When Fates Collide
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[While Xena is being nailed to her cross, Alti steals Caesar away to consummate their new relationship. In the throngs of pleasure she pulls out a dagger from beneath the covers and stabs him to death (so much for changing one's destiny). Meanwhile, Gabrielle rides in the pouring rain to the temple of the Fates]

'We're stuck in this world because of you?'
Gabrielle: [seeing a very mangled loom] "It's horrible."
Clotho: "When Caesar left us chained "
Lachesis: " we could not mind the loom "
Atropos: " creating a world full of chaos and confusion."
Gabrielle: "We're stuck in this world because of you?"

'Your loom destroyed what was meant to be'
Clotho: "No! Burning the loom "
Lachesis: " will destroy everything!"
Gabrielle: "So be it. Your loom destroyed what was meant to be." [throws a torch into the mangled loom]

'I love you, Gabrielle'
[Pyrotechnics abound as the world begins to realign itself onto its proper path of destiny.]

Xena: [knowing that Gabrielle has risked it all so that they might be together] "I love you, Gabrielle."

[Gabrielle walks along a path in a foggy wood.]

'Fame, who needs it?'

'Did you really like my play?'

Xena: [riding up on Argo] "Hey."
Gabrielle: "Hi."
Xena: "You brought the world back to us."
Gabrielle: "I'm glad. I like this one better."
Xena: "Even though you're not a famous playwright?"
Gabrielle: "Fame, who needs it?" [hops up on Argo behind Xena]

Gabrielle: "Did you really like my play?"
Xena: "It was alright. Maybe it could have done with a few more fight scenes."
Gabrielle: "Everyone's a critic."

DISCLAIMER: As the Fates would have it, Caesar was once again harmed during the making of this motion picture.

Images courtesy of The Australian Xena Information Page

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