In Los Angeles, California, circa 1999, a young woman seeks out a past lives couselor in the hopes of discovering that she was once Xena the Warrior Princess -- Special Note: This episode was directed by the lovely Renee O'Connor.

Callisto: "Now we determine who is the best. You and me in a fight till death. And to make things even more interesting ... take her up ... light it ... Anytime you're ready, Xena." -- Callisto
Gabrielle as bait (sigh) again

Annie: "I just had a vision, an awakening, a self-revelation."
Harry: "Don't forget about the pint of Hagen Daaz and the bean burrito, no wonder you're having nightmares."
Annie: "It was not a nightmare, Harry, this was an epiphany. I was really there."

Annie: "I had a past life experience."
Harry: "Okay, let me guess. You were Susan B. Anthony."
Annie: "No."
Harry: "Eleanor Roosevelt."
Annie: "No."
Harry: "Queen Elizabeth?"
Annie: "No."
Harry: "I give up."
Annie: "In a time of ancient gods, I was Xena, Warrior Princess."

Beware the wrath of a manic Xenite
Harry: "That does it, I'm cutting you off. No more internet chat rooms, and I'm dumping this thing."
Annie: "Get your hands off that, Harry."

Harry: "Have you totally lost your mind?"
Annie: "I'm warning you, Harry, you don't know what you're dealing with."

Annie: "Read it. It came from yesterday's paper."
Harry: " ‘Vigilante strikes again. A woman dressed as Xena, Warrior princess, saved an elderly man from being mugged yesterday at the Mason Street Mall. It's the third time in two weeks the vigilante has struck.' ... What are you saying, that was you?"
Annie: "I know it sounds crazy and I have no memory of it, but look ... look ... see these marks on my sword? It's as if it's been used in battle and the same with my chakram. I mean, how did they get there? Harry ... Harry, I think I've been doing these things on the nights when you've been working late at the hospital."

Harry: "It says here that the vigilante struck with ‘acrobatic athleticism.' Annie, you need a rubdown after a game of croquet."
Annie: "But, when my body is taken over by my previous life spirit, Xena, Warrior Princess, I could literally become a very dangerous woman."

I am the very model of a modern Xena maniac
Harry: "You don't actually believe this?"
Annie: "I didn't until now, but that vision convinced me that I am the Xena Vigilante."

Harry: "Annie, you really need to get some help."
Annie: "Help? I should see a counselor."
Harry: "Wonderful idea. I'm so relieved."
Annie: "... a past lives counselor."

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