When Fates Collide

Having broken free from Tartarus, Julius Caesar attempts to change both his and Xena's fate. Clearly, good judgment is still eluding the poor boy.

Julius Caesar: "Goodbye, Xena Break her legs." -- Destiny
Julius Caesar: [examining a thread from the loom of the Fates] "Stop Back it up Now There Let's take a look at that."
Xena: "Why don't you and I work together?"
Julius Caesar: "So, you wanna help me conquer the world."
Xena: "Why not? We'd make an unstoppable team."

Xena: "I'd love to join forces with you."
Julius Caesar: "Some enemies are harder than others."
Xena: "Oh, I count on it." -- Destiny

Julius Caesar: "Much better It's ironic, isn't it? How a single step can change the entire path of one's destiny. Had I not betrayed Xena, I'd be ruling Rome today. Instead, I get stabbed in the back by my good friend, Brutus, while Xena gets to ride off into the sunset with her girlfriend. Hardly a fitting end for Julius Caesar."
Clotho: "You cannot change your fate "
Lachesis: " once it has been chosen."
Atropos: "Unchain us now and accept your destiny."
Julius Caesar: "Let me tell you about my destiny. With Hades out of the picture, underworld security's become rather, uh, lax, which brings me to this defining Xena moment [cuts Xena's thread of destiny] mysterious romantic good lighting."

Atropos: "Tampering with the loom will alter the very fabric of life ..."
Clotho: " changing not only your destiny "
Lachesis: " but that of countless others."
Julius Caesar: [sewing Xena's thread into a different path on the loom] . "Oh, I'm counting on it."

Julius Caesar: "That grain must be allocated. The people must eat."
Brutus: "Caesar?"
Julius Caesar: "Excuse me What news, Brutus?"
Brutus: "The Chinese emissaries have arrived."
Julius Caesar: "Ah, excellent. Lao Ma's peacemakers."
Brutus: "This visit is very important to us."
Julius Caesar: "Of course. And, as always, Brutus, I greatly appreciate your counsel my good friend. Now, escort them in."

'My Emperor'
[Roman soldiers open the gate to the forum to find a woman dressed in black atop a black stallion. She rides into the forum easily swatting aside the soldiers. Riding up to Caesar and Brutus she lets two arrows fly, both nearly missing the emeprorer.]

Xena: [dismounting her horse and removing her helmet] "My Emperor."
Julius Caesar: "My Empress."

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