Dangerous Prey
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Xena: "Varia! [the chakram flies and breaks Morlock's sword off at the hilt] Go, Varia! Go!"

Xena: "Varia "
Varia: "I just wanted to see the master in action."
Xena: "This way go."

Morlock: [to his men who have entered the cave] "Kill the girl. Leave Xena for me."

Raczar: [spotting Varia] "There she is. Fire." [the boys see a pair of boots around the corner and pick them up, which ignites the barrel of extremely flammable liquid]

Varia: "Why did we have to use my boots?"
Xena: "Because Amazons have tougher feet."

'I'm tired of being the prey'
Varia: "Do you think the fire killed him?"
Xena: "Nah, this guy's not easy to kill."
Varia: "Neither are we."
Xena: "You know what, Varia? I'm tired of being the prey. Maybe it's time we hunted him."

Morlock: "This Xena is the kind of prey I've searched. She's always anticipating. She creates situations. And just when you think you got her (makes an explosion noise)."
Raczar: "We're down to four men. If you insist on continuing this hunt--"
Morlock: "Insist?! This is the kind of quarry I've been searching for my entire life. Her skill nearly matches my own. Well "

Xena: [looking at Prince Morlock's camp] "They'll see us coming nearly a mile away. We'll go around the hill, sneak in back. Let's go."
Varia: [sees an arrow poised towards Xena] "Xena!"
Xena: "Varia, don't!" [Varia trips over the wire and gets herself shot in the ankle]

Varia: "I thought it was going to hit you."
Xena: "I can take care of myself, thank you."
Varia: "If this had happened earlier today, I bet you'd just left me here."
Xena: "Don't get too cocky [removes arrow] still might."
Varia: "I think I'm starting to grow on you."
Xena: "Varia, Marga had a lot of faith in you. I'm beginning to see why."

Xena: "Forest fire they're trying to flush us out. Can you walk?"
Varia: "Yeah."
Xena: "Come on."

Raczar: "Let's go! We're lighting it! They can't hear me."
Morlock: "Light the fire."
Raczar: "They're right in the middle of it."
Morlock: "Oh, that's a shame Do it!"

'They're squeezing us between two lines of fire'
Xena: "Come on. The fire's moving faster. Lean on me."
Varia: "I'm slowing you down."
Xena: "They're squeezing us between two lines of fire. He wants us to run right down the middle, right into his camp."

Varia: "I'll never be fast enough. We won't make it, but you will. My sisters need you. Just go."
Xena: "Not a chance. Varia, saving you is saving the Amazon people. You've just gotta have a little faith."

[Xena finds a long rope tied to a tall tree and pulls it down as far as she can.]

'What am I supposed to do about landing?'
Xena: "Okay, Varia, I want you to get on."
Varia: "Get on?"
Xena: "Come on. There's a marsh on the other side of the fire line. Wait for me there until I've dealt with Morlock."
Varia: "What am I supposed to do about landing?"
Xena: "Tuck and roll."

[Xena cuts the rope holding the tree down and sends Varia flying through the air.]

Morlock: "Now!" [with his own catapult, he intercepts Varia's flight with a net, and she falls to the ground]

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