Dangerous Prey
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Morlock: "Take her to the arena."
Raczar: "She's nearly dead. What good is she to us?"
Morlock: "Do what I say. I have plans for her."
Raczar: "Take her."

Xena: "Varia!"
Varia: "Xena!"

[Xena finds Varia tied atop a tall Lincoln Log tower. She tosses her trusty chakram at the ties that bind Varia, but Prince Morlock's trusty triangular flying thingy intercepts and the chakram embeds itself in a log.]

Morlock: "Face to face at last. What's the matter, Xena? Don't like seeing your friend up there? Why don't you go get her?"
Xena: "Why don't you come and get some of this!" [opens up a big ole can of whoop-ass]

Morlock: "Know what I like about swords? When I kill you, I get to see the look in your eyes."

'Ooh, I nicked you'
Morlock: "Ooh, I nicked you."
Xena: "Where'd you get that -- shaving?"
Morlock: "No one ever drew my blood before."
Xena: "There's plenty more where that came from."

[Xena and Morlock play Jenga on the big Lincoln Log tower. Xena nearly loses and has to replace the missing supports with her own back.]

'I'll enjoy making your friend beg for mercy'
Morlock: "I'll enjoy making your friend beg for mercy, but even more fun, I get to watch you die."
Varia: "You're the one that's gonna die."

[Using her many skills, Xena manages to steady the tower and hop up to the top. Morlock momentarily disappears to regroup.]

Varia: "Xena."
Xena: "You alright?"
Varia: "Yeah."
Xena: "Good." [unties her friend]

Xena: "Okay, Varia, take off."
Varia: "Not until he's dead."
Xena: "Varia, don't fight me on this one, not this time."

'So why would I give it to you?'
Morlock: "Your skills match mine on every level. We could do this all night long. But sooner or later, I will get the upper hand. You know why?"
Xena: "Tell me."
Morlock: "Because I'm enjoying this. This is the fight I have been searching for my entire life."
Xena: "You're right. So why would I give it to you?"

Morlock: "You will fight me!"
Varia: "Watch it!" [Morlock kicks a log down]
Morlock: "You will fight me!" [he jumps down only to be skewered by the aforementioned log thanks to a certain Warrior Princess]
Xena: "You lose."

'I'm here, he's gone.  I guess that's avenged'
Varia: "This whole time, all I could think about was avenging Marga's death. But I'm here, he's gone. I guess that's avenged."
Xena: "That's right."

'Marga wanted you to have this'

'I will make you proud, Marga'

Xena: "Varia Marga wanted you to have this." [gives her Marga's beads]
Gabrielle: "She chose you as her rite of caste. You're the new leader of the Amazons."
Varia: "I still have a lot to learn to honor Queen Marga's memory I will always be in your debt."
Xena: "You don't owe me anything."

Varia: "I will make you proud, Marga."

DISCLAIMER: Raczar mysteriously disappeared at the completion of production of this motion picture and is rumored to have been living under the guise of 'Prince Vladimar Barbeque Raczar.'

Images courtesy of The Temple of the Chakram

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