Soul Possession
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Ares: "Come on, don't leave me hanging. Will you be my wife?"
Xena: "How's this for an answer--" [kicks him in the face]
Ares: "So, you're saying you need more time, right?"
Xena: "Um no."
Ares: "Okay, so no, you don't need more time?"
Xena: "I despise you. You've been tormenting me for years."
Ares: "That? That was just foreplay."

Ares: [getting kicked in the head again] "Oh, that'll leave a mark. Xena, I'm on a level here. I can't get you out of my head, or my heart."
Xena: "Let me help you with that." [attacks him again]
Ares: "You know, the harder you fight, the more inflamed my passion becomes."

Ares: "What do I have to do to show you I'm serious?"
Xena: "Die."
Ares: "Sadly, I'm a god. I know, a wedding gift, say Gabrielle."
Xena: "So she is alive."
Ares: "Well, I won't know until I start looking and I'm not gonna start looking until I have a good reason. Come on, Xena. Becoming Mrs. God of War is a small price to pay to find her. You might even enjoy it. In fact, I know you will."
Xena: "You give me one reason to trust you."
Ares: "It is true that I do have a reputation as somewhat of a trickster. I tell you what. Just to show you I'm serious, I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I'll marry you in front of the Fates."

Joxer: "What's the big deal with the Fates?"
Xena: "A marriage in front of the Fates makes the bond eternal and unbreakable."
Joxer: "So that's good how?"
Xena: "To betray your spouse is to betray yourself. Ares couldn't harm me or anyone else I care about without harming himself. But I don't get it. What's he up to?"
Joxer: "Taking advantage of your deranged state, obviously."
Xena: "No, I have complete control of my faculties."
Joxer: "I'm taking you to a grief oracle."
Xena: "I'll give you grief. At least Ares is prepared to admit that Gabrielle is alive, which is more than I can say for you."
Joxer: "Are you seriously considering marrying Ares?"
Xena: "I will do whatever it takes to get Gabrielle back. Yes."

Gabrielle: "Xena Xena!"
Xena: [waking with a start] "Is somebody there?"
Gabrielle: "It's me Gabrielle."
Xena: "Gabrielle!"

Reporter: "Um, how could Gabrielle have shown up? That defies the logic of the following scrolls."
Xena Fan #2: "Xena and Gabby don't meet up until 'A Family Affair.' What kind of Brooklyn Bridge are you trying to sell us, Delaney?"
Fred: "Uh, where were we? Oh, yes, yes. Xena heard Gabrielle whisper to her "
Gabrielle: "Xena."
Xena: "Gabrielle Where are you, Gabrielle?"
Gabrielle: "I'm in your heart, where you must keep me."

[Suddenly very suspicious, Xena notices that Joxer is no longer at the campsite. She follows a path and finds him speaking through a rolled up parchment, imitating Gabrielle's voice.]

Joxer: "And don't bother looking for me, because I can't be found. I'm gone, um, just like in that one scroll that I wrote that time when I fought that guy with the big stick [Xena taps him on the shoulder from behind] just a minute, Xena and if Joxer wants a drink--"
Xena: "Idiot."

Mattie/Gabrielle: [pulling up in their red Jeep] "Nice driving, dear. Oh, that was the most fabulous vacation since our honeymoon, and I thought that nothing could top that. Wasn't it fascinating how being back in Greece brought back our lives as Xena and Gabrielle?"
Harry/Xena: "Yeah, except I shouldn't have had those last two goat cheese milkshakes."
Mattie/Gabrielle: "Is my little Warrior Princess' tummy still bothering him?"

Mattie/Gabrielle: "Home at last [sifting through mail from a very overstuffed mailbox] trash junk S&M catalog oh, there's a letter here from C.H.A.K.R.A.M."
Harry/Xena: "What's it say?"
Mattie/Gabrielle: "It's a conference blah, blah, blah they found a new scroll in the Ionian Sea, something about a radical interpretation. It's today. The conference is today."
Harry/Xena: "If that's what I think it is, the world could be in a lot of trouble. Come on, pumpkin, let's go."

Xena: "Ares Ares, I have your answer."
Ares: "You certainly took your sweet time."
Xena: "I was weighing up the pro's and con's. It wasn't a very balanced list. The truth is I just don't think we look right together on top of a wedding cake."
Ares: "Just as long as you look right on top of me."
Xena: "Don't get ahead of yourself."
Ares: "Xena, come on, what's it gonna be?"
Xena: "Ares, I would do anything to get my friend back. So, yes I'll marry you."

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