Unchained Heart

Darphus, given immortality by Ares, wreaks havoc on the country-side once again. Together, Hercules, a now reformed Xena, a sulking Iolas and Salmoneus strive to end Darphus' reign of terror and, with much thanks, rid television viewers of Gragus, Ares' pitbull on steroids.

What do you suppose Herc is looking at?
Xena: "I'm still going to Alysia to stop Darphus. I won't fail this time."
Hercules: "No, we're going to stop him."
Salmoneus: And, I'm gonna come watch ... for strictly literary reasons."

Xena: "Hello, Iolas."
Iolas: "What's she doing here?"
Hercules: "We're on the same side."
Iolas: "Are you crazy? She tried to kill us."
Hercules: "You don't understand."
Iolas: "I understand, alright. You're falling into the same trap I fell into, and I will burn in Hades before I stick around here and watch you do it!"

The sh_t hits the proverbial fan
Iolas: "You're talking about a woman who wanted to make history by trying to kill you."
Hercules: "That part of her life is over."

Xena: "Are you a biographer or a bad comedian ... or, have you dreamed up some other get-rich-quick scheme?"
Salmoneus: "How about love slave, I'm versatile."
Xena: "You're deluded."

Xena: "Everytime Iolas looks at me I feel his hate. He acts as if I'm trying to ..."
Hercules: "When the time comes, he'll only worry about Darphus."
Xena: "And what about you? Could you go back to hating me, to thinking of me as the enemy?"
Hercules: "No, I don't think that's possible."
Xena: "I have done terrible things. I have killed so many men that I'll never wash their blood from my hands."
Hercules: "You've already started, you saved that baby."
Xena: "But, when you help people, you honor the wife and children that Hera stole from you. There is nothing in my whole life that moves me that way."
Hercules: "There's the goodness in your heart."
Xena: "You really believe that?"
Hercules: "I wouldn't say it if I didn't."

Iolas: "You know, the only person who has ever saved my life before was Hercules. Why'd you do it?"
Xena: "We're on the same side."
Iolas: "That's it?"
Xena: "According to the code I live by."
Iolas: "Because, it wasn't so long ago that you wanted to kill me to get to Hercules."
Xena: "I'll go to my grave regretting that. I was all twisted up with hate ... probably, the same feeling you have towards me."
Iolas: "Not anymore."

Xena: "I'll go get some wood, but I'm still not going to cook."

Nothing like a roll in the woods before a fight
Xena: "You know, I've been in a hundred battles, but the only thing that's ever come over me before them was a cold rage. But now ... is this what it feels like to be you, Hercules?"
Hercules: "I think you're just finding out how good it feels to challenge the forces of evil."
Xena: "I wouldn't be doing it if you hadn't given me the chance."

Hercules: "Ready?"
Xena: "This is no time to say I'm not."
Hercules: "Then I'll see you when it's over."
Xena: "Make sure of that."

You unchained my heart
Xena: "Let me go. There's so much I have to make amends for. I've got to get started."
Hercules: "I wish you'd let me help."
Xena: "You already have, you unchained my heart."

DISCLAIMER: No vicious beasts intent on taking over the world were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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