A Friend in Need
Part 2
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Gabrielle: "How could you let yourself be killed?"
Xena: "I'm sorry, Gabrielle, I couldn't tell you. You'd have tried to stop me, and then we'd both be dead."
Gabrielle: "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
Xena: "We've overcome death before. We will find a way to bring me back. But only by becoming a spirit can I kill Yodoshi and free those souls I condemned to torment. Don't you see that?"
Gabrielle: [embracing Xena] "You're my whole life, Xena. I won't lose you."
Xena: "You won't lose me."

'Harukata, don't you come near her!'
Gabrielle: "Harukata, don't you come near her!"
Xena: "Put down your weapons, Gabrielle. He's working with me."

[Xena grabs Myuki (who's been hiding in the bushes) and tosses her towards Harukata. As he frees her soul, the anklet falls from around her ankle.]

'The anklet!'
Xena: "The anklet!" [makes a diving catch before it can hit the ground]

Xena: [placing the anklet in Akemi's palm] "With this we can bring Yodoshi to us when we're ready."

'This is my soulmate'
Xena: [introducing Gabriele] "This is my soulmate. She's a poet like you, Akemi."

Harukata: "I have one question. Would you risk your life for the return of hers?"
Gabrielle: "Without hesitation."
Kenji: "There is a way, Gabrielle. You must take her body, burn it, then sprinkle the ashes into the Fountain of Strength on Mount Fugi. You must find the fountain before the second sunset after death."
Gabrielle: "That's tomorrow."
Kenji: "Harukata will say the incantations necessary to give the sacred katana power against malicious spirits."

'Gabrielle ... this is Akemi'
Xena: "Gabrielle this is Akemi."
Akemi: "It is an honor to meet you at last."
Gabrielle: "And you, Akemi."

Kenji: "Gabrielle can't help with our work in the teahouse. She knows what she must do, and she should leave soon."
Xena: [to Gabrielle] "Thank you."
Akemi: "Wait. I would like to give you something to protect you on your journey."

[Akemi tattoos a dragon across Gabrielle's back, and other designs to help ward off evil. Meanwhile, Harukata and Kenji empower the katana.]

'I am getting your body back'
Xena: [handing Gabrielle the katana] "Good luck, old friend."
Gabrielle: "I am getting your body back, Xena, no matter where they've hidden it. Before sunset tomorrow, we will meet again on the side of Mount Fujisan."
Xena: "See you there."

[Stalking through the rain, Gabrielle enters the camp of samurais where she finds the bound and decapitated body of her friend.]

Gabrielle: "Give me her head!"

[Gabrielle releases Xena's body from its bonds and gingerly wraps it in a blanket.]

Samurai: "I've been expecting you. Your friend was a fine opponent. She provided me with one of the greatest trophies an honorable samurai could ever claim."
Gabrielle: "You call yourself honorable? You outnumbered her a thousand to one. You're not a samurai, you're a fraud. You couldn't have killed Xena unless she wanted you to."

'I accept the challenge'
Samurai: "I think it's you with the death wish!"
Gabrielle: "I accept the challenge."

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