Path of Vengeance

Eve gets herself in trouble again when she heads back to Amazon territory. Varia suffers from an extremely dangerous inferiority complex. Gabrielle gets her arse whooped instead of Xena for a change. Ares returns to the malevolent genius that he is. And, Xena's left to pick up all the pieces.

Mawu-Ka: "You've seen our lands. You've seen our hunting grounds. Our numbers grow bigger everyday. Will you join your tribe with ours?"
Kanai: "These are good lands, but my people grow restless and wish to return home."
Gwyn-Teir: "This valley is the birthplace of the Amazons where Artemis created our people. This is our home for all of us."

Mawu-Ka: "We can't survive scattered to the winds any longer. Everywhere, Amazons are persecuted. We have united to protect ourselves."
Kanai: "And everything is decided by your council of Queens?"
Varia: "Not everything."
Mawu-Ka: "We uphold Amazon law, but Varia leads our warriors. She is our Queen. She brought us together and made us strong."
Varia: "And now, it's time to use our strength. We've spotted Roman troops combing through our forest."
Gwyn-Teir: "Why would the Romans come here?"
Varia: "Whatever the reason, I'm going to make sure they don't leave."

[Eve wanders through the forest.]

Roman: [from a distance] "Keep moving. She can't be far."

I'm bringing a message of Peace
Eve: "What are you doing here?"
Roman: "The Emperor dispatched us to be your guard."
Eve: "My guard? I'm bringing a message of Peace. I can't come to the Amazons with Roman troops."
Roman: "I have my orders. We will accompany you."
Eve: "This is insane. Tell the Emperor that I must do this alone. I can't--"

[A shrill war cry pierces the forest as Eve and her 'guard' is surrounded by hundreds of Amazons.]

Soldier: "They're surrounding us!"
Roman: "I thought they were a small tribe."

I thought they were a small tribe
Eve: "I am a representative of Eli and of Rome! I am here for Peace!"
Roman: "I don't think they care Fall back! Stay together! Keep tight!"

[The Amazons attack the small band of Romans.]

Roman: "Come on! I have to get you out of here!"
Eve: "No. I'm here for a purpose. I'm not leaving."

Well, if it isn't Livia
Varia: "Well, if it isn't Livia."
Eve: "I'm Eve, Messenger of Eli."
Varia: "Take her prisoner Whatever name it is that you're going by now, you're going to pay for the crimes you committed against the Amazon Sisterhood."

Roman: [to soldier] "We've got to get word back to command! Go back to the last village, find an officer and tell him what's happening. Go!"

They won't take us either
Gabrielle: "They won't take us either. He say's there's a legion of Roman soldiers coming through."
Xena: "All this movement back towards Rome I guess this new emperor's really serious about waging Peace, huh?"
Gabrielle: "Well, thanks to you."

Xena: "Eve's the one who set him on the road to Peace. Let's find another place."
Gabrielle: "Well, whoever it was, I'm just glad there's an end to the fighting."
Xena: "Yeah."

[Whilst walking through the village, the gals come across an exhausted and wounded Roman soldier who apparently mistakes them for officers.]

What were you doing on Amazon lands?
Soldier: "Amazons. Hundreds."
Xena: "No Amazon tribe is that big."
Soldier: "Well, I saw it. We didn't have a chance against that many."
Gabrielle: "What were you doing on Amazon lands?"
Soldier: "The Emperor sent us to protect the Messenger of Eli."

They're going to kill her
Xena: "The Messenger of Eli, what happened to her?"
Soldier: "The Amazons took her prisoner. They were calling her Livia. They seemed set on avenging some wrong she's done to them in her past. I don't know what they're going to do to her."
Xena: "They're going to kill her."

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