Intimate Stranger

Using Xena's guilt over the death of Callisto, Ares is able to free Callisto from Tartarus. The ladies switch bodies. Callisto wreaks havoc in the guise of Xena, while Xena, trapped in the body of her worst enemy, must convince Gabrielle and Joxer she's not really Callisto and send the real Callisto back to Tartarus within one day or spend the rest of eternity there herself. Phew! No sweat for the Warrior Princess (no matter whose lovely body she may be stuck in).

Xena: "What do you want"
Ares: "Want? I told you. I just wanted to welcome you back into my fold."
Xena: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Ares: "I'm talking about your execution of Callisto."
Xena: "That's not what happened."
Ares: "No? Didn't you serve as judge, jury and executioner? Or, am I missing something? A young girl was before you. She had committed unspeakable crimes ... just like you. You were given the chance to reform. A chance you never gave Callisto."

Xena: "Gabrielle, do you think I executed Callisto?"
Gabrielle: "No. I think you did what you thought you had to do."
Xena: "These dreams, they're all about her. Ares taunting me, saying I murdered her, that I never gave her a chance to change."
Gabrielle: "Callisto chose her own path, not you. I'm sure that there was some goodness to be mined, but it wasn't your responsibility. Just because you didn't show her the mercy other people have shown you doesn't make you a murderer."
Xena: "What are you saying?"
Gabrielle: "I'm saying that if Hercules had treated you the way that you treated Callisto, you'd be dead now. And, you deserve it more than her...after all, she didn't create you."
Phew! It was just a dream.
I had the strangest dream ...

Xena: "I let her die Gabrielle. At the time, I thought it was justice. But, I just don't know now."
Gabrielle: "This is such a mess. You wish you hadn't killed her, Joxer wishes he had killed her, and I wish she'd never been born. I guess Callisto won after all."

Callisto: "Hello, Xena. Oh, how I've missed you. Do you know how boring Tartarus can be? Same old torture everyday, everyday. Makes me appreciate what we had."

Callisto: "Dreams are the fine line between the real world and the Underworld. And, with a little help, well, that line can just ... disappear."

Ares: "My plan? My plan is what it always has been, to find the one warrior who will lead the world into peace and prosperity."
Xena: "Me"
Ares: "Um ... no, not anymore. Funny, I never really got to know Callisto until after you killed her. She has potential."
Xena: "I didn't kill her, Ares."
Callisto: "Ooh, you keep telling yourself that, dear, and maybe, someday, you'll believe it."

Ares: "You murdered her and it's time you admitted it."
Xena: "Alright, I am guilty of murder."
Callisto: "I've been waiting to hear you say that."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: From this point, Xena is trapped in Callisto's body, and Callisto has possession of Xena's. Confused yet? You will be.

Callisto: "I wonder how Xena's enjoying her new surroundings?"

Callisto: "Gabrielle, I have something to tell you. You should have killed Callisto."
Gabrielle: "What?"
Callisto: "I was wrong. You had every right to, not me. For me, it was murder, and the guilt is going to destroy me. I don't think I can do it again."
Gabrielle: "It's up to me? Is that what you're saying?"
Callisto: "No, Gabrielle. But, she's going to try to kill my mother."
Gabrielle: "She has to be stopped."
Callisto: "I can do that. But, what then? I've never felt so...helpless."

Gabrielle practicing a new concept ...
Callisto: "C'mon, Gabrielle, focus on your enemy."
Gabrielle: "This is new for me."
Callisto: "It is not new, it's just buried. You had that fire when you went up against Callisto the first time, remember?"
Gabrielle: "Yes, I remember. I don't want to go back there again. I can't do this Xena."

Callisto: "Alright, Gabrielle, I'm Callisto, right here in front of you. I just look like Xena, but really I'm Callisto. So kill me...I said kill me, little girl. C'mon, right here in the chest. Put me out of my misery...You are pathetic! Remember, I killed your love. I took my sword and stuck it through him and I felt his warm blood on my hand, and you can't even avenge his death ... (whack) ... Very good, Gabrielle. I'm sorry I had to do that. But, you had to face it and, well, you weren't going to get there without it, were you?" ... play to kill ...

 ... and not wanting to play by the rules
Gabrielle: "I think I'm gonna be sick. For a moment there, I thought you were Callisto and ... I hated you."
Callisto: "Well, hatred's not something to be feared. It's part of all of us, and for some, it's all we ever really know."

Callisto: "First things first, Ares. I promised you my allegiance. I promised you an army to rule the world. You promised me satisfaction."
Ares: "I did, didn't I."
Hm, satisfaction ... oh, yeah

Callisto: (to Argo) "You can't figure it out, can you? I look like Xena. I even smell like Xena. But, something tells you I'm not. Poor, dumb animal, you don't know whether to run...or to stay. Well, you should have run."

Theodorus: "Don't give her a reason. Put the swords away. She's no threat if we're no threat."
Callisto: "Is that what you think of me?"
Theodorus: "Oh yes, Xena. You only fight when threatened, some sort of code you have. Callisto gave you an excuse to kill her, but not me. So, we talk."
Callisto: "Talk. I don't really feel like talking."
Theodorus: "Then get out of here, or just kill me in cold blood."
Callisto: (slice) "Oops."

Gabrielle?  Gabrielle?  Oh, well, I'm Xena now, so she's my little friend
Xena: "Where's Gabrielle?"
Callisto: "Gabrielle? Gabrielle? Oh, well, I'm Xena now, so she's my little friend. Of course, if anything ever happened to Gabrielle, pretty Xena would be crushed, now wouldn't I?"

Xena: "Callisto used my guilt to betray me. I have to turn that back on her."

Callisto: "Look into my eyes, old crone. Xena's not home."
Cyrene: "Who are you?"
Callisto: "Just another loving daughter."

Callisto: "No one, god or man, forbids me from doing anything. All my anger, all my hatred is for Xena alone."

Callisto: "However evil you think I am, Xena, my soul is clean, because it's all on you."

Xena: "How many of your victims had faces, Callisto? How many had families, sons and daughters who loved their parents? How many were just like your mother when they died at your hands?"
Callisto: "No. No, you can't make me feel guilty."
Xena: "You're right. Only you can do that."

Xena still trapped in Callisto's shapely body
Xena: "I've got my own past to deal with, and I'm not taking the weight of your crimes anymore."

DISCLAIMER: Argo was not harmed during the making of this motion picture. However, she is undergoing intensive psycho-therapy to help her work through her resentment and feelings of distrust towards Xena.

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