Ladies and Gentlemen, the Horde ...
The Price

In which Gabrielle finally meets Xena's ruthless alter-ego. Trapped in the wrong place at the wrong time, Xena and Gabrielle must help an Athenian army battle against the elusive, barbaric Horde. Enter Xena, the ruthless Warlord. Refusing to give in to hate and fear, Gabrielle risks her own life to care for the injured, both Athenian and Horde. Xena and the head Hordes-man duke it out. Need I say who won?

Xena: "Gabrielle, things are going to get worse. Especially with what I have to do to get us out of here."

Xena: "You can't reason with dead men."

Xena: "If I'm going to die, I gonna die as I am...a warrior with a sword in my hand."

Soldier: "Who are you?"
Xena: "My name is Xena."
Soldier: "Xena? Xena of Corinth. Warrior Princess of Kalmae. The one who defeated Callisto."
Xena: "You've heard of me."

Xena: "No food and water for the seriously wounded, only the men who can fight."
Gabrielle: "You expect me to decide who lives and..."
Xena: "I want men outside, Gabrielle. You figure it out."

Xena explaining a few harsh realities about life ...
Xena: "We don't have any friends right now. Get used to it."

Xena: "We're gonna kill them all!"

 ... and war
Xena: "This is war Gabrielle. What did you expect, glamour? There are no good choices, only lesser degrees of evil."

Xena: "We need information. He's going to give it to way or another."

Xena: "We didn't ask for this. If they want a fight to the death, they're going to get it. What part of that didn't you understand?"
Gabrielle: "You. Who are you Xena? What happened to the Xena I know?"
Xena: "That Xena can't help us now. If losing her is the price I have to pay to for saving us all, I'll pay it. It's just a part of me I didn't think I needed anymore."

Xena almost lets down her guard
Xena: "I let my fear and hatred blind me to everything."
Gabrielle: "Sometimes the past can do that. If I had been through..."
Xena: "No. You understand hatred, but you've never given in to it. You don't know how much I love...that."

DISCLAIMER: "To show sympathy for the Horde, 'kaltaka' was only served upon request."

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