Xena & Gabrielle tour India. Along the way, Gabrielle acquires the Power to heal. Gabrielle blindly accepts her newfound gift while Xena's cooty-meter does a few Hail Mary's (hm, sounds familiar). Xena befriends a street magician to push around (at least he's not a mime). Gabrielle slips Xena the tongue. Xena gets whipped by Gabrielle (calm down, not that kind of whipped). And, the demon is exorcized.

Gabrielle: "India is so different, and yet, there's this connection too, you know? It's so exotic ... so mysterious ... so ... look! (man walking on hot coals) ... maybe that's India's way of rolling out the red carpet."

Geez, typical tourists, holding up traffic
Gabrielle: "India's completely different. It's such a strange place, it's ..."
Xena: "Well, it aint Greece."

Gabrielle: "Look, now do you see why I do yoga everyday?"
Xena: "So you don't end up like that?"
Gabrielle: "Xena, he's a master. I can only hope to achieve that kind of Power."
Xena: "Don't get me wrong, the gods know I've done stranger things, but yoga's just not me."
Gabrielle: "That's alright. When you're crippled and old and I'm doing head stands, I'll remind you of this."
Xena: "Oh, I bet you would."

Gabrielle: "How did he do that?"
Xena: "My guess is the coiled end supports the rope."
Eli: "Any skeptics are welcome to join me and prove it is but an illusion."
Gabrielle: (giving a sharp smack to one Warrior princess' arse) "Here's one."

Eli: "Ladies and Gentlemen, if it's true that seeing is believing, then you have just witnessed a miracle."

This could be trouble
Vikram: "Fear not, a Higher Power has prevailed and driven the demon from her (Maya)."
Man #1: (pointing at Gabrielle) "It is her. She has the Higher Power."
Man #2: "He's right. She beat the demon. She's a Devi. The girl's a Devi!"

Gabrielle: "What's a Devi?"
Eli: "It's a healing deity. They're saying that you cured her, that you exorcized the demon."

Vikram: "Devi or not, there are spirits at work here."

Eli: "So is she?"
Xena: "What?"
Eli: "Your friend, Gabrielle, is she really a Devi?"
Xena: "Not the last time I looked."
Eli: "Well, then how did she do it? The demon, how'd she cast it out?"
Xena: "I don't know."

Eli: "You tell me she's not a Devi, and yet, the demon just popped out at her touch. That's some trick."
Xena: "You think so?"
Eli: "Oh, I do know. What I don't know is how she did it ... but I will ... they're very, verrry heavy, so heavy you can hardly keep them open ... don't try ... close your eyes, Xena ... sleep ... hear only the sound of my voice ..."
Xena: "... your voice ..."
Eli: "... that's it ... good ... now, tell me, was it real what you friend did, saving someone possessed ... where haven't I looked ... tell me ... has she found the Power ... tell me ..."
Xena: "I got a better idea, you tell me."

Eli: "I'm sorry I tried to trick you. I've searched for so long. I just thought that if your friend had found a way to ease people's suffering, that maybe she could share it with me."

Vikram: "Your friend, what is she? A Devi or a harbinger of Evil?"
Xena: "Some people see Evil everywhere."
Vikram: "A priest is trained to be vigilant."
Xena: "Well, that's good ‘cause you're going to need to watch your back. A man like you must have many enemies."

If they keep this up, the 4th season will soon be dubbed as the 'massage' season
Xena: "Aaaaahhhhh ... yeah ... that's great. Maybe you are a Devi after all, huh?"
Gabrielle: "Maybe I am."

Gabrielle: "Xena, something happened to me and I've been trying to think of how to tell you."
Xena: "What? What happened?"
Gabrielle: "I did it. Xena, I healed someone. A man came to me. He had lost his eye. Xena, I brought back his sight."
Xena: "Gabrielle ..."
Gabrielle: "I can't explain it. It was real, Xena. I'm wondering ... I know that you had a spirit inside you, what does that feel like?"
Xena: "Is that what happened? Because, Gabrielle, there are spirits good and bad, but they are smart, and sometimes you can't tell one from the other."
Gabrielle: "Whatever this is, it wasn't bad, Xena. How could it be? It was beautiful. I healed. That is all I have ever wanted to do. That is all I have ever dreamed about doing. Now that I have this ability, I think I understand that Power, the Power to control life ... and death."

Looking cute as ever ... despite possibly being possessed
Xena: "Gabrielle, you asleep?"
Gabrielle: "Not anymore ... what's up?"
Xena: "Us, or at least we should be. C'mon, get up. We'll go do some yoga, get something to eat and be on the road by noon."
Gabrielle: "Yoga? We're going to do yoga? As in you and me ... okay, who are you and what have you done with Xena?"

Gabrielle: "I know what you're doing. Your checking to see if I'm the same Gabrielle as always. Admit, Xena, you're afraid the Power I have is bad."
Xena: "When it comes to special powers I have learned that you can't be too careful."

