A Friend in Need
Part 2
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[Kneeling in the rain, Gabrielle and the samurai bow, then stand to slowly circle one another with their swords at the ready.]

Xena: "Listen not just to the sounds but to what's behind the sounds."
[Gabrielle listens to the beat of the rain, the sound of shoes squishing in the mud, the water running across the earth in rivulets. The samurai attacks, and Gabrielle easily deflects his blow, bringing her sword within inches of his neck.]

Samurai: "It was the greatest honor of my life to send Xena to an early grave. If I cannot do the same to you, then I ask you to grant me a noble defeat. Please remove my head in one stroke."

[Gabrielle knocks him unconscious with the butt end of her sword. She then retrieves Xena's head, loads the body upon her horse and rides away to find the Fountain of Strength.]

[As Harukata chants, Xena uses the anklet to summon Yodoshi to the teahouse.]

Yodoshi: "Good [seeing Xena with the anklet] Where is Miyuki?"

[Harukata attacks Yodoshi, but the Dark Lord is too strong to be killed. Xena knocks him into the tub which begins to boil and steam.]

Xena: "Where is he?"

[As condensation forms on the ceiling, a drop of water falls to the ground, from this drop Yodoshi reappears. Xena attacks him again. In the fray, Akemi in knocked into the tub, which freezes over, and Kenji is killed.]

Yodoshi: [with his sword in Harukata's belly] "We finally meet, Ghost Killer."

[Xena knocks the dying ghost killer aside and is able chop off one of Yodoshi's arms. He blasts out of the teahouse like a rocket.]

Xena: [breaking Akemi free of the frozen tub] "Akemi, are you alright?"

'I will not rest until it is done'
Xena: "Harukata, what went wrong?"
Harukata: [slowly dying] "He's drinking from the Fountain of Strength on Mount Fugi. If you drink from the fountain and use the sword I blessed, it will be the final destruction for any spirit. Xena, my soul will soon join the others trapped in Yodoshi's grasp. Xena you must finish the job and release us all."
Xena: "I will not rest until it is done."

[Outside, an injured Yodoshi sees a falcon sitting on a nearby branch. He "inhabits" the falcon and flies away.]

Xena: "Yodoshi a hawk? Even with his injuries, he could make Mount Fujisan in a day."
Akemi: "But he's weakened. We are no longer confined to these physical illusions. We can change into other vessels."
Xena: "What about them?" ... [nods towards an owl and a sparrow]
Akemi: "Yes."
Xena: "Good."

Akemi: "Xena, Gabrielle is on her way to Mount Fujisan, and if she succeeds ..."
Xena: "She'll succeed, don't worry. She's very good at what she does."
Akemi: "I'm so sorry."
Xena: "Akemi, what's wrong?"
Akemi: "I have to tell you what must be done to save those souls. I feel my own soul is doomed for what I am about to tell you."

[Nice action shot of a falcon flying over the mountains.]

Xena: [having heard what Akemi had to say] ... "I know that you did what you thought you had to, Akemi. And perhaps, by releasing those souls, we will all be redeemed ... Come on."

[Gabrielle lights Xena's funeral pyre.]

Gabrielle: "I can't let you die."

'You will return to me'
Xena: "If I only have thirty seconds to live this is how I'd want to live them, looking into your eyes."

Xena: "Even in death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you."

Gabrielle: "You will return to me, my friend."

[As Gabrielle rides towards the mountain, an arrow strikes her horse and she is thrown off.]

Samurai: "You'll come to regret not letting me diie a warrior's death."
Gabrielle: "It's not too late to put that right."
Samurai: "I will not allow you to find the fountain and revive your friend."

[With urn in hand, Gabrielle attacks the samurai, who kicks the urn out of her hand and close to the cliff ledge. They race to the reach the urn, but as the samurai is beaten to a pulp, his arm knocks the urn over the edge of the cliff.]

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