Past Imperfect

Alas, yet another embittered woman from Xena's past comes back to haunt her. Xena must confront a copy-cat warlord when she is forced to fight her own past tactics. Xena becomes extremely paranoid as Gabrielle must deal with Xena's ‘vision' of the future. Xena foils a new nemesis and teaches us all a very important lesson, always eat your collard greens.

Gabrielle: "Are you sure I was dying? Xena, the gods know that I have been tied to a cross before. You helped me then, what makes you think that this ‘vision' is different?"
Xena: "It was so real ... the way you looked ... the mountain in the background ... it's true, or it could be."
Gabrielle: "Well, I'm not going to believe it."

Gabrielle speaking her mind ... when doesn't she?
Gabrielle: "The threat of a battle does not mean I'm going to end up like your ‘vision.' Xena, you're expecting Medusa behind every tree. You can't look left, you can't look right."

Gabrielle: "This conversation's over, right?"
Xena: " ... "
Gabrielle: "Deal?"
Xena: "Gods forbid I ever bring that subject up again."

Xena: "There's a hostile army outside your gates. They're pretty close now."
Oaklin: "That's impossible. We would have heard."
Xena: "You're about to ... Take cover!"

Xena, Destroyer of Nations
Borias: "Even if it (the Ixion Stone) did exist, it's power is not for us to hold."
Xena: "Alti promised me that power, with it I become the Destroyer of Nations."

Gabrielle: "Are you alright?"
Xena: "I saw the past."
Gabrielle: "What?"
Xena: "I saw the past. I was attacking Corinth like this, and I had everyone trapped ... like us."

Gabrielle: "Xena, they stopped firing at us."
Xena: "It was an opening volley to force people back into the city. Now there are too many of us and not enough supplies. It was a good tactic ... At least it was good when I used it at Corinth."
Gabrielle: "What did you mean by that?"
Xena: "I went back there in my mind. I saw it so perfectly."

Borias: "Leave us, Satrina."
Xena: "You don't command in my tent, Borias ... not anymore."

Borias: "We should wait before assaulting Corinth until after the birth. If the men find out you are with child ..."
Xena: "The men don't know, and they don't need to know. The minute I start hiding in this tent I lose morale, discipline."
Borias: "Is it easier to lose our son?"
Xena: "This baby is nothing compared to my empire. Borias, I have been working towards this for years. Athens is within my reach."
Borias: "At what cost, Xena? Do we end there, or do we go on and on? Even with the wealth of Athens do we ..."
Xena: "And stop saying ‘we.' You're not in this for wealth or glory, Borias, not anymore."

Xena: "Poisoned grain? Now there's an idea."

Xena: "Those were painful times. I learned many hard lessons, and I lost a lot."

Xena: "Check the supplies, especially the grain. This is poisoned. That's why your men are sick."
Pascius: "What? That's impossible."
Xena: "I did it myself at Corinth."

Gabrielle sticking up for herself
Xena: "Gabrielle, looks like this hospital could sure use your hand."
Gabrielle: "No, Xena, this hospital is well protected. It's in the center of the city. It doesn't need me hiding in it."

Pascius: (in reference to our favorite Warrior Princess) "She's amazing."

Borias: "Is this your sacrifice to Alti."
Xena: "No, it's just for shock value."

Gabrielle: "What happened?"
Xena: "I just got out-smarted by my own tactics."

Xena: "Gabrielle, did you see that mountain out there?"
Gabrielle: "Yes, it's part of your ‘vision,' right?"
Xena: "What if this is the place where it happens?"
Gabrielle: "It isn't."

Xena: "It's alright, he just wants out."
Borias: "Soon, soon I will see my son and I can name him."
Xena: "And you can take him from me. What about ‘us'?"
Borias: "There is very little left of ‘us' anymore, Xena. The only reason our two armies haven't crossed blades is because of a common purpose."
Xena: "And what would that be? It certainly isn't Corinth, you can't convince me of that. No, there's only one reason why you stayed. You want to take this away from me."
Borias: "As any father would. If my son stays here he'll become a target for your enemies. He'll see things a child should not see, and ..."
Xena: "He'll become like me."

Kaleipus: "This is war, Xena!"
Xena: "Oh, just a little one. After all, how long do you think the centaurs would last without you in command?"

Jareyd: "We'll fight to the death!"
Xena: "You got that right, your death."

Borias: "You're mad! You've gone too far. My army ..."
Xena: "Your army is nothing. This is nothing, not compared to what was promised. I am the Destroyer of Nations. It has been foretold. The Ixion Stone is my path to power and I will find it. I will unlock its mysteries and the prophecies of the great Shamaness Alti will be complete."

Crucify them
Xena: "You've lost you edge, Borias. You lost it ever since you found out I ... was no longer yours."
Borias: "Don't do this. We lost our love, don't make me an enemy."
Xena: "You became an enemy the moment you thought there was love."

