Zee boat! Zee boat!

Xena and Gabrielle help Ulysses return to his homeland and regain his throne. Sparks fly between he and Xena, but, alas, it is not to be. Penelope and Ulysses reunite and all is well that ends well (with a little help from the Warrior Princess). Gabrielle develops a true appreciation for solid, dry ground.

Gabby lecturing Xena about smelling the flowers
Gabrielle: "You have to learn to smell the flowers."
Xena: "What flowers?"
Gabrielle: "You have to enjoy the peaceful moments in life. Life can't be an adventure all of the time."

Gabrielle: "What do you think of when you here the peaceful grandeur of the sea?"
Xena: "I think how glad I am to be on dry land."
Gabrielle: "You're so practical. Xena, the sea is a beautiful expression of nature. Now, I want you to concentrate on the sound of the waves beating against the shore and I want you to have a sense of peace...alright?!"

A slightly miffed Poseidon
Poseidon: "Xena, stay out of this. My nephew Ares has a fondness for you. I won't be so patient with you meddling in my affairs."

Ulysses: "The only enemies I recognize today are those who stand between me and Ithaca. I welcome your help."

Gabrielle: (in regards to Ulysses) "What a man."

Ulysses, Ulysses he's our man, if Xena can't beat him, no one can!

Gabrielle, Poteidaian Scullery Wench
Gabrielle: "Hey boys! You know where I can find any real men?"

Xena: "Hey boys! I want in on the fun too."

Ulysses: "You can sail a ship too?"
Xena: "I have many skills."
Ulysses: "What a woman."

Ulysses: "For someone so good at splitting heads, you have a gentle touch."
Xena: "Like I said..."
Ulysses: "Yeah, I know...you have many skills."

Gabrielle not finding her sea legs
Gabrielle: "I have this funny feeling in my stomach. I guess it's what they call sea sickness, huh? It'll pass."

Gabrielle: "I think I'll get some fresh air. This bobbing up and down in one place is getting to me. Yeah...once we get into the high seas I'll feel much better."

Xena: "Hey Gabrielle, how's it hanging? Yep, the peaceful grandeur of the sea sure has a kick to it. Doesn't it? Maybe you should just close your eyes and smell the sea-gulls."
Gabrielle: "Xena, I will remember that in my moment of misery you chose levity rather than sympathy."
Xena: "Don't lose your sense of humor. You'll need it in rough seas."
Gabrielle: "This isn't rough?"
Xena tormenting Gabrielle

Gabrielle: "Xena, would you mind knocking me unconscious?"

Gabrielle: (to Xena) "Please, kill me!"

Gabrielle: "The fear that my leg was broken took my mind off my stomach...for a little while."

Xena: "Feeling any better?"
Gabrielle: "Nah, but I've gotten use to being miserable."

Our girls having a heart-to-heart
Gabrielle: "Promise me one thing...you'll follow your heart and don't worry about me."
Xena: "You're part of my heart Gabrielle. You've been so good for me. I don't think I would ever have let myself feel the way I feel now about Ulysses if it wasn't for you teaching me how to love."

Xena: "I'm sorry Ulysses. I should have been more honest with you the other day."
Ulysses: "What do you mean?"
Xena: "I'm not in love with you. I don't think I ever could be. I like my life the way it is."
Ulysses: "I don't beleive you. I think you are in love with me."
Xena: "Well, isn't that just a typical man. I give you a few smiles and a kiss and you're convinced that I'm in love with you. You're kidding yourself. I was embarassed by all that mush you were spewing the other night. The only reason I didn't shoot you down right then is because I didn't think you could handle it. So let me lay it on the line for you Ulysses, you're not my type."

Xena: "I won't take you away from your kingdom...or your wife. Goodbye Ulysses."
Ulysses: "Xena, please..."
Xena: "Go home...go home."

Sailing off into the sunset
Gabrielle: "Do you think he knows that you helped him with the bow?"
Xena: "No. I don't think anyone does and I want it to stay that way. This is Ulysses' story and for years the people of Ithaca will talk about how he bent that bow. It's the way it should be."
Gabrielle: "But, really you..."
Xena: "I got a chance to make someone I care about happy. That's the best reward you can have in life."

DISCLAIMER: Despite Gabrielle's incessant hurling, Ulysses' ship was not harmed in the production of this motion picture.

Gabrielle truley appreciating the concept of solid, dry land

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