Xena: "I thought you were leaving town."
Eli: "I was as soon as it's safe. That's why I was trying to duck out. I thought you might be trouble."
Xena: "What makes you think I'm not?"

At least he's not a mime
Eli: "Please, Devi, save me. The demons have me ... please ... free me ... please ... (levitates) ... bless you ... bless you Devi ... bless you ... thank you, Devi ... bless you ... She did it, she healed me. She lifted me up, you saw."
Gabrielle: "What's going on here? Xena, I didn't heal anything."

Xena: "Why'd you bolt? I told you I was coming back, why'd you leave?"
Eli: "Are you kidding? The way her body guards vanished the moment I show up? And then those demon dogs just happen to attack me? C'mon, it doesn't take much to make a connection."

Eli: "It's sacred water from the Ganges. It pays to be prepared. The old man (a now dead Vikram) wasn't the only priest in the Provence, and if I can get that into the right hands it will work against ..."
Xena: "... Against who?"
Eli: "Against any demon you name. Take you pick, they're all here, it's Evil incarnate."

Xena: "Who's that?"
Eli: "Her name's Tataka, conniving little demon who converted hundreds with her sweet face and deceptive good works."
Xena: "Deceptive how?"
Eli: "She cured the sick and deformed only to send them to slaughter against the great god Ramah. Oh, she's a real gem, duping people who need her. Yeah, a real pearl.

Gabrielle, Indian Devi
Gabrielle: "That bad, huh? Okay, it's a bit much, I know. What can I do? These are all gifts from the people I've healed, now how can I refuse that? I think the more I dress like them, the more they seem to turn to me for my help. I mean, underneath all this, I'm still me."
Xena: "Thank goodness, for a moment there you had me worried."

Gabrielle: "What's this?"
Xena: "A little insurance I took out, sacred water from the Ganges."
Gabrielle: "Insurance? Against what? Against me?"
Xena: "Gabrielle ..."
Gabrielle: "... Against my being a demon?"
Xena: "That's ridiculous."
Gabrielle: "Is it? Why else would you have it? ... This is a test. Fine. You want to test me, let's do it. Let's see if sacred water eats through my skin, shall we? ... Huh? Am I sizzling now? Am I burning? Am I still Evil Incarnate, Xena?!"
Xena: "It was not a test. It couldn't be. Gabrielle, sacred water only burns in the hands of a priest or exorcist. This is all the Holy water because I knew that Eli wouldn't leave town without some."

Gabrielle: "I just know you have doubts about me, and I tell you that this Power is Good, that it's my Calling. Instead of being happy for me, you think that I'm Evil."

Hook, line and sinker
Gabrielle: "You're taking the word of a street magician over mine?"
Xena: "It's not that."
Gabrielle: "Why is this so hard for you to accept? Xena, I do not hurt people, I heal them ..."
Xena: "No no, don't cry ... don't cry now ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ..."

Eli: "What was that about?"
Xena: "I guess Tataka figured it out."
Eli: "Tataka? Figured what out?"
Xena: "The same thing I did. Gabrielle's not the Devi, Eli ... you are."

Xena: "She didn't cast the demon out, you did ... straight into Gabrielle."

Showing her true demonic colors
Gabrielle: "So, Eli's hurt, is he, Xena?"
Xena: "Not nearly as bad as Ravi ... Tataka."
Gabrielle: (as Tataka) "Well, it's a good thing I sent backup."

Xena: "We have to have an exorcism."
Eli: "Exorcism?"
Xena: "It's either that or kill her, and I won't kill Gabrielle."
Eli: "I can't do an exorcism."
Xena: "Then I'll do it."
Eli: "You?"
Xena: "If you don't have the guts, I'll have to."

Gabrielle: (as Tataka) "First, I have to eliminate Xena, then even Eli won't have a prayer."

Gabrielle: (as Tataka) "Forgive them, I know they're rough, but we're all in danger until we find Xena."
Xena: "Looking for me?"
Gabrielle: (as Tataka) "Not anymore ... an exorcism? Really, Xena, now don't you think that's the pot calling the kettle ... you want me out, you're going to have to kill this sweet, little body to do it ... and I don't think you can."
Xena: "Watch me."

Distracting Xena with her firm ... um .. words
Xena: "I'm warning you, Tataka, get out while you still can."
Gabrielle: (as Tataka) "And give up this face and this firm, strong body? Fat chance."
Gabrielle slips Xena the tongue

Xena: "Give Gabrielle back!"
Gabrielle: (as Tataka) "Come and get her."

This soul is clean!
Xena: "You have thirty seconds."
Gabrielle: (as Tataka) "Charlatan ... Fraud ... Who are you to challenge me? ... the power you seek is a lie ..."
Eli: "I failed."
Xena: "Eli, don't believe her, keep going. You find that power and you save my friend."

Xena: "Some things just don't bear thinking too much about. Some things you've just got to take on Faith."
Gabrielle: "She's right. I know the Power I had with my healing, and I know it was bad, but I think that because it exists there has to be another Power out there, maybe for Good ... and stronger."
Eli: "Yeah, stronger."

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