Soul Possession

Xena gives a new meaning to the term "message in a bottle." An ancient scroll revealing new insight into the third season is discovered. Harry, Mattie and Annie are reunited for another adventure (see Déjà vu All Over Again).

Xena: [standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean] … "Okay, hand it over."
Joxer: [handing over a scroll] … "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Why don't we just destroy it."
Xena: "You can't. It's a binding agreement in every sense of the word. Ares made it, only Ares can destroy it. Our best bet is to hide it somewhere he isn't likely to find it. The Ionian Sea is famous for having caves that go on for miles. That's a lot of ground for him to cover. Come on."
Joxer: "Okay, wait a minute … [wraps it in another scroll] … If we can't destroy it, maybe we can disguise it."
Xena: "The old scrolled in a scroll routine, I'll buy that … [slides the two scrolls into a vase and corks it] … Wish me luck."
Joxer: "Good luck." … [Xena jumps off the edge of the cliff into the sea]

Modern-day Diver: [with vase in hand] … "Our treasure-hunting days have finally paid off. Someone's gonna pay top dollar for this baby."

Roxanne Fields: "Excuse me, if everyone would get settled in, we will begin the press conference. Please take your seats everybody. Please sit down. Thank you. Take your seats. Thank you very much. You can sit down now. Thank you … Thank you all for coming. We have a lot to cover, so I'll turn you over to Dr. Frederick Delaney of C.H.A.K.R.A.M. (Center for the Historical Accuracy of Key Research in Ancient Mythology) Laboratories."

Fred: "Good afternoon, colleagues and members of the press. It is with great excitement that I address you this afternoon. A most revolutionary discovery has just recently been made. I hold in my hand a newly uncovered scroll of the life of Xena, Warrior Princess."

Xena Fan #1: [barging in] … "New scrolls mean new episodes!"
Xena Fan #2: "Yeah! Season 7!"
Xena Fan #1: "Season 7 … [being dragged out by security] … Rob Tapert, give us what we want! Deliver us a new season, a 7th season of Xena!"

Roxanne: "Please excuse that interruption, ladies and gentlemen. Please continue, doctor."

Fred: "This scroll reveals a new piece to Xena's life. Xena was married … to Ares, God of War"
Reporter: [on cell phone] … "Doug, we've got tomorrow's front page."

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