Dangerous Prey

Someone's hunting Amazons out of season. Xena must find the culprit while teaching a young hotheaded Amazon how to keep herself from getting killed. The writers pay homage to everyone's favorite coffee table game, Jenga. Note: this episode was directed by Renee.

[Queen Marga frantically runs through the forest as a dark figure calmly follows. Her flight is abruptly halted when she is caught by a snare.]

Morlock: "Oh, and you Amazons have such a reputation."

[Marga frees herself and takes off running. Her hunter stops her flight with what looks like a triangular chakram.]

Marga: "If you're going to kill me, just do it."
Morlock: "Where's the fun in that? Before you die you'll deliver a message for me."

'Where are they?'
Gabrielle: "Where are they?"
Xena: "They're watching us We come alone and in peace!"
Gabrielle: "Varia?"
Varia: "What are you doing here, Xena?"
Gabrielle: "Marga invited us here."

'Perhaps we can help'
Gabrielle: "Zana."
Xena: "What's going on here?"
Zana: "One of our warriors went missing in the Sacred Canyon. Every time we went to search for her, another one of us disappeared. Finally, Marga went alone to find whatever was out there."
Xena: "Perhaps we can help."
Varia: "We don't need your help. This is an Amazon problem."

Varia: "She's been gone for days. We're wasting time."
Zana: "Marga ordered us not to come after her."
Varia: "It's been to long. We've got to do something."
Xena: "Rushing blindly into the hands of whatever's out there isn't going to help Marga."
Varia: "Neither is standing around here talking to you."

'This is our responsibility'
Xena: "Let me go, Varia."
Varia: "Marga is our queen. This is our responsibility." [takes off]
Xena: "I'll get her."

[While searching for Varia, Xena comes across a nearly dead Marga.]

'Shh, don't talk'
Xena: "Marga! Marga!"
Marga: "Xena "
Xena: "Shh, don't talk. Don't talk."

'I promise'
Marga: "Varia will try to avenge me. If she dies, the Amazons are lost. Promise me you'll protect her."
Xena: "I promise, Marga."
Marga: "Teach her to be a true warrior, as you are. The fate of the Amazons [gives beaded necklace to Xena] is in your hands."
Varia: "Marga! No."

Xena: [noting some marks on Marga's skin] "There's a message."
Varia: "Can you read it?"
Xena: " 'Is this the best that the Amazon nation has to offer?' It's a challenge to all comers."

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