When Fates Collide
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'I want to do it'
Julius Caesar: [barging in with Brutus] "Xena, are you alright? Tell me, Alti, is there a single reason I shouldn't kill you right now?"
Xena: "Yes because I want to do it in the forum before the public"
Julius Caesar: "Of course. Brutus, have her interrogated. There may be others involved. And make sure you warn the guards about her powers."

[As Caesar hugs Xena comfortingly, Gabrielle walks out onto her balcony. Seeing Xena in Caesar's arms, she turns away but not before Caesar sees the sad, longing look in her eyes.]

Xena: "Where is Brutus going with the royal guard?"
Julius Caesar: "Oh, arresting that woman playwright. Alti confessed that she was an accomplice in her plan. Apparently, they were both working with assassins from Chin to destroy us. Hope you weren't too fond of her."

Gabrielle: [being dragged to the dungeon] "There must be a mistake! I've committed no crime against Caesar!"

[As Xena makes her way to Gabrielle's dungeon cell, a Roman soldier brutally hacks off Gabrielle's long, golden tresses.]

Joxer: "This is a great honor, Empress. You know, you once did a great favor for me."
Xena: "I did?"
Joxer: "My youngest daughter was very ill, and you allowed your physician to treat her. You saved her life, you know."
Xena: "I'm pleased"

'I can't leave the prisoner unguarded'

'Caesar tells me that you are an assassin'

'You can't have a crucifixion without crosses'

Xena: "Leave us [to Joxer] you, too."
Joxer: "I can't leave the prisoner unguarded." [Xena slams the cell door in his face]

Gabrielle: "Empress."
Xena: "Caesar tells me that you are an assassin. Is this true?"
Gabrielle: "An assassin? I've never harmed anyone in my life why should you believe me instead of your husband?"
Xena: "I believe you."
Gabrielle: "Why?"
Xena: "You think that love is worth dying for. That's not exactly the path of an assassin."

Gabrielle: "They're building crosses."
Xena: "Yes. You can't have a crucifixion without crosses Why would Caesar want you dead?"
Gabrielle: "I don't know. I'm a playwright. I live on a vineyard by the sea. I have a simple life. What possible threat could I be to Caesar?"
Xena: "I don't know, but I intend to find out Guards?! You, come with me."

'Get out'
Xena: [approaching Alti's cell] "Unlock it."
Joxer: "But Caesar said-- "
Xena: "-- to enrage the Empress till she beats the tar out of you?"
Joxer: "No, I must have missed that. I'll open the door."
Xena: "Get out."

Xena: "You implicated the playwright as your accomplice."
Alti: "The playwright? Are you kidding me? What do you want?"
Xena: "Your hands on me like they were last night. They gave me insight and knowledge. These are things I value greatly."
Alti: "And why would do that?"
Xena: "Then rot."

'Free me and I'll show you things'
Alti: "Wait free me and I'll show you things."
Xena: "You keep in mind what my husband will do to you if I am harmed in any way."
Alti: "Oh, your husband?"

Julius Caesar: "Break her legs." -- Destiny

Alti: "Tell me who the blonde one is! Tell me who she is!" -- Adventures in the Sin Trade

Gabrielle: "You taught me that there are things worth dying for." -- One Against an Army

Julius Caesar: "You can't have a crucifixion without crosses, Brutus." -- Endgame

Julius Caesar: " which brings me to this defining Xena moment mysterious romantic good lighting."

Alti: "Those images they're not from this life. They're something more."
Xena: "Yes, much more."
Alti: "Now, your part of the bargain."
Xena: "The hammering's stopped."
Joxer: "Empress, they've taken the playwright."

Gabrielle: "No, please!" [Roman soldiers drag her through the forum and begin to tie her to a cross]

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