A Friend in Need
Part 2
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'Xena ...'
Gabrielle: "Xena! [picks up Xena's very bloody chakram and sees a thick stream of blood leading away from it and into the forest]

[The sacred Katana appears on its pedestal in the teahouse. A naked Xena enters.]

Akemi: "You came to me in my dreams, and I thought it was reality. Now you come to me in reality, it feels like a dream. Either way, I'm filled with joy."

Gabrielle: "The Ghost Killer, what's he doing?"
Kenji: "His job speeding wandering souls on their way before they can be devoured by Yodoshi. Perhaps he sees Xena."
Gabrielle: "Xena is alive! Do you understand? She is alive."

Akemi: "I want to write a verse to express how I feel, but there's no poetry of sufficient beauty."
Xena: "Akemi I've been in the Underworld before, but it never felt like this What's going on?"
Akemi: "Our bodies, they're an illusion projected by Yodoshi. While we are under his power, we must obey his will."
Xena: "Funny, you're just the way I remember you."

[One of the other spirits in the teahouse jingles a small anklet. Yodoshi enters the teahouse in a whirlwind. All the women except Xena kneel. Yodoshi extends his arm, which become a whip of flame and beats Xena until her red robe has been burned from her body.]

'You most certainly are'
Xena: "I am at your service, Lord Yodoshi."
Yodoshi: "You most certainly are. An eternity playing the whore to service my appetite for souls."

Akemi: "Xena, I was so worried you wouldn't show Yodoshi respect. He's very dangerous."
Xena: "It wasn't respect I was showing him. I have a job to do, the job that you called me for. I'm going to destroy Yodoshi."
Akemi: "It would be very dangerous. He seems to grow mightier with each passing day."
Xena: "You're going to have to trust me, Akemi. There's someone I have to meet. They can help us."

Akemi: "You know you are being watched."
Xena: "Akemi, I can still hear your heart beating, and I can hear every one of Myuki's clumsy footfalls. She'll try to follow me. Let her."

Gabrielle: [halting Kenji and Harukata] ... "Shh, I saw something. The samurais may have Xena captive. We'll split up."

[As Gabrielle walks through a hazy forest, she senses figures running amongst the foliage.]

'I was so worried about you'
Gabrielle: "Xena!"
Xena: "Gabrielle! [the two embrace] What are you doing here?"
Gabrielle: "I was so worried about you. I found your chakram. There's so much blood."
Xena: "I'm alright."

'You're dead'
Gabrielle: "What's with the robes?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, I'm going to kill the Lord of the Dark Land."
Gabrielle: "You'll need this." [hands Xena her chakram]
Xena: [her hand passes through the chakram] "I can't take that. It's difficult to explain."
Gabrielle: "You're dead."

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