Ides of March

Callisto returns (no surprise there) from Hell to tempt Xena to give up her Way and see to it that Caesar becomes all that he can be. Gabrielle gives up her Way of Love for a more ... um ... aggressive Way. Brutus finally becomes his own man. And, Xena's 'vision' becomes reality. Can this be the end of the dynamic duo? Only time will tell (about four months, to be exact).

Xena torments Callisto in a Hellish afterlife
Gabrielle: "Who's suffering now, Callisto?"
Xena: "You thought you were getting Oblivion. This place makes Tartarus look like a day at the beach. How long ya in for? Eternity? That's gotta smart."

Dead Weirdo: "I'm doomed to be obsessed for an Eternity with a woman who despises me. What a nightmare."
Callisto: "No kidding."

Dead Weirdo: "You'd think that after what I told Him about you that you would give me more respect."
Callisto: "Him? ... you mean Him."
Dead Weirdo: "He's come to trust me. I have His ear from time to time. I told Him your desire."
Callisto: "You mean He's going to let me go back?"
Dead Weirdo: "Well, He shares with you an interest in Xena. She's someone He thought He had in His grasp, but now He's not so sure."
Callisto: "You mean to tell me those stupid, meddling missions she goes on are going to end her up in Paradise?!"
Dead Weirdo: "Probably not Paradise. Most likely she'll be born higher up the Karmic ladder."

Gotta love the irony
Callisto: "Right, she burns my family, destroys my life and I end up in Hell while she gets another shot. That's fair."
Xena: "Gotta love the irony."

Callisto: "You tell Him if He wants her here, I'm the woman for that job."
Dead Weirdo: "You must not harm her physically in any way. You victory must be a spiritual one. She's on the road to redemption, the Way of the Warrior. You need to get her off that path ... and you have to agree to one other thing for Him."
Callisto: "Yes, what's that?"
Dead Weirdo: "You know the man they call Caesar ..."

Caesar, Power Hungry Roman meet Callisto, Dark Angel
Callisto: "That Xena can really mess up a dream, can't she?"

Callisto: "I know everything about your life, Caesar. What it's been. What it can be. I'm here to help you get everything you desire. It's through me that you finally fulfill your Destiny. I can give you ultimate power and free you from your greatest torment."
Caesar: "Xena."
Callisto: "Yes, Xena. I can't tell you how much we have in common that way."

Amarice: "Let me guess, this Eli guy , he's the one that taught you all this love-your-enemy-stuff."
Xena: "That's right."
Amarice: "Xena, why do we have to go see a preacher when there are battles to fight and butts to kick?"
Xena: "Because, whatever Gabrielle wants, Gabrielle gets."

6 million dinars ... heck, I'd turn her in myself
Xena: "What do you want with me?"
Unlucky Mercenary: "Caesar's reward ... six million dinars."
Gabrielle: "Six million dinars?"
Amarice: "That's quite a temptation ... not for me, for every killer in Europe."

Xena: "So, it's come to this. Caesar wants me out of the way so bad he's willing to deplete his fortune to do it. I think it's time I put an end to this feud between Caesar and me."
Amarice: "You're not gonna try to make peace with that slime, are you?"
Xena: "No, I'm going to kill him."

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