To Helicon and Back

Xena, Gabrielle and the mighty Amazon Nation go to war to rescue their Queen and another cute villain bites the dust.

Varia: "To a strong Amazon nation."
Gabrielle: "To a strong Amazon nation."

'How's the hand?'
Varia: "How's the eye?"
Gabrielle: "How's the hand?"
Varia: "Fine. Why?"
Gabrielle: "I thought maybe you sprained it on my face."

Varia: "Xena, hope you don't mind if we borrow her for a while, but, um, the ceremony is--"
Xena: "Amazon only, like the other ones. Yeah, that's okay. I, um, I'd rather sleep rough out in the forest."

'Don't do anything I wouldn't do'
Xena: [to Gabrielle] "Well, have a good time at the party. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Xena: [from her rough spot out in the forest] "To a strong Amazon nation."

Amazon: "Hail Varia! The new queen of the Amazons!"

[As the Amazons dance in celebration of their new queen, men in white masks crash the party. Xena, sensing a shift in the universe, runs the Amazons' rescue.]

Bellerophon: "Death to the Amazons!"

[A masked man easily knocks Varia out cold and hoists her atop his horse.]

Amazon: "Varia! They got Varia!"

'They've kidnapped our queen'
Bellerophon: "Retreat! Let them come to us!"

Cyane: "They've kidnapped our queen."

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