Dangerous Prey
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'Why would someone do that?'
Xena: "It was all internal damage. It's pressure points, Gabrielle. Marga was meant to crawl back to camp before she died."
Gabrielle: "Why would someone do that?"
Xena: "So she'd bring us the message."

Xena: "Where's Varia? Gabrielle, try to keep everyone in the camp until I find out what's going on."

[While traipsing through the woods, Varia gets caught in a snare and hangs upside down from a tree branch.]

'Prince Morlock will be pleased'
Raczar: "Prince Morlock will be pleased. She looks like she'll give a good chase [Varia lashes out at his face] you know, you should feel honored, Prince Morlock only hunts the best Take her down."
Soldier: "We're gonna have some fun with you."

[A flying chakram puts an end to the boys' fun. Xena kicks a little scumbag ass.]

Raczar: [hiding in the bushes] "Prince Morlock has to hear about this one."

Varia: "Get me down." [Xena cuts her down]
Xena: [holding Varia back from killing a captured soldier] "Wait a minute. Don't hurt him, just watch him. I need some information."

[Watches Raczar ride off on horseback.]

'I told you to watch him!'
Xena: "He's gone. At least we can find out where [turns to her captive to find foam coming out of his mouth as he hemorrhages to death] "I told you to watch him!"
Varia: "One less to worry about."

Xena: "These men have a leader and they are more afraid of facing him than they are of death. What does that tell you?"
Varia: "All I need to know is where to find him."
Xena: [sets off a trap inches from where Varia was about to step] "There are a whole lot of things you need to know. This entire canyon is rigged like a hunting ground. There are traps everywhere."
Varia: "A few little snares isn't going to stop me from finding Marga's killer."
Xena: "I promised Marga I would protect you."
Varia: "I don't want your protection."

[Xena picks up a chain that had been dropped by one of the goons and collars Varia with it.]

'Are you crazy?!'
Varia: "Are you crazy?!"
Xena: "If you want to find Marga's killer and remain in one piece, you'll do what I say "
Varia: "Get this off me now!"
Xena: " and until then, you're on a leash. Come on."

[To show his supreme prowess, Prince Morlock beats up three of his men whilst blindfolded.]

Morlock: "Don't you knock, Raczar?"
Raczar: "You'll forgive my lack of manners, Prince Morlock, when you hear my news."
Morlock: "Fresh sport?"
Raczar: "An Amazon. One of a kind."

'This chain is the best friend you got right now'
Varia: "Let me go! Get this thing off me!"
Xena: "Believe me, this chain is the best friend you got right now."

Varia: "I lost my queen, most of my tribe is gone, and you won't let me loose so I can stop the man who is killing them?"
Xena: "If you don't stop acting like a child and start trusting me to help you, this man will hunt you to extinction."
Varia: "You'd know about that. You wiped out a whole tribe of my sisters all by yourself." [foolishly punches the Warrior Princess]
Xena: "I'm gonna let that one go."
Varia: "I hate you!"
Xena: "Yeah, well, it won't be the last time you say that. Come on."

Morlock: "I've hunted almost every creature that crawls or walks on this earth, Raczar. Every one turned out to be an easy kill. When I set my sights a little higher, I looked for something that might provide a real challenge. But even their so-called 'ultimate warriors' -- the fierce, cunning Amazons I've been disappointed. It feels like some camping trip."

Raczar: "This one is different. She has the speed of lightning. She has the strength of many men. She thinks three steps ahead."
Morlock: "Only three? This isn't another of your big build-ups, Raczar?"
Raczar: "Trust me, Prince Morlock, she's a worthy adversary for you."
Morlock: "Well, then you better prepare the men. This afternoon, I hunt."

[The gals enter an abandoned temple]

Varia: "I heard Marga say our fate was in your hands. If you think you're replacing her, you're wrong."
Xena: "That's not what she meant. Marga wanted me to teach you about being a warrior. I can't do that if you won't learn."
Varia: "I don't need to learn." [having been freed of her collar and chain, she attacks Xena]

Xena: "Anger makes you vulnerable, Varia."
Varia: "It's making me do what I should have done the moment you stepped into the Amazon village."
Xena: "You've got to control your anger, Varia. Otherwise, you don't stand a chance against the one who killed Marga."

Xena: "Is this the way you save the Amazons, huh?"

Xena: "Come on, lesson's over. Let's get out of here."
Varia: "You haven't beaten me!" [sigh, this girl never learns]

'Trusting outsiders' done nothing but get us killed'
Xena: "Marga is dead, Varia. The village is next. You can't save them on your own. You've got to trust me."
Varia: "Trusting outsiders' done nothing but get us killed."

[In the midst of their fray, the floor gives way and Varia begins to fall into a deep chasm. She just barely catches onto a ledge.]

'Take my hand!'
Xena: "Varia! Come on Take my hand!"
Varia: "Never!" [she shifts her hands and loses her grip]

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