A Friend in Need
Part 2

Xena and Gabrielle continue their quest to save the city of Higuchi and the 40,000 souls that were lost there years before. Gabrielle develops a few new skills. And the Warrior Princess finally finds the peace she has been searching for.

NOTE: "Director's Cut Exclusive" scenes in blue text.

[Kneeling, Xena buries her Warrior Princess leathers and sword. A steady drumming begins to fill the air. She arises and listens the sounds around her.]

Gabrielle: "It's too quiet out here."

'It's too quiet out here'
Xena: "Gabrielle, what would you do? ... Listen not just to the sounds, but what's behind the sounds ... Always remember that I love you."
Gabrielle: [realization sinking in] "Xena!" [takes off running back towards the city]

[Using her trusty chakram, Xena upends a cart carrying oil. The oil ignites and a large explosion occurs. She takes to the trees and begins shooting arrows at the hundreds of samurais below. As Gabrielle races to save her friend, the beat of the drums quicken. Xena pauses and listens to the sounds around her. Thousands of arrows are launched into the air about her. An arrow pierces her left shoulder then her knee she runs for the cover of an upturned cart an arrow pierces her right shoulder then her forearm.]

'Alright, now you asked for it'
Xena: "Alright, now you asked for it." ... [Removing her samurai sword from its sheath, Xena begins to hack away at the hundreds more samurais that await her.]

Xena: "Gabrielle!"

Xena: "If I only have thirty seconds to live "
Gabrielle: "We're going to be together for eternity."
Gabrielle: "You brought out the best in me."
Xena: "Gabrielle!"
Xena: " this is how I want to live them, looking into your eyes."
[Bloody and nearly beaten, Xena stops swinging her sword and faces the leader. He draws his sword and the world goes red.]

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