Orphan of War

Xena must stop a warlord from finding the Ixion stone and destroying the Centaurs while also coming to terms with confronting her son. Gabrielle gets little snippish. Xena gives a whole new meaning to the term "woodwind instrument."

Xena: "We had the Centaurs surrounded. They fought bravely, but it was only a matter of time."
Gabrielle: "If you had them surrounded, why didn't you kill them?"
Xena: "We reached an agreement."

Kaleipus: "Xena, Destroyer of Nations, you promised you'd never return."
Xena: "That Xena never will."

Solan: "You've just met your greatest enemy."
Gabrielle: "Do you know him?"
Xena: "Yes ... he's my son."

10 Years Ago:
Xena: "I'm willing to withdraw my army."
Kaleipus: "Xena, Destroyer of Nations, isn't know to bargain."
Xena: "Take this child. He's my son ... and the son of Borias. If he stays with me, he'll become a target for all those who hate me and learn things a child should never know. He'll become like me."

Gabrielle getting a bit snippy
Gabrielle: "How could you walk out on your own child?"
Xena: "You don't understand."
Gabrielle: "No, I do understand, any woman would. I just can't believe you did it. I mean, he's your son for Gaia's sake."
Xena: "I didn't come here for him, I came to stop Dagnine."
Gabrielle: "But, you're here now. You're gonna tell him, right?"
Xena: "Get out of my way."
Gabrielle: "Xena?!"

Seer: "She's amazing. She can sense me watching her."
Dagnine: "Yeah, yeah, she could do that when I was in her army. It's so irritating."

Do you know what it feels like to be a mother without her child?
Kaleipus: "Amazing. I see so much change in your eyes. You aren't the woman I fought ten years ago. You aren't that warrior. Let him go, Xena. He's got a family and a home. He's not your son anymore."
Xena: "Are you telling me this for my good ... or for yours?"
Kaleipus: "For his ... and mine. For nine years, Solan has been my son. I love him more than my own life, and the thought of losing him ... you can't possibly know what that feels like."
Xena: "Do you know what it feels like to be a mother without her child?"

Xena: "Ixion was the father of the Centaurs. When he had the choice of making them wicked or noble, he chose noble. All their evil is captured inside the stone."

Xena: "Borias was a very wise man. He found his way a lot sooner than I did."

Xena: "A lot of people believe that giving birth ends when the baby takes its first free breath. It's not true. My son has grown inside of me everyday, stronger and stronger. I can try to deny it, but I can never ignore it. How can I claim something that I walked away from so long ago?"
Gabrielle: "I don't know what it's like to have a son, but I do know what it's like to have a mother ... and he should know that."
Xena: "Don't you even think about it. This is none of your business. I'll handle it my own way."

Xena: "What do you know about your mother."
Solan: "What do you care?"
Xena: "I care. What was she like?"
Solan: "My uncle says she was wonderful. She never thought bad thoughts about anyone...even you. She had a smile like a breeze on a warm day. And, she could sing like Orpheus. I wish I could have heard her sing."
Xena: "Did your uncle ever tell you that she didn't want you to be a warrior?"
Solan: "How did you know that?"
Xena: "Well, a woman like her without evil in her heart wouldn't want her son to take up the sword."
Solan: "My father fought you. If I can die for something that noble, then ..."
Xena: "Don't confuse nobility with anger and revenge. Your father wasn't like that, and I know because we were very close once. Did you know he could sing? We used to sing together and ... I could sing to you."

Dagnine: "You are an amazing woman."
Xena: "And you haven't changed a bit, still as ... charismatic as ever."

Being her normal seductive self
Xena: "You were always a bargaining man. I assume that's what you want. Otherwise you would have called in your guards by now."
Dagnine: "That, and the fact that you could kill me in two steps."

Dagnine: "There are three things I do want. One, the stone."
Xena: "Don't have it, don't know where it is."

Dagnine: "I am the one who has all the power now, Xena. You are at my beck and call."

Xena: "You forgot the second thing."
Dagnine: "Oh yeah, well, remembering that I have your son, I just want a bit of warmth ... a little human kindness."
Xena: "If only you were human."

Xena: "Your father was very brave."
Solan: "He was a great warrior."
Xena: His bravery was not from being a warrior, it came from his heart. He recognized what was right and he stood up for it."
Solan: "Against you."
Xena: "Yes, against me. It was important to him even though ... even though he and I were very good friends at the time."
Solan: "I don't want to talk about my father anymore ... Before he became good, did he hurt a lot of people?"
Xena: "Yes, he did. But, if it wasn't for him, the Centaurs wouldn't be alive now. Kaleipus, your friends, they'd all be gone."
Solan: "You would have killed them."
Xena: "Yes, I would have killed them all. Thanks to Borias, I didn't do it, and for that I owe him more than you'll ever know."

Kaleipus: "What in Zeus' name is that?"
Gabrielle: "If you don't know, it must be Xena."

Dagnine: "All the strength and discipline of Ixion's creation is right here. With this I'll sweep the world like a rampaging wind ... I'll kill Xena ... I'll kill Hercules ... I'll take Athens...I've got so much to do ... I'll have to make a list."

Xena: "Gabrielle, I ..."
Gabrielle: "Xena, now before you say anything, when you jumped at me earlier ... well, I deserved it. I'm not saying I agree with you, but ... well, I pride myself on being you friend, and I should have realized you were hurting, and ..."
Xena: "It's okay."
Gabrielle: "I'm here for you."
Xena: "Always."

Xena: "You should never have been my enemy."
Kaleipus: "This Xena never was my enemy."

Gabrielle tending to more than a physical wound
Gabrielle: "You know, this is the only Xena I've ever known. I find it difficult to understand the hatred she gets sometimes when we travel from people who just don't know her the way I know her. I guess they're just afraid of the old Xena."
Solan: "I'm not afraid of her anymore."
Gabrielle: "Do you still hate her?"
Solan: "No."

Xena: "Solan, I'd like to talk to you."
Solan: "I know you didn't kill my father, Xena. You're not the person you were. It's okay. Are you and Gabrielle leaving? I mean, you could stay for a while. We could have a lot of fun."
Xena: "Solan, sometimes people do things that they regret. Things which at the time seem like the right things to do."
Solan: "Like when I tried to hurt you?"
Xena: "Oh ... a little. But, don't feel bad. Often we don't know if the things we do are right or wrong until much later. Something I did a long time ago was wrong."
Solan: "You mean trying to kill the Centaurs and get the Ixion stone?"
Xena: "Yeah ... yeah, that's exactly what I mean. I'm sorry for what happened to your father...and your mother. But here, you've got an uncle that loves you and you've got friends who will protect you, and no one should take that away from you. I guess, what I'm trying to say is it's time to let go of the past and recognize that you have things here that I can only dream about. They're things that I would wish for my own son."
Solan: "Okay. Friends shouldn't feel bad towards each other. We are friends, aren't we?"
Xena: "We will always be friends, don't you ever forget that. Gabrielle and I have got to be going now."
Solan: "I'm not a warrior, and I don't think I want to be."
Xena: "Your mother would be very proud of you."
Solan: "You think so?"
Xena: "I know so."

DISCLAIMER: No sleazy warlords who find it necessary to drink magic elixirs that turn them into scaly Centaurs were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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