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"Looks can be very deceiving."

"It's not easy proving you're a different person."

"Sometimes you have to stand and fight."

"Don't confuse defending yourself with using a weapon. When you pull a sword, you have to be ready to kill."

"People are too quick to go for their swords. It should always be the last resort."

"Alright, the rules of survival: #1. If you can run ... run. #2. If you can't run ... surrender ... then run. #3. If you're outnumbered, let them fight each other while you run, four is where you talk your way out of it."

"It's wisdom before weapons. The moment you pick up a weapon you become a target. And the moment you kill ... everything changes, everything."

"In my experience, cowardly mobs are always led by weasels."

"Hope has been and always will be safe. It's inside every one of us."

"I've seen what can happen to people whose loved one's have been butchered. Their vision gets bent and twisted. Then, there's no telling what they'll do."

"Only fools and profiteers ask for war."

"Making war is simple. Making peace is never easy. If it was, everyone would do it."

"Causes are only lost when people give up."

"Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

"Act, don't react."

"It's not about me. It's about these people. That's why we're hear. People like this used to be my victims. I keep that in mind every time we come up against a warlord like Talmadeus. It's the greater good. Remember that."

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