When Fates Collide
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Timing in everything
Xena: "Stop! I know the truth, Caesar. I know who I was. I know who you were."
Julius Caesar: "What on Earth are you talking about?"
Xena: "Crucifying me on the beach was drastic. I must have been your worst nightmare."
Julius Caesar: "Yes, well, I've had better experiences with women."

'Yes, well, I've had better experiences with women'
Xena: "So, it is true? You betrayed me."
Julius Caesar: "A regret I harbored for eternity, so I gave us a second chance."
Xena: "You tampered with the Fates and their loom. This is madness."

'We'll be the Emperor and Empress not just of Rome, but of the world'
Julius Caesar: "Listen, my love, as we speak, our legions are preparing to conquer the kingdom of Lao Ma, the richest province in Chin. Once achieved, all nations will bow at our feet. We'll be the Emperor and Empress not just of Rome, but of the world. That is our destiny."

'Release the prisoner'
Xena: "And that can still happen. If you set her free, I will be your Empress and we will conquer the world. But if you kill her, I will dedicate this life to changing things back to the way they were, and I can do it because we both know I have many skills."
Julius Caesar: "Release the prisoner."

'I'm not your Empress.  I'm your friend.'
Xena: "Gabrielle! Get out of the way! Get your filthy hands off her! Gabrielle, can you stand? Are you alright?"
Gabrielle: "Thank you for saving my life, Empress. I am in your debt."
Xena: "I'm not your Empress. I'm your friend Bring her a horse! Gabrielle, go back to your vineyard by the sea. Be happy. Write all those great plays you've got inside you."

'Rome is not safe for you'
Gabrielle: "Xena! Xena, when I thought I was going to die, it all became so clear. My life is empty despite my success. I write about love, but I've never felt it before."
Xena: "Rome is not safe for you. Leave now."
Gabrielle: "I will never forget you."

Alti: [stretched out on Caesar's bed] "Your wife freed me."
Julius Caesar: "Of course. You showed Xena visions of her former life."
Alti: "She'll never play the good little Empress now. You need a much more loyal partner, Caesar."
Julius Caesar: "I don't trust you, Alti."
Alti: "I love Rome just as much as you do, Caesar. And those visions made my abilities so much stronger."
Julius Caesar: "Prove it. I pardoned that playwright, Gabrielle. Find her. Kill her."

[Gabrielle rides across the countryside on horseback. Alti appears in the distance and knocks her off her horse with her powers. She rushes up to Gabrielle and wraps her hand around the playwright's throat.]

'Do you know what a fate worse than death means?'
Alti: "Oh, such a pretty girl. Do you know what a fate worse than death means? Dying before you get a chance to know who you really are."

Gabrielle: "I'm not cut out for this village life. I was born to do so much more." -- Sins of the Past

Gabrielle: "Xena!" -- The Abyss

Xena: "Even in death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you." -- One Against an Army

'Gabrielle, what has she done to you?'
Xena: "Alti! [Alti runs off, leaving Gabrielle in a horrified trance] Gabrielle, come on, get up. Gabrielle, what has she done to you? ALTI!"

Alti: "My powers have evolved, Xena. That glimpse into your soul showed me the other world."
Xena: "Alti "
Alti: "I saw just how strong I've become and, thanks to you, I'm just hitting my stride."

Xena: "This isn't about you, Alti!"
Alti: "Oh, yes it is! It's all about me, and what I know! Your story will end with your playwright unable to save her `Fallen Angel'."
Xena: [knocking Alti down a few notches] "This is where your memories end, Alti. Get up! Get up!"

[A battalion of Roman soldiers approach. Xena fights them off, but is eventually struck by two arrows. Julius Caesar and Brutus approach.]

'No, you can't help her, but I can help you'
Joxer: "You! Watch that sling! Back in line!" [making a grab for Gabrielle]
Gabrielle: "Xena!"
Joxer: [holding her back] "No! No, you can't help her, but I can help you."

'No matter what life you live, you'll always be scum'
Julius Caesar: "You couldn't let it go, could you?"
Xena: "You betrayed me again, Caesar. No matter what life you live, you'll always be scum! Not even the Fates could change that."
Julius Caesar: "Your death will not be in vain, Xena, because you'll always hold a special place in Rome's heart amongst Caesar's conquered." [to which Xena promptly spits in his face]

[Xena is bound, her arrows broken near the skin and promptly dragged back to Rome.]

Julius Caesar: "How do the legions look?"
Brutus: "Excellent, but there is some concern about the Empress."
Julius Caesar: "She defied my orders and attacked Roman troops. That's an act of treason punishable by death."
Brutus: "But she's very popular. The troops look up to her."
Julius Caesar: "And, what about you, Brutus? Do you also look up to Xena? Alti will be joining us on our march east as my new Empress. Do you have a problem with that?"
Brutus: "Caesar, if I speak out it is from concern. It doesn't mean I'm any less loyal to you."
Julius Caesar: "Please, don't misunderstand me. It's not that I love you any less, but that I love Rome more [stabs Brutus with a dagger] and I am Rome."

Joxer: "I can't believe they were gonna kill you for writing that bad play. I saw it. Could've used a few more fight scenes."
Gabrielle: "I'll keep that in mind."

'Gabrielle, you shouldn't have come'

'Caesar changed our fate'

'There must be something that I can do'

'I can't let you die'

'I'll love you forever'

Gabrielle: "Xena "
Xena: "Gabrielle, you shouldn't have come."
Gabrielle: "Alti showed me something. Another world or time."
Xena: "That doesn't matter now." [painfully pulls herself up into a sitting position]
Gabrielle: "I'm sorry."
Xena: "That's okay."
Gabrielle: "Xena, when I'm with you, this emptiness that I have felt my entire life is gone. You have to tell me what's going on."
Xena: "Caesar changed our fate, giving us this godforsaken world."
Gabrielle: "There must be something that I can do."
Xena: "No, what you can do is get out of here alive. I have to go through this alone."
Gabrielle: "I can't let you die."
Xena: "Some things are worth dying for. Isn't that what your play was about? Being prepared to sacrifice all for love?"
Gabrielle: "For love."

Xena: "In the other world, my destiny was linked to Caesar and that cross, and I hated them both, but now I realize that everything happens precisely as it should precisely."
Gabrielle: "Xena "
Xena: "Go now, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "I can't."
Xena: "Go now. Get out."
Gabrielle: "No."
Xena: "Get out."
Gabrielle: "Don't."
Joxer: "Empress, it's time."
Xena: "I'll love you forever."

Gabrielle: [to the soldiers dragging Xena away from her] "Don't touch her!"
Xena: [to Joxer] "Get her out alive."
Soldier: "Let's go!"

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