Giant Killer

Xena allies herself with David (yes, that David) and the Israelites against the Philistines and her good friend, Goliath. Gabrielle almost loses her head.

While strolling through a Giant's burial ground:
Gabrielle: "So why are you meeting your friend here?"
Xena: "We vowed ten years ago to meet in this place to mourn, and celebrate."
Gabrielle: "To celebrate what?"
Xena: "Life ... and death."
Gabrielle: "I hate it when you get cryptic on me."

Gabrielle: "What happened to him?"
Xena: "Judging from those scratch marks, I'd say he got in an argument with Zeus and wound up on the business end of a thunderbolt."

Gabby in a slight state of shock
Gabrielle: "Xena, I ... I think we better get out of here."
Xena: "Relax, it's the live ones you have to worry about."
Gabrielle: "It's the live one I am worried about."

Xena: "It's been a long time."
Goliath: "Different lifetime from what I hear."
Xena: "Yes, I guess it is."

Xena: I understand that a man's soul can be poisoned by hatred. I hope that's not happening to you."

Gabrielle: "You know, you'd think she'd mention that her friend was taller than most pine trees."

Gabrielle: "Why don't you pick on someone who can defend themselves."
Dagon: "Who? You?"
Xena: "No ... me."

Dagon: "Any friend of Goliath is a friend of the Philistines."

Dagon: "We're gonna bring civilization to the Israelites."
Xena: "So you're going to slave them in other words."

Dagon: "Come work for me."
Xena: "I'm not interested."
Dagon: "I'm talking about working for the common good. There's a whole world out there waiting to be helped."
Xena: "I reserve my help for those who need it."

Gabrielle: "I came to thank you for trying to help me this morning."
David: "If I had known you were with Xena, I wouldn't have bothered."

Gabrielle: "Look, Xena has changed."
David: "I know all about Xena. I've written about her exploits."

Goliath: "I think I've helped you enough for one lifetime."
Xena: "I owe you my life, Goliath, not the lives of others."

Gabby showing perhaps a little too much spunk
David: "Gabrielle, don't!"
Gabrielle: "Look, it's alright ... You're gonna have to kill both of us."
David: "Are you out of your mind?!"
Gabrielle: "I know what I'm doing."
Dagon: "Alright."
Gabrielle: "What?!"
Dagon: "I said, ‘alright.' We'll kill the both of you."

Dagon: "If Xena comes between you and accomplishing the mission?"
Goliath: "I know how to do my job ... sorry Xena."

Xena: "Every opponent has its weakness. With giants it's right here above the bridge of the nose. All I need is one clear shot ... and then Goliath will be no more."
David: "But, he's your friend."
Xena: "He's fighting on the wrong side. He knows I'll do what I have to."

Gabrielle: "Stories are meant to be told. Stories tell us who we are."

Thunder keeping you up?

The simplest of gestures can often say the most
Gabrielle: "Thunder keeping you up?"
Xena: "No, just thinking."
Gabrielle: "About tomorrow?"
Xena: "About ten years ago. When Goliath and I fought in a campaign against Gareth, we were caught off guard one morning. Goliath was taking his wife and children to safety when I was surrounded and badly injured. I yelled at him to get back, but he wouldn't. He refused to leave me."
Gabrielle: "He left his family?"
Xena: "While he was saving me, Gareth killed them all. I owe him much more than my life."

Xena: "No, Gabrielle, I can't do it. Look around you, Jonathan was the leader of these people. If I kill Goliath and then leave, what do they have left? They need someone to believe in."

Xena: This is the last time we'll be meeting in this place. You were a good friend, Goliath."
Goliath: "So were you ... see you on the battlefield."

Gabrielle: "How are you doing?"
Xena: "If this works out, I lose a good friend."
Gabrielle: "He made his own choices, Xe..."
Xena: "I know ... I know."

Xena: "Goliath, I know you can hear my thoughts. I hope you're with your family. When I think of you, I'll think of Goliath , the great warrior and the loving husband ... and my friend."

DISCLAIMER: No biblical myths or icons were irreparably mangled during the production of this motion picture.

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