The Gauntlet

Xena, although still bent on hatred and lust, saves the life of an infant from her barbaric second in command, Darphus. Forced to walk the gauntlet by her disloyal troops, she seeks to regain her position among her army by killing Hercules. Rather than destroying the son of Zeus, she eventually joins him in his quest to stop Darphus.

Xena: "We are warriors, not barbarians!"

My mother would cry
Salmoneus: "Please, don't kill me ... please ... I beg you."
Xena: "Give me one good reason."
Salmoneus: "It would be very unpleasant for me ... We haven't even been introduced ... My mother would cry?"

Xena: "Come here, little man. You amuse me."
Salmoneus: "Amusing? You like amusing. A man goes into a bar walking a duck. The owner says, 'what are you doing with that pig ...'"
Xena: "Cease! I'll let you know when I want to be amused again."

Hercules: "Those marks are the Macedonian marks for 'warrior'...and 'woman.'"

Hercules: "Who did this?!"
Old woman: "Marauders. Renegades."
Hercules: "Did you see their leader?"
Old woman: "She was like a demon from Hades."

Don't stop amusing me now
Salmoneus: "There's more than one way to wage a war."
Xena: "Oh? Tell me about it."
Salmoneus: "Well, an army such as yours, with such a beautiful leader as you, needs publicity ... public relations!"
Xena: "I prefer my relations to be private."

Salmoneus: "Don't talk about destruction. Talk about collateral damage. Be like a tax collector. Tell them you're doing it for their own good."
Xena: "You know, for such a wretched little man, you are mildly entertaining. Tell me more."
Salmoneus: "Can I just ... yeah ... always address your troops from your right side, it's you best side ... not that you have a bad side ... you've got beautiful eyes ... you've got great cheek structure ... smile more!"
Xena: "Don't stop amusing me now."
Salmoneus: "No your highness ... your worship ... what is your titular ... um ... how would you like to be undresssed ... addressed?!"

Xena: "Easy victories make for weak soldiers. I don't want soldiers following me out of greed. I demand loyalty."
Darphus: "Loyalty. Fear. Greed. What does it matter, as long as they follow orders?"
Xena: "It matters to me."

Xena: "What have you done?!"
Darphus: "A message to those who defy us."
Xena: "You killed women and children?"
Darphus: "If this doesn't strike fear into the northern villages, nothing will."
Xena: "You're a butcher. Your disobedience will not go unpunished."
Darphus: "I expected as much."

Xena: "Stop! You kill this baby, you die next. Contrary to what some might think, I still lead this army."

Salmoneus: "Oh, Proud Warrioress, can I talk to you for a moment?"
Xena: "What is it?"
Salmoneus: "It's Darphus, he scares me."
Xena: "Everyone scares you."
Salmoneus: "Very observant, but in this case, I don't think he's exactly in your corner either."
Xena: "You mean his insubordination?"
Salmoneus: "That, and he's been stirring up the men about saving the baby."

Xena: "I don't run from my problems, I confront them."

Iloran: "You take it personally, don't you?"
Hercules "These people have been robbed of their lives. It's the least I can do."

The gauntlet
Darphus: "You're the one who's stepping down, and you'll leave the only way a warrior can."
Xena: "The gauntlet? There's not a man here who will raise a hand against me."

Darphus: "Kill her!"
Soldier: "But, she made it through."
Darphus: "Good for her. Now, finish it!"
Soldier: "She fought by the rules. I won't cross that line."
Darphus: (to Xena) "Enjoy your exile."
I can take care of myself

Xena: "I can take care of myself."
Shepherdess: "One of your men came here looking for you today."
Xena: "I have no men."
Shepherdess: "He was a scout named Darius."
Xena: "What did he want?"
Shepherdess: "He said he needed to warn you that Hercules was on your trail."
Xena: "Hercules?"

Hercules: "Hello again, Xena."
Xena: "Hello, Hercules. You're losing your touch. Your scout would never make it in my army."
Hercules: "You're right. He's not a baby killer."

This time, it will cost you a life
Hercules: "We've been down this road before, Xena. Last time it almost cost me a friendship."
Xena: "This time, it will cost you a life."

Xena: "If I bring back the head of Hercules, then I can get back my army."
Hercules: "So you can kill more women and children."
Xena: "That was not my idea. I never murdered women and children."
Salmoneus: "You shouldn't be fighting each other. Darphus is the enemy. You should be on the same side fighting him ... on second thought, maybe you should work it out between you."

Go ahead, Finish it
Xena: "Go ahead, Finish it. Prove you're the greatest warrior."
Hercules: "Killing isn't the only way of proving you're a warrior, Xena, and I think you know that."
Xena: "What do you intend to do?"
Hercules: "We're going after your army. Why don't you join us?"
Xena: "No."

Hercules: "Let her go. She has a fight of her own to deal with."

They had to be stopped
Hercules: "Glad you came back."
Xena: "I had to. They weren't true warriors, they had to be stopped."
Hercules: "Is it over now, all of it?"
Xena: "Yes, it is."

Hercules: "So, what now?"
Xena: "What do you say we go find out together?"
What do you say we go find out together?

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