Xena: "Spread the word. From this moment on we are at war with the Centaurs and Borias as their ally. We're gonna need a lot of wood. When I'm done here, there will be a line of crucified bodies leading from Corinth to the Caspian Sea and I will crucify them all ... crucify them ... crucify."

How do I defeat myself?
Xena: "I understand what's going on now. This battle is a reflection of one that I almost won years ago. Whoever it is out there, they're using my own tactics against me. He knows me. It's like he is me. How do I defeat myself?"

Gabrielle: "Xena, do you see what this is doing to you? It's just like what I was talking about."
Xena: "I don't care. I want you out of here."
Gabrielle: "How?"
Xena: "Tonight, we'll create a diversion. Pascius can lead a party of men ..."
Gabrielle: "So in order to save me you are willing to risk these men. There lives mean nothing to you?"
Xena: "Alright, I will think of something else."
Gabrielle: "No, you won't. As long as you're concentrating on me you can't think about the problem."
Xena: "I am thinking about the problem."

Xena: "This guy out there, he thinks like me, fights like me. He's winning just like I should have long ago."
Gabrielle: "But, you didn't"
Xena: "Because I withdrew my army. That is not going to happen here. If I had won back then ... if this man wins now, then my vision of your death might come true."

Gabrielle: "Xena, I don't believe in your ‘vision.' I can't afford to. Now, either I prove you wrong and we go on from here or I prove you right and we die. But either way, I will not continue like this."

Xena: "What is that?"
Satrina: "It's the flower from the Santra bush. It will take away the pain."
Xena: "I can't be out for a battle."
Satrina: "Look, when your child is born I'll give you the Collard root to bring you back."

Embittered woman # ... um ... Geez, who knows anymore
A Poisoned Xena: "You."
Satrina: "That's right, Xena. It's me, Satrina, your loyal servant."

Satrina: "I studied you, Xena. All these years you thought I was this poor defenseless slave girl you captured from Damaeus. Truth is Damaeus was my partner, my lover, my mentor before you came along."
Xena: "That's how you knew what I was going to do."
Satrina: "Oh Xena, the moment I realized you were in command I was ecstatic. Of all the people I have studied you were the most complex, the most brilliant of minds I have defeated thus far. You see, Xena, I never did have that much in the way of muscle, never. But, I am a survivor and I have this incredible ability to put myself in my enemies head. So when I found myself in your custody I realized this was my one chance to learn from the best. That's why I couldn't allow you to see Borias that night. Oh yes, the night your son was born, you had just taken the Santra flower potion and Borias' army attacked."

Borias: "Before Alti, before all this, we had love, Xena. Maybe we confused it with power, but it was there ... is still there. For the sake of our son, and us, I am taking you away."

Satrina: (to Borias) "My Destiny is an empire and Xena's going to help me achieve it. Not with you around, you'll just spoil the whole thing. So you have to die and maybe your son too, but we'll have to wait on that one."

Xena: "When I saw Borias' body, I couldn't believe that he could've come back for me ... that he was in love with me."
Satrina: "But you were focused on the power that Alti promised. You shouldn't have left Corinth, you could have taken it."

Xena: "The poisoned grain was the key. You tried to think that you knew my plans. But who would know about the poisoned grain? There was me and you and Dagnine, and Dagnine's dead ... you want some Collard root? I had some before I came which means your poisoned dart did nothing. Once I knew it was you, the rest was easy."

Xena: "What's the matter, you having trouble getting inside my head right now? Let me help you. You killed Borias, the man who could have changed everything for me if only I had let him. You killed the father of my child and if he had lived then maybe my son would ... you getting inside my head now?"

Xena: (to Satrina) "I won't taint Borias' memory by killing you."

Gabrielle: "Do you think she made it?"
Xena: "Probably, like she said, she's a survivor."

Xena lets down her defenses ...

... to allow the comfort  that only love can give
Gabrielle: "Funny thing about Destiny, you can't ignore it, you can't rely on it ... Alti promised you one, didn't she?"
Xena: "I was to become the Destroyer of Nations. It's funny how I used to look forward to those promises of her's ... and every one of them ended in tragedy. Maybe that's why I fear this prophecy so much."
Gabrielle: "A prophecy? Xena, no one said anything about a prophecy. Maybe it's just a warning, a sign, a guide. The truth is you don't know. Like Alti didn't know, because she didn't know you."
Xena: "Borias knew. He showed me the hatred I had for myself. He showed me the love that someone could have for a child."

Kaleipus: "Borias, friend of the Centaurs, told us everything. We found his body in your camp, but his legend will live on with our people."
Xena: "Take this child. He's my son, the son of Borias. If he stays with me he will become a target for all those who hate me. He'll learn things that a child shouldn't know. He'll become like me. Please."
Kaleipus: "The son of Borias shall be raised as my own."

DISCLAIMER: Borias' goose was cooked during the production of this motion picture.